• Published 5th Oct 2019
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House of Sun - Riossumari

Celestia raises Twilight and her siblings in Canterlot.

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Big Brother, Best Friend, Forever

Celestia walked Twiliight back to her classroom, “Remember what we talked about, Okay Twilight?” she said. Twilight looked up and smiled,

“It’s ok to cry if you’re feeling sad but when you do just remember everypony who’s still here for you.” Celestia added.

“I will Princess.” Twilight said eagerly. The two reached the door to Twilight’s class, Twilight went to open the door but paused for a moment. She looked back at Celestia and walked over hugging her one last time.

“Thank you Princess, I really, really, mean it” she said. Twilight turned and opened the door and went back to class. Celestia stood smiling for a moment thinking about how Twilight was handling her situation. She began to wonder about her brother as well, but she knew not to force a talk with him. She turned and left the school, she still had a long day ahead of her, plus she couldn’t imagine the trouble Spike was giving her attendants while she was away. Celestia stepped out of the school the sun shining down on her, she paused for a moment and then began to think for a moment about how she could help Shining and Twilight and then came up with a good idea.

The weekend had finally come, Shining slept in his bed the blankets pulled over his head. He was tired from going to school all week and he was in no mood to get up anytime soon.

“SHINY!!!” a voice shrieked from beside him as he sprang up,

“What? What’s going on?” he shouted as he turned to see Twilight smiling beside his bed. She danced in place with excitement not saying anything, Shining grinned back at her, he wanted to be angry but he also couldn’t stay mad at his kid sister.

“Twily? I can’t get excited too if you don’t tell me what’s happening.” he said.

Twilight spun in a circle her excitement more than apparent, “Princess Celestia took the day off!” She shouted, Shining was confused by what she meant.

“She...took the day...off?” he asked.

Twilight shook her head yes, “She said she got all her work done yesterday so she could spend the day with us! We get to spend all day with her, aren’t you excited!?” she said. Shining wasn’t sure what to think of this, he didn’t share Twilight’s enthusiasm when it came to Celestia. He was still adjusting to living in a castle, but he also knew better than to ruin his sisters excitement.

“Now hurry up and come get breakfast, this is gonna be the best day ever!” Twilight shouted before rushing out the bedroom door. Shining climbed out of his bed and muttered to himself,

“Yeah...best day ever...”

The four pony’s walked together out the front gate of the castle, Celestia had left her regalia behind to try and blend in. Her mane and tail tied back to be less cumbersome for the day, she carried Spike in a small pouch on her chest.

“So, who gets first pick at what we’re going to do today?” she asked, she looked around at the young pony’s with her, Twilight bounced up and down waving her hoof.

“Let’s let Twilight go first Auntie.” Cadence said, Celestia giggled and leaned down to Twilight and asked,

“All right then, where to first Twilight?” Twilight hopped around in a circle before announcing,

“Book store!!!” Cadence giggled at Twilight’s choice as Shining simply rolled his eyes, he wasn’t surprised by Twilight’s choice.

“All right, lets go to the book store.” Celestia confirmed, the four of them made their way across Canterlot. Arriving at the store Twilight eagerly rushed inside, Cadence chased after her shouting for her to slow down. Celestia walked up to the door she looked back to see Shining standing alone in the street his attention elsewhere,

“Are you going to wait out here Shining?” she asked.

He turned to look at her and after a moment he answered,

“No, I’ll come inside. I was just...thinking is all.” Celestia smiled and walked into the store Shining following shortly after. Upon entering the small shop she could hear Twilight and Cadence from the entrance, Twilight was eagerly talking about a new set of books about stars and constellations she had found, Cadence trying to tell Twilight to keep her voice down. Celestia walked across the store a few other pony’s in the shop greeting her as she did, Celestia said hello so as not to be rude of course. She moved around the corner to find Twilight already a small stack of five books, Cadence only having a one tucked under her wing.

