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Twilight Sparkle may be an alicorn, but there was a time before she became a princess. Before she became a bearer of harmony. Even before she became a faithful student.

The following is a list of events from before Princess Luna's return.

Part of my 'Of Immortals' series.
I have no plans on ending this story. Just adding to it when I think of new ideas.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 19 )

I did enjoy the other two stories I know of in this universe. It will be fun to see more of their adventures growing up.

Well let the fun begin and then by doubled as a nightly princess would say

Twilight Velvet and Night Light are probably in for one heck of a ride, here. :rainbowlaugh:

So I wonder what happened to Cadance’s other sisters?it sounds like Crystal/Chrysalis did something to them.

Cadance’s other sisters? Did I do something to suggest that she has more then one?

"That may be true, but I refuse to believe that half of our kind are destined to turn evil."

C'mon, we all know it'll be Twiggles :rainbowwild:

this is pretty great, good concept and it's always an honor to see an alicorn shining armor, not many people do that in fanfics

so Chrysalis, luna, cadence, shining armor, twilight.... if 50% turn evil then would it be
Chrysal, luna, Twilight vs Cadence, shining Armor, and Celestia?

Are people remembering what Twilight said in the first story, or is it just obvious that between Twilight and Shining she is the one who would go bad?

for me its EQG and Midnight Sparkle plus the lines...

Cadance nodded and smiled. "He is such a little cutie. And so aware of what's going on. I swear there were a few times he wanted to go protect his mother but couldn't figure out what was wrong."

"It's good to hear that he already has the desire to protect others."

...that gives me an idea of what an evil twilight would look like, plus twilight can be quite unstable at times unlike her brother im just assuming out of the two of them, if one of them would go evil it would be twilight

In my defense it has been quite some years already :derpytongue2:


At the end when Cadance and Celestia where returning to their home. I saw it as your sisters not our sisters.

Twilight went full on Palpatine on his catbird butt! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Sorry, notsorry, could hold it

Little immortal Twiggles' a joy to read :twilightsmile:

Well I think Celestia knows fully just how dangerous a mad Twilight can be. Now I wonder why any creature would want to even consider messing with Twilight after this. Still I hope we can see more of Twilight as a young foal.

This was funny as glad this is o going and can't wait to read more

So he started as a unicorn rather than an Earth Pony? I wonder if gaining those traits is as painful as when Twilight 's horn (and eventually wings) grew in.

Most ponies forget that I'm older then the modern conveniences they think I can't live without. Like indoor plumbing.

An interesting insight.

hmm... I imagine it would be similar to growing pains you get while growing up. Everything feeling a bit sore, stiff and awkward.

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