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This story is an official spinoff of The Lost Element, by Humanity

James, the sole human in Equestria, has proven his worthiness time and time again. But because of the shortage of threats, he has grown complacent and accustomed to his paradisiacal life, and has not known violence since his defeat of Discord and as Project H. One man from another realm, unsatisfied with his own complacency, will challenge him to a final, fateful duel. Will James succeed in this fight? Or will James and Equestria fall to the Daedric Warrior?

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Comments ( 6 )

“It won’t be his blood he’ll be drowning in,” the Daedric Warrior swore darkly.

"Very well, I am deftly perturbed. Why target the audience, rather than the gladiator, I fail to understand his logic. Though I take his side none the less."

This is without a single doubt one of the best pieces I have ever read.

One of, not the best.

In certain areas the Ebony Warrior breaks his prose and slips into the common tongue of an American but those are few and far between.

Nevertheless, great job, lookin' forward to it.

Thank you... Thank you so much. For all of today I was nervous and checking my notifications for any kind of news about this new thing I'm proud of. But I'm glad to know I did something right. You're awesome, dude!

*Before reading it*
Okay, um, is this based off on Elder Scrolls Oblivion because I REALLY love the GAME?! It's so freaking awesome!!!!!

This is based off the next entry in the game series, Skyrim. But yeah, the lore is pretty much the same.

Oh, okay then! I am loving it so far and the details of the armor you described are so amazing!

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