“Well, you certainly didn’t waste any time Twilight.” Celestia said, Twilight looked back and smiled holding up one of her books.

“These just came out today! I’ve been waiting all week for this!” she said, Twilight began to flip through the pages with her magic all the while talking to Celestia about them. She looked up at Cadence and asked,

“Did you find anything Cadence?” Cadence blushed a little looking at the book tucked under her wing,

“It’s just a romance novel...nothing too outrageous. It’s also been hard to look around while keeping an eye on Twilight.” she replied. The three of them looked around the store for few more minutes, Twilight was eager to add more books to what she had. But Celestia had to limit her to five, otherwise Twilight would walk out with half the stores inventory. Cadence found another novel she wanted and they made their way to the register. Celestia paused when she realized she hadn’t seen Shining since she came in.

She looked at the cashier and said,

“I’ll be right back to pay for these.” Celestia walked around the store, she managed to find Shining looking at the comics on the far side of the store. He had a few hovering in front of him as though he were thinking.

“Is there anything you wanted Shining? Cadence and Twilight already picked something.” she asked. Shining set the comics back on the shelf and walked past her towards the register,

“No...I’m fine.” he said, Celestia watched as he walked by and replied,

“If you’re sure, but its ok if you change your mind.” Shining walked down the lane of the store and stopped at the entrance waiting for the others silently. Celestia tried to think of something to cheer Shining up, but just decided to try and get him to pick something for them to do next instead. Celestia returned to the register and paid for the books they’d gotten she placed the books in her saddle bags and thanked the clerk.

The five of them walked out of the shop Twilight was in front reading one of her new books as she walked, Cadence and Shining behind her and Celestia following them.

“So? What’s next?” she asked, she looked at Shining and smiled asking.

“Do you want to take your turn Shining?” He looked at Celestia for a moment, but then he looked away.

“I can wait...let Cadence pick next.” he said, Cadence looked at Celestia nervously. She knew her aunt was just trying to help, Cadence quickly came up with an idea to break the awkward silence.

“So…how about we go to the park for a while? The weather is gorgeous today, right Auntie?” Cadence said. Celestia smiled and agreed, Twilight became excited looking away from her book and asking.

“Can we go kite flying? Shiny and I haven’t gone kite flying in forever!” Celestia walked over and gave Twilight a small hug with her wing,

“I think we can do that.” she said. After a brief stop at the castle to get Twilight and Shining’s kites they made their way to the park. The kites lifted to the sky, Twilight smiled back at Cadence, Celestia was happy to see Twilight enjoying herself so much. She looked over to see Shining a little further away sitting beneath a tree, his kite on the ground beside him.

“Cadence.” Celestia whispered, she looked as Celestia lifted Spike up and handed him to her.

“Can you watch Spike and Twilight for a moment?” she asked, Cadence looked to see Shining by himself then back at Celestia. Cadence smiled and nodded taking Spike and holding him in her hooves. Shining sat looking at the horizon, a good view of downtown Canterlot could be seen from the park. Celestia approached and asked,

“Is your kite broken?” Shining looked at Celestia then his kite and said.

“No...I’m just not in the mood right now.” Celestia sat next to him she picked up his kite and looked at it,

“Did you make this yourself? I’m amazed you got it to look just like your cutie mark.” she said. She looked at Shining hoping he’d talk to her, but Shining didn’t say anything, he just sat in silence.

“Shining...I know its not easy right now, but you can talk to me if somethings bothering you.” she said, Shining turned to look at Celestia. She gave a smile hoping he’d open up to her, instead he stood up and walked over to Cadence and Twilight.

“I’m fine princess...really, I am.” Celestia could tell he was lying but she knew trying to force it would only make things worse. She stood up and walked back over to the others,

“Princess.” Twilight groaned as she walked up to her, “I’m getting hungry, can we have lunch?” Twilight asked. Celestia smiled putting her hoof to her chin thinking,

“I suppose it is that time of day. Where should we go? Back to the castle maybe?” she asked, Twilight’s face lit up instantly with excitement as she shouted,

“Hayburger!!” Cadence and Celestia giggled at Twilight’s reaction. Celestia answered Twilight’s response,

“I must admit, I’ve never actually been to a Hayburger before. So lets go there.”

