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Just a college-aged student who enjoys MLP and the character Countess Coloratura. I hope everyone enjoys my stories.


This story is a sequel to Spell of Love

After being given advice from Pinkie Pie, Anon decides that she wanted to court Coco in order to see if she is the right one for her. She tries hard, but she can't really say what she needs to say. Will Anon enlist the help of her friends to ensure that everything will go as smoothly as she planned.

Coco knew that she loved Anon, but she was trying to see what was attracting other ponies to her. She believed that she wasn't pretty enough. She believed that she wasn't talented enough. Rarity knows that she needs to help Coco with that so nothing won't go wrong in the long run.

How will Anon and Coco find out that they love each other? Will they ever find out?

(On Hiatus because I'm focusing on other projects. I will be working on drafts for this story.)

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