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Liquid Truth

Yonder, sugar-coated cyanide


This story is a sequel to Symphony No. Flip

Niccolo Machiavelli was well-known as The Father of Modern Politics. He hated the title. He only wanted a nice vacation away from arguments about political views, people wanting to mutilate him, and play billiards.

When he was given the chance to become a delegate to a peaceful land of magical crystal ponies, he agreed without much thought. Surely, a land that doesn't even argue about whether or not democracy is better than feudalism wouldn't need him as yet another 'hero' responsible for the rise of yet another (possibly benevolent) tyrant?

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Comments ( 3 )

I have no idea what I expected going into this, and have no idea what I just read. But it made me smile and laugh, so that’s good.

Properly speaking if I’m recalling my Machiavelli correctly his biggest point vis-a-vis The Prince’s most infamous line is that fear is better than love because it’s easier for the Prince to control fear. But in either case the biggest thing to avoid is contempt. You don’t want to be loved but seen as soft or ineffectual; or feared so much that any alternative is seen as a better one.

Well, at least Chekov doesn't shoot the other billiards players.

Also, ponies are dangerously impressionable.

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