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Because honestly, now we've all come down this rabbit hole, there's no going back.

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Is this based on EAW:HOI4?

a new version came out recently so guess we see load of fic popping up

Best HOI 4 mod ever.

This is pretty well written. The Dialogue between Paige and Cyril feels as authentic and natural as it can be when dealing with such a fantastical setting. I can't do that to save my life.

Well done.

Looking great so far.

Paige are Cyril a bit of an odd pair.

Don't you mean Paige and Cyril are a bit of an odd pair?


And this is why I rely on feedback, guys!

THE SHIP LIVES! *sounds of furious clapping and cheering*

Finally, a first chapter with a hook! This is going to be interesting

She settled down after that. But it got me wondering, and I wanted to ask you before I read too much into what we’re doing. So here it is; what are we doing? I mean, we’re separated by an ocean, national borders and now a war. Are we just friends, or are we trying to be something else through just letters? I don’t know. I’ve told you more about me and my life than anygriff else. But the distance does bring it into question, doesn’t it?

Maybe it's the lack of response getting to me. I shouldn’t send this letter, just wait until you get back to me.

Well, I'm still writing. Call me crazy. Am I being crazy? I want you to tell me I'm reading into this thing between us too much.

>me when she hasn't responded in an hour and a half

Canterlot University is full up, so they’re taking us to the University of Hoofington.

Missed a prime chance for a "backup school" joke right here.

Chicks dig boats!

Giulio Beakolini

You've convinced me. installing...

(a word is vigorously scratched out).

Any chance the censor could cut that one for me?

This censor is not a bro. This was a very fun read. It almost adds something that I can almost but not quite keep track of all the kingdoms, kind of like the day after I read about the balkans. Maybe an appendix with a cast of figures or a map would help people keep track of things, but I wouldn't use it (yes i know there's a wiki).

It sucks that Paige doesn't really appreciate that she's living a regular life now. This will be tough, but hopefully refocus their relationship, whatever that may be. I'm rooting for his family to move to a safer place.

Did you sleep with him?
no to Cyril. Yes to Solid.

Well shit, this is gonna be bad.

the Reichsarmee

Don't you mean the Reich's army?

I work a bit with the dev team, and right now the Empire is going through an update. In-game, that is the name of the Imperial Army in Herzlandisch. The IRL Imperial German military had a few odd quirks of meshing languages too. Look it up, its a beautiful mess.

Island? What island? We’re in the middle of the ocean you bucking idiot.

Only good things can come out of this.

Glad to see Dawnclaw was turned into a chicken nugget. I'm lovng the story so far. Please keep up the great work.

I was gonna say something about all these references to books, but that last letter just made me sad.


So sweet and so sad at the same time. Who gave you the right to make me feel feels?

No, oh god please no. I’ve been in a Operation Tartarus and have been playing EaW for some time.

Please don’f Be any of those to outcomes!

I created an account just for this story! Can't believe I got hooked onto it (like I got hooked onto the EaW mod for HOI4... heh).

One note: Paige never really responded to Cyril's question about her birthday (the date). Was this an intentional oversight by Paige, or just a mistake?
Am eagerly awaiting the next chapters. Nice work!

Lad bad news discord has had an issue we might need to communicate through other means what is your steam username maybe we can chat through there

Discord should be working just fine, though there was this weird latency issue

Comment posted by Silver1400 deleted Dec 30th, 2019

This is so god damn fun to read.

So. I feel I owe you all an explanation. Some of you may have heard bits and pieces of it. But it's time I told you all. No, this story is not dead. The holiday season overwhelmed me, and then I had to take a month to finish my military service. Done with that, by the way. 8 years, US Army. No regrets.

Of course, given that, a death in the family and job issues felt like par for the course. By the time I realized how long it's been since I'd updated, I was in shock.

To those of you still loyal enough to be hanging on, you have my gratitude, and you'll be rewarded soon, I promise. To those of you who have moved on, I don't blame you.

But never let it be said I gave up and walked away, eh? You crazy bastards are the reason I keep coming back. So hold on tight, cause this is where we hit the rails once more!

Glad to hear you are still alive and well!
Sorry to hear about the death in the family, as well. Can imagine the emotional stress you had to deal with.

Never knew you were in the army, that's something interesting. Hope you pulled through with the holiday commitments with family.

Here's to hoping we can see the next chapter soon!

"Tirek's balls"


It's good to be back with the storyline. Many thanks, Warpony! Hope all is going well irl

They’ve got a pretty impressive set of all-dog air wings assembled too from what I hear. Good luck to them, they’re the best suited for the task.


The tension is palpable. Well done! Onwards for more bloodshed.

F in the chat for all those poor soldiers that will die in the following hours

Please stop. My heart can't handle this. You've placed our beloved characters through a near-death experience that they will get out of with permanent damages. Either psychological and physical. Both of them are getting PTSD.

Oh God, I'm actually sweating right now. Well done, Warpony, well done.

The intensity of both scenes, albeit on the opposite sides of this world, is absolutely magnificent.
The stark contrast of the calm and chaos for both our protagonists is very well done.

I must give particular praise for the armoured combat scene - the breath-taking speed of combat, the single-mindedness of it all was simply orgasmic. It was truly a delightful piece, in particular. And to see that Hellsieg got an almost Tom Hanks-esque death and the reinforcements screaming above... truly, what a way to finish the interlude (reference to Saving Private Ryan, if anyone doesn't get it).

Very well done. THIS is the sort of thing I adore. I await the next part with baited breath.

But it came to him in that second; of course they were idiots. Neither of them went with the safe, simple option. For better or worse, they were both cursed to the struggle, the idea of suffering for what they wanted

Yeah I get this. You just realize you're doing something stupid and there's nothing you can do.

Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein

i don't even speak german but I recognized the song!

Was wondering why they didn't fly out of that jam. Guess that's not an option anymore.

I've been reading through this the last couple of days and I've got to say, you are an amazing writer. Your ability to paint a picture with words is unbelievable, and you add so many little details that I would never even think about if I were to describe something. I'm really looking forward to more. Great job!

Blitzkrieg in action. Great writing!

Tank scene also has some Fury in it to.

Just read the two latest chapters, and holy shit was it intense.

The virgin ai sombra "needs allies to win" "declares war and loses"
The Chad player-led sombra "doesn't ally anyone" "conquers the whole continent because why not"

God, I missed being able to read this story often. Can't help but say that I am pleased with this take on the Changelings; the contrast of the elite, the rulers and military heads scheming and interacting, compared to the lowly hive soldiers facing off against equally (if not more) scared and unprepared pony soldiers. The insight is very much appreciated, it gives a personal touch to the whole scene - bug ponies that we often take as mindless, brought to life with their own characterization.

I daresay I will be looking forward to future iterations. My apologies that I was AWOL for long. Glad to have you back, Major.

...aaand right after I finish the previous chapter, a new chapter gets released.

Maybe life is looking up for me after all.

I didn't expect this, honestly, but it is of course welcome. Another insightful perspective into a minor character - Cyril's own mother. Her worries, concerns, her mulling and looking to quell her doubts and fears in the temple both evoke a feeling of compassion and build up character background. It might not be major, but it is to me an essential part in developing the story further. Well done.

I did not expect the scene with the Vollstrecker and the Grand Inquisitor. To those involved with this scene and the greater context to come, well done. Always nice to have some perspective into forthcoming intruige behind the scenes.

The very last part, though... tugs on the heart strings. What with a widow who has just come back from worrying and praying for her son, facing what she expects to be news of her son's (apparent) death? We will see, we will see... more to come in this exhilirating storyline.

As always, very much appreciated, Major and team.

Damn this is one hell of an emotional chapter


I am not smart enough to know why cyril's name caused that reaction, but I dig the perspectives here. Even though not much was added to his mother, just the first person really humanizes her.

I also liked the changeling chapter, but to be honest the wiring their felt very rushed and info dumpy. Some of the sentences especially at the beginning were trying to say three or four separate things. It was very uncharacteristic.

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