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This story is a sequel to The Black Moon Howls

After a vicious struggle in the world of SCP: Containment Breach, Mena has escaped with her freedom and her life. However, she has escaped into a world that has been torn apart thanks to a series of wars between evils.

With only SCP-173 and SCP-1762 by her side thanks to an unknown power, can she survive in this world and find a way out?

Only one way to find out.

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Chapters (17)
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Wait... He looked directly at the portal there. Directly at all of you. Mind explaining what he means by war? Either way.

Oomph... well, in one iteration of the SCP universe, and I'm not entirely sure I've got the specifics and terms correct, but some time after that Foundation acquired the box leading to Drago's room, there was a conflict between the Dragons and Giants, having to do with the SCP's containment, I bet, led to... well, their, that version of Drago's world, died.

This seems to be okay so far and I'm interested on how it will end

Mena... you continue to prove more and more important than I could have ever imagined.

Silence fell, but managed to get back up. Then he did what he had told me he would never unless he had to. He used his own life force to glitch reality into collapsing.

"A move he had to make. The Crimson King was a danger. He had to be eliminated. So Silence did the unthinkable: He destroyed that universe, using the divine trump card I gave him - a spell he learned from me, meant to coalesce energy and collapse it all on himself. He died a hero, Pinkamena," she said, waving a hoof and dismissing that memory.

Not even the Scarlet King could survive a ZK-Class End-of-Reality collapse, as the SCP Foundation would call it. While I would have preferred a scenario where he lived, a heroic death like his will surly be rewarded, even if he cannot be the one to receive the reward.

Suddenly, I recognized her. She was depicted in many different ways in the religious books I had read. This dragon pony... Was the beautiful goddess Valencia Natuura, known as the Queen of Life, Light, and Spirit. But she rarely made an appearance to mortals like myself... Usually preferring to guide us from a distance. So why was she here now?

I do not recognize her myself. However, given the nigh-infinite nature of the Multiverse, it makes sense that there would be many things I do not understand or am not aware of regarding it.

"You and Pinkie are both more important than you realize. Your fate's have been written in the script of time for eons. For you, the destiny of being the starlit goddess. Or rather, the Angel of Life. For her... The destiny of the Angel of Darkness," she says quietly.

Personally, I'm not a fan of destiny, of a fate decided for us. I much prefer free will, and a destiny of one's own choosing.

Well, I've been wondering what happened to them.

If this is who I think it is, I believe we both know what has to be done with them, Mena.

The removal of free will... I will personally slaughter this version of Discord if need be.

Direct intervention is necessary.

You cannot for you are not experiencing fate
At a normal rate.

Her appetite she must sate
And so it is too late.

Your breath you may bate
For the opening of The Gate.

There is something to equate
To her being consumed by her hate.

Death and life are practically mates
Yet all we can do is wait.

Consumed by her hate
Darkness has reached checkmate

The one she loved, gone
Never to see the dawn

With the goddess soon to be dead
Existence hangs by a thread.

I retreat to my keep
Before I'm in too deep.

I pray it's not too late
To change her fate

The goddess resides in your head
But to me, you're already dead.

All is not lost,
For a spark of fire appears in the frost.

Though Mena may have done an unspeakable deed
Perhaps this is just what the multiverse needs...

For despite all odds, the goddess survives
Another day to bring life and light.

The goddess has chosen a new host
Destroying the urges, making them seem like ghosts.

There is only silence... but a familiar presence can be sensed from somewhere within the empty void.

He may not have abandoned Mena, but neither is he willing to speak or be seen.

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