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Magic exists in the world, and all over there are wonders and dangers that come with it. Sunset Shimmer, former student of Princess Celestia, leads her band of friends in facing this otherworldly force whenever it arises, ensuring peace and harmony in the town of Canterlot.

Oh, and they try to enjoy their lives as normal high school students too. But, when you have a group of friends like this, even that can be pretty wild sometimes.

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Huh, interesting. I definitely am glad to see you return to writing Equestria Girls stories, and I will definitely be following this one to see what shall happen in it! :pinkiehappy:

Alright, I love your Equestria Girls stuff!

Sweet! I always love your Equestria Girls stories!

I'm definitely tracking it! :twilightsmile:

Jay, is the Me, Myself, And I story part of this?

sorry but someone has already use that title

I don't think it matters.

No, this is a completely new story. The other EqG stuff I did were all their own thing, and this here is a complete wiping of the slate. A fresh starting point.

If that's the case, then I'm sorry for not being more original with my title. Names have always been one of the hardest part of making these stories, and I went through quite a few for this one. Canterlot Tales. Sunny Days. Heroines of CHS. None of them felt right. So in the end I went with the one it's got.

Can't wait to see where this goes.

Stories can have the same title as long as the story is clearly different from the others.

EqG ended in an underwhelming fashion. But this is why the fans exist. To continue the story.

Love your take on EQG here with this first chapter, now that was quite the fight our girls took right out of the gate here! :rainbowlaugh:

Can't wait to see what else you have in store for the girls & Spike here Jay, looking forward to the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

BTW will the equestria crew be making some cameo appearances here & there in this story?


Mailboxes and chicken coop coming to life? Mother/Earthbound crossover!

10020360 As of now, I don't have plans for anyone from Equestria making an appearance, although that may change in the future :raritywink:

Comment posted by ScisetShimmerEvan deleted May 10th

Hmm. Well, I'm game. Let's see where this goes.

Comment posted by Wolfram-And-Hart deleted Jan 7th, 2020

10022079 As of this posting, this story is completely separate from my other EqG story.

Cool, thought so. Your old series was my favorite Equestria Girls fic on the site, so I can't wait to see what stories and character growth you'll have in this continuity!

Nice work with the Dazzlings in the aftermath of the festival. Especially in regard to the way this chapter concludes.

Sweet take on the Dazzlings here after the festival, at least they are getting their act together. :twilightsmile:

Ah, the quiet tragedy of watching the mighty after their fall. Though a digital presence is the logical next step for the Dazzlings given how they're already using AutoTune to make themselves sound less like wet cats on a chalkboard. I do have to wonder who Adagio called. Who knows these three and actually likes them enough to help? (Or she just called AAA. :derpytongue2:)

And yeah, the exchange between the Rainbooms must have been interesting.

"The Dazzlings!"
"It's fine, Dash. They're harmless."
"Time loop?"
"Time loop."
"Man, that's creepy."
"Trust me, I'll be just as happy when I can stop doing it."

This one was a lot of fun. Glad to see more of the girls testing their powers, and actually getting somewhere this time! (Loved the callback to "Science of Magic" XD)

I'd be OK with this being a mini arc.

Pretty informative chapter, glad to know some of the limits for the girls powers. :pinkiehappy:

Looks like the girls were actually going somewhere with these experiments, unlike the last time in Science of Magic.

I wish there had been a story arc like this: them exploring the limits of their power.

Twilight frowned at the memory. "Honestly, how many times do I have to tell Chips, don't give the robots a desire to punch things!"

"You gave a selfie drone the ability to feel fear," said Sunset.
"After the first four iterations kept destroying themselves while trying to get the perfect shot. And you'll note that I didn't program it to defend itself with toasting lasers."

Interesting to see both the much faster dropoff rate compared to when the geodes were still raw crystals. (After all, Dash was able to get miles away from Camp Everfree before she slowed down.) The interchangeability is even more intriguing, especially given the possibility of awakening other people's magic...

"Hmm?" Ditzy Doo bent down and picked up a piece of jewelry with a familiar butterfly mark on it. "Hey, Fluttershy, you forgot your—"

Ditzy straightened up and found herself looking at a little yellow pegasus standing in front of what was either an overgrown cottage or a very large shrub. The pegasus looked back, looking just as shocked as the girl felt.