Celestia held the door to the restaurant open as Twilight rushed inside, the others following shortly after. Twilight sat at the counter looking back at Celestia with a smile, the cashier stood in awe he couldn’t begin to understand why both Princess Cadence and Celestia would be in a fast food joint of all places. Celestia walked over and asked Twilight,

“So what do you want Twilight?”

“Filly meal!” she replied almost instantly. Celestia looked at Cadence and asked what she wanted, Cadence looked over the menu for a moment before asking for a garden salad and a drink. Shining walked up beside Cadence and asked for a double Hayburger combo,

“And for you princess?” the cashier asked nervously as he looked at Celestia.

“Hmm...” Celestia muttered as she looked at the menu,

“I think I’ll try the Caesar carrot wrap combo.” she answered. The cashier nervously totaled up their order, Celestia paid for the food a few minutes later they all sat down at a booth in the corner of the restaurant to eat. Celestia took care to feed Spike first, she had brought some tiny gems for him to eat from the castle. As the five of them ate Celestia spoke up and asked,

“So, what should we do next?”

Twilight with bits of ketchup and hayburger on her mouth pointed to Shining and announced,

“It’s Shiny’s turn to pick!”

“Well, what should we do next Shining? There’s no limits today.” Celestia asked, Shining sat quietly putting his burger down on his tray.

“Come on Shiny! Pick something.” Twilight said, his silence only made for an uncomfortable tension as they waited. Celestia began to speak,

“It’s ok if you need some time to think, we can finish...”

“Just stop...” Shining interrupted. Cadence and Celestia looked at Shining surprised,

“Stop acting like everything’s fine...” he snapped, Cadence looked at Celestia an uneasy look came across both their faces.

“Shining, I wasn’t trying to imply...” Celestia tried to explain, but Shining snapped at her again,

“You keep acting like nothings wrong, but everything is wrong! Our parents are gone, were living in a castle, and now your trying to act like you’re our mother or something!!” he shouted. A long silence came over the restaurant, Celestia looked away she couldn’t look him in the eyes now.

“I...I wasn’t...I’d never try to...” she said as she tried to fight back her sadness. Shining stood up from his seat and walked out of the restaurant without a word, the quiet in the room suddenly broke as Spike began to cry. Celestia picked him and began to rock him back and forth,

“But...we...we were having so much fun today.” Twilight said a tear forming in each of her eyes. Celestia hugged Twilight with her wing trying to keep her from getting upset. Cadence leaned across the table putting her hoof on Celestia’s and saying

“Don’t worry Auntie, I’ll go talk to him. I can fix this.” Celestia smiled and nodded, Cadence got out of her seat and left to find Shining.

Cadence walked down the street asking anypony she could if they had seen Shining Armor, it didn’t take long for her to find out where he had gone. Cadence flew across Canterlot, the skies turned gray and it began to rain on her mid flight. Cadence landed in the Canterlot suburbs, she cast a small shield spell above her head to keep the rain off of her. Sure enough she found Shining right where she was told he’d be, sitting on the porch to his family’s old house. She walked up to him cautiously unsure what kind of mood he was in. The rain poured onto his head dripping onto the ground all around him,

“Hey, Shining...Is it ok if we talk?” Cadence asked, he didn’t answer. Cadence altered her shield to cover her and Shining both and approached him again. She stood in front of him she couldn’t see his face as he stared at the ground,

“Shining...I know you miss your parents, Twilight does too. But, Auntie didn’t mean any harm today. She just wanted to give us all a day where we could have fun. I know you don’t want to hear this but, she’s just trying to make things easier is all. She never wanted you to forget about them or what happened.” Cadence said. Shining didