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This story is a sequel to This Night Aria

Jimmy is heading north for new sights, but may not get quite what he was bargaining for...

Chapters (2)
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Well, here we are again.

Yep =3

Now we are OFFICIALLY back on the routine basis again X3

"Right," he noted to himself, as he had this odd habit of talking to himself when nobody was around. "I need my camera, some sunblock, quite a lot of water, and some gas. I need fuel, after all, if I want to go anywhere!"

Sunblock?! This is Britain we dont get much sun here, this year we have had quite a lot though...

he is zecora..i sence that aura

Heh, tell that to The Blue EM2 down below ;3

Hello. We don't often need sunblock in Blighty.

Never used it except when on holiday and its bollocks how often it rains here too

nothing i love this..wish i could do as good as you on tg tf.

That is a very cute cover pic

Thanks =3 It's how I prefer of what Zecora looks like if she ever appears in EG :3

It doesn't work for me, but if you like it, that's good.

Next chapter is here. I like what I see.

Thanks =3

I included one additional sentence which was this:

Thankfully though, Zecora was able to make it back home without further incident.

Thought it lightened the mood for that ;3

Of course. Being asked random stuff by guys is never fun.

yep =) (Even oddly enough with me that used to formerly be a guy before transforming into a girl in my scenarios XD)

They have no clue who Zecora used to be.

(See? I can do internal rhyme.)

No problem. I got a B in English.

Wow, this is nice.

Only wish I could upvote twice!

Thanks =3 What did you think of the song? X3

I liked it, lol.

You did really well Jimmy.

Thanks =3

And one other thing: What do you think of my pick for EG Zecora if she ever appears in EG? :3

I think it's cute.

I picture her in maybe a but more different clothes.

But I do think she'd have a hair style like that.

Hello, gathered friends, old and new listeners, heroes one and all, tellers and followers of the Jacobean saga! Come, come, join me around the fireplace, and listen well, for we have a new story to tell to you all.

It has been a while since I last spoke to you of the one known only as James Thomas Hook, or Jimmy for short. Yes, it has been a quiet few months, has it not? Not much to tell from his tale, sadly, but I can assure you now that we have a new story to tell. And to tell this tale is now my very undertaking.


Jimmy was in his house, as he so often was, being the sort of person that often stayed inside a house and had a fun time in there, doing all sorts of different things that connected to his various hobbies, which ranged from lighthouses, to ponies (of the pastel coloured variety, which were his favorites, quite naturally) and even to railfanning (or as British people call it, trainspotting. No, not the film about Scottish drug dealers). Anyways, Jimmy was busy looking at a map on Google, and by logical extension looking on Google Maps at a place in Virginia, a state that was not too-

"Do you need to tell them this? Most people know that North Carolina and Virginia are near each other."

Diamond Tiara, most people have a shocking sense of geography. There are people who think Nottingham is in the north, or that York is a suburb of London.

Yes, now I know what Trottingham stands for in human terms:yay:!!!

"It is, isn't it? I thought it was also right next to Edinburgh."

"It's further from York to Edinburgh than it is from London to York! Now please do be quiet, as I have a story to tell, and tell it I shall, and tell it I shall well. Jimmy was looking at a place called the Great Dismal Swamp, which was an apt name as it was indeed a swamp, it was great, and it was somewhat dismal. It had been a popular hiding place for runaway slaves in the Antebellum period, and was now a national historic landmark. But more importantly to Jimmy, it had railroads running through it, and this he intended to see for himself.

"Right," he noted to himself, as he had this odd habit of talking to himself when nobody was around. "I need my camera, some sunblock, quite a lot of water, and some gas. I need fuel, after all, if I want to go anywhere!"

For some R&R:twilightsmile:.

So, he headed downstairs and grabbed some sunblock and threw it into a bag. Then, he collected up his other things, such as his camera (needed for filming and taking pictures, especially moving pictures that might or might not end up in a book), other items such as glasses in case his got damaged, as they were known to do, many bottles of water, and a bunch of other things to lengthy and boring and dull and lengthy and boring and dull and lengthy and boring and dull and lengthy and boring and dull and lengthy and boring and dull-

Have I gone off on a loop again? So terribly sorry. Have I gone off on a loop again? So terribly sorry. Have I gone off on a loop again? So terribly sorry.

"Zounds! This be strange, like Neptune's mantle upon a rockish land of azyrite glow, henceforth to dream no more shall I ascend Jupiter's peaks of glory, and-"

Excuse Watermelody whilst she practices an extract from King Henry IX Part 16. Jimmy, meanwhile hopped inside his car, and not on top of or under it, reversed out of his drive, and set off up the road towards the state of Virginia, the state where America began (not including the Lost Colony).


The drive was long indeed, around the time of one hour and fifty minutes, and took him through such wonderful place names as Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills (hoping North Point is still teaching at First Flight High School there!), Kitty Hawk, Currituck, Grandy, Aydlett, Poplar Branch, Barco, Camden (which can also be found in south London), Harbinger, and South Mills. A local working from up north rolled past, horn blazing as several CSX diesels got to work, lugging more than 40 cars downgrade at very slow speed but engines roaring nonetheless.

Jimmy was getting ready to stop when suddenly there was a loud bang, and his car swerved to one side, flying into the hard shoulder and coming to a harsh stop.

Oh crap:twilightoops:!!!

"What happened?" he asked, as he clambered out of the driver's side and wandered over to the source of the bang. And he groaned. His tire had gone flat, exploded, and bits of rubber were everywhere, as a spare tire from another car suddenly bounced past him and flew off into nothingness in the mud.

"Well, I need a tow." Jimmy raised his phone to his ears and started to dial the call in when suddenly he spotted something very odd. "Hello? Bodgitt and Sons towing company? Yes? I've suffered a blowout on the road into the Great Dismal Swamp and need a tow. You can? One hour? OK, bye!"

Jimmy hung up, and looked over again at the strange object. It was a metal gold bracelet, and it seemed to be closer than it had been when he had looked at it last. Suddenly, it jumped through the air and sliced clean through his black hair tie, followed by clamping down on his wrist with such force he was knocked over.

"What in the?" he asked. "I thought I'd got a clean break!"

Whelp, looks like you didn't:rainbowlaugh:!!!

It began down below. His shoes were suddenly filled with holes, and turned into open gold boots through which Jimmy's socks could be seen. They also had a marking on them. His socks suddenly grew up his legs and vanished up his pants, stopping when it covered over his... ahem, undergarments. The tights turned a white and black striped color.

First the boots, then the rocks, and then the garments:twilightsmile:.

There was suddenly a loud tearing noise, and the bottom half of the legs of his pants tore off the top half, which was followed not long after by the top half merging together into a skirt, colored purple, which floated in place as if starch had been applied to it. A symbol like a spiral with triangles off it appeared on the skirt just like the boots whilst the remnants of the other legs slid into the place formerly occupied by the skirt, changing into a pair of shorts with a striped white and black color scheme. A gold covered belt with the same marking on the skirt wrapped itself around the skirt to complete the bottom half of his clothing change. Safe to say for us that have known him for a long time... Jimmy looked a little red with embarrassment of seeing the bottom half of his clothes having changed in contrast to his unchanged clothes of the top half.

Then the skirt, and next the belt, and the shorts, followed by the symbol :twilightsmile:.

His shirt turned into a white and black top (not sure if sleeveless or not) with the appearance of marble cake to it, as a black jacket appeared on top, with golden beads set into the collar and multiple rings joining the existing ones around his arms. Three more appeared around his neck, and suddenly a pair of gold ear rings appeared in his ears.

"Who is this character even? There is little here that rhymes, not even with Steven!"

Next are the stripes, and the rings...and the rhyme of all things:ajsmug:.

That should give you a clue, as suddenly Jimmy began to shrink to the height of a woman in her early 20s, followed by his face softening and becoming covered with the same sun marking that adorned the skirt, belt, and boots. His eyes turned from their normal blue to a brighter shade of blue along with eyelashes forming and eyebrows reshaping and changing color, and his ears shifted up his head to where a pony's would be (of which the ear rings also adjusted themselves as they moved to where his new ears are now.) whilst his hair turned from brown to alternating shades of white, black, and purple, before exploding out in a Mohawk with some of it drifting down into in front of his face in a bang and with the area near the Mohawk becoming a buzz cut. To make things harder for him on his already changed face, his red glasses fell off of him and just got messy in the mud. Not only that... but they also sank into the mud as well. That's another trip to the opticians.

Then the eyes, and the ears and the mowhawk:yay:!!!

His chest swelled up just as suddenly, two breasts surging out of his chest as his shoulders narrowed and his hips widened. Moments later, his manhood slid back into his body, and her butt swelled up slightly, followed by her legs gaining a more feminine look as her feet shrank. Lastly, her human skin changed to a color similar to her leggings, though lacking the stripes so prominent on said garment.

Then the chest and hips, and the butt, and the skin:scootangel:!!!

She looked over in surprise as much as anything else. "This is quite the sight to see! Which character may this be?" Heading to her car, she pulled out her phone, which oddly enough was able to survive the crash, and decided to bring up Google Images to find out which character she transformed into. Bringing up the results, she clicked on one of the images with her finger and her jaw fell open at what she saw in the image.

"I-I-I'm EG Zecora??" she stammered, the hint of rhyme vanishing for a time.

Yes, yes you are:ajsmug:.

Suddenly, a great beeping started up in Zecora's ears. "Curse all this noise I have to drink! I can barely hear myself think!" Just then, a tow truck pulled into the lot, and a rather chubby man hopped out of the driver's seat.

"Hello, erm, miss," he said, looking confused. "A man called about needing a tow, and this car here matches the description he gave. Where is he?"

"It does not matter where is he, for the he you speak of is me."

Then the rhyming:raritywink:.

The driver looked even more confused. "Must you speak in rhyme all the time?"

"It was a matter most tragic, caused mainly by unknown magic."


"This is getting creepy," the driver said, as he began to attach the chain and lift the rear end of the car up in order to tow it back to wherever it needed to be towed to. "Where do you need to go, Madam?"

"As I will need a tow, can you take me to Manteo? Tis on an island called Roanoke, which is filled with lots of pleasant folk of hues quite bright, unlikely to start a fight."

The driver nodded and hopped in his seat. "Take the passenger seat, should it be a feat," he replied jokingly, clearly warming to Zecora's odd way of speaking.

"I think you for your generosity," Zecora said, "I shall not have to flee."


The run back took a few hours, but was all achieved with mortal powers. At last, they returned to Manteo by the Sea, and the driver dropped Zecora off at the CVS Pharmacy. We must stop rhyming, for it severely affects the timing.

Zecora, having little else to do, decided to head for home. A lot of people looked very confused at this sight.

"Who is this?" asked a person, as people are known to do.

"It could be a new resident," suggested somebody.

"Or it could be Jimmy again," said another.

"Or somebody else," said yet another.

Or maybe the former:ajsmug:.

A whistle came across the street, followed by several more. They were wolf whistles, and Zecora just rolled her eyes.

"Hey, I just met you," said one of them, walking across the street to her, "and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe?"

"This day has been long, why do you quote pop songs?"

"Because it works," the guy replied, and crossed back across the road.

Well, if it works for him, then that's fine:raritywink:.

Zecora sighed. "They whistle at me, that man and his crew. I'll be avenged on the whole pack of you."

Thankfully though, Zecora was able to make it back home without further incident.

And so, concludes our little tale. Zecora went indoors and fell asleep, dreaming of terrifying monsters and beings stuck in stone.

Terrifying monsters and stuck in stone hmmm:ajsmug:?

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