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I was just an average Brony and Otaku, but on the day I went to my first ever Convention and purchased a prop from a strange merchant I found my self in a magical new land of Ponies, ruled by Two powerful Sisters. Dropped straight into an Invasion and a Wedding. Now I must embrace the title of the Demon King and use the power of the Gravity Ether Gear to help protect Equestria along side the Elements of Harmony.

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Interesting seems i'll have to keep an eye on this one...and catch up on my Eden's Zero :twilightsheepish:

Good to see the 'stoned by the elements' cliche avoided.

I nodded, “But I consider you two my Nakama so your troubles are my troubles so Twilight Sparkle Mi Amore Cadenza let’s go.”

Yeah because it’s totally normal for an average person to consider 2 fictional characters, that from their perspective are aliens he has known for less that 5 minutes, to be family.

From a realistic standpoint yeah it would be weird to consider them as people he has a close connection with, but in terms of Shiki Granbell’s personality that isn’t completely out of nowhere.

This was very good and shame is your right Eden's Zero is not very well known as of yet but soon it will be when the anime finally airs. Also very good chapter can't wait to see where this goes

“My body is 60 Percent Water and yet I can still down.” I tell them.

'Drown'.. missed one. Nice fan fic though

Curious to see what happens next

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

One chapter and already on hiatus?

Since Edens Zero is currently a Manga only when I was rereading it to try and get a better grasp on how Shiki’s powers worked and character traits, I felt like I wasn’t liking how I was portraying him as he felt too Ooc for how he should act even as a displaced so I decided to put this on temp hiatus until the Edens Zero anime came out and I can get a better grasp on how Shiki should act, but in the mean time I will work on a secondary displaced I planned on starting in the future in the meantime being a pokemon/bit of Katekyo Hitman Reborn one that will start at Equestria Girls.

This was a interesting beginning I hope Chrysalis will be reformed in this.

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