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Our three U.A Highschool students. Izuku (Deku), Katsuki, and Shoto where on a dangerous mission. Their job was to hunt down a villain and bring him to justice. Luckily our heroes where on his tail but they where not prepared for what he had lead them into, after reaching the other side of the portal izuku and his friends soon find their-selfs no longer in their world but one that looked like something out of a cartoon.

Our heroes find out they where in a world called equestria that was inhabited by ponies and magic. On the way they meet new friends, new allies, and villains they’ve never face before. Now it is up to our brave heroes to save ponyville/equestria from this great evil, break their limits and go beyond: Plus Ultra!

Written by JetXPegasusWWN

An MLP/BNHA Crossover

A/N: I am without a doubt, a HUGE fan of My Hero academia! This will be my first time ever writing a story of one while crossovering it to my new fav show MLPFiM. Spoiler: If you haven’t watch the hit-show of Boku no Hero Academia then don’t and I repeat. DON’T read this story!

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Aokigahara? Deku and Bakugou were fighting in the Suicide Forest!? That's......morbid.

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