"... Necklace."

Also, yay science girlfriends. :heart:

You think you might take suggestions for chapters?

This was a lot of fun. Always good to see some material with the Crystal Prep Five in writing. And in particular I got a kick out of both their discussion about the music video (nice touch that Indigo has a background in ballet, I can headcanon that! XD) and the stuff with Cadence. Although Lemon should dial it back some. Wow...

To be honest, I'm kind of interested in seeing the circumstances in which Cadance replaced Cinch. I'm not sure if they actually mentioned whether she was fired, resigned, pressured to leave or assigned to a different school.


Sunset deserved to get clobbered by Pinkie's magical balloons. After popping Pinkie's balloons just before the Fall Formal, and later saying there's no time for balloons, they deserved their revenge on her.

10086322 I might do, but please know that I already have a fair few chapter ideas I plan on doing.

Of course. Write what you already have planned.

Nice take on Crystal Prep here, glad that they grew up from been jerks after Friendship Games! :yay:

The Superintendent has some new regulations to announce and the local Principals need to attend.

Well, that could go in a wide variety of possible directions...

Always nice seeing these five. And yeah, the Sparkle family produces some highly desirable dorks.

Don't know what's scary: Shadowbolts stalking Shining Armor and Cadence or they crushing on Sci-Twi.

Sunset chuckled, shaking her head. "Oh Twilight, you sweet girl. But oh so foolish. Clearly chocolate is the top-tier milkshake in this contest!"

This is why she is best horse.

Sunset shrugged. "Honestly? I think we can only play it by ear. You know how people can get. Tell them not to do something and, sooner or later, they'll end up doing it anyway."

In spite of the seriousness of their conversation, Flash couldn't help but chuckle again. "Humanity in a nutshell."

Yep. A massive collection of idiots who act in defiance of good sense, that's us.

Three-way flirt-off!

This was a lot of fun. Glad to see Flash show up in this story, and to see him and Sunset and Sci-Twi interact - and flirt-off too. XD

I see nothing wrong with the massive flirt-tangle. Though bringing in the princess might make it awkward between Twilights.

"We'll flip a coin. Loser gets... Oh dear."
"Yeah, designating one as the inherrently inferior choice has some unfortunate implications, doesn't it?"
"Winner gets first choice?"
"That works, but we should probably make sure they're okay with it."
"We're fine! Watching the two of you fret just makes me wish I'd brought popcorn."

I was going to say that it wasn't called the Post-Crush festival, but then I remembered what the festival was actually called, and I can see why these three would refer to it as such.

Wait, I’m a bit confused. Why are they all convinced that Applejack‘s pendant is so dangerous? Is it just the whole idea of “not meant for you” magic in general, or is it specifically the super strength?

10131169 You pretty much nailed it on the head. I had this idea that, after the incident with Gloriosa at Camp Everfree, it was just generally assumed that, unless you're the person intended to have the magic, it's just generally bad to try and use it.

Nice work with this chapter. It's good to see something with the CMCs, and then with the EG Diamond and Silver too - especially given that their last speaking appearance in the series had them be snobs and trend-chasers.

Not gonna lie I didn't expect *that* reason for Diamond coming to the sleepover. I thought for sure it was gonna be that she'd actually snuck out!

Another shrug from Diamond. "Dunno. Something about needing to make up and not wanting me there when they do it. Don't know much beyond that." Eventually, the heiress noted that all the other girls had fierce blushes on their cheeks, as if they knew something she didn't, prompting curiosity on her part. "...What?"

Okay, nobody tell her.

It's nice to see the CMCs and EG Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in this chapter, especially that they're all friends! :scootangel:

"Okay then...I dare you...to put on your sister's magic necklace."

That feels against the spirit of the game. If nothing else, you probably don't want to unearth the darkest desires of a girl who you used to bully.

Also, I do have to wonder why Applejack didn't have her necklace on her. Generally advisable these days.

Haha. I saw that bit coming with Rarity being oblivious, but I didn't expect her to actually pick up on it - I honestly expected her to think Applejack was talking about someone else altogether and we'd end on that joke. XD

Nice way of subverting my expectations. And that last line was a hoot :rainbowlaugh:

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