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Light Heart101

I'm just an autistic light hearted alicorn. I'll be writing emotional, comedic, and heartwarming stories.


So this is what happens when I want to publish a story and get a few friends together to play a few games. Welcome to Hooves Line, where we make everything up and I give points that are just as good as MLP G3. From Hoedown to film noir scene to even weird newscasters. This is just us having fun and letting you enjoy it as well. We will be having a director's note at the end of each chapter that will ask for your suggestions for topics of certain games.

I'm currently needing some more players. It's just me and NicLove right now. I'll edit this out when I have enough players. The rules are to keep it clean and have access to discord and Google docs. PM me your OC and show me how good you are at some of the games.

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What does it take to join?

Have access to discord, Google docs, have an OC, and prove that you are good at the whose line games. PM me your OC if you want to apply.

As much as I would like to have fun with y'all... I don't have an OC, nor do I have any intentions to make one in the foreseeable future. Thanks for taking the time to answer, nonetheless.

The next game is let's make a date, and I need some weird personalities to be on a dating show. I'll pick the ones I like the best, PM them to the players who will be the dates, and refuse to tell the one guessing who they are ahead of time.

Fell free to use my O.C,s of you can't get any

I want players, and I'm afraid I might have to use some cannon characters to fill in.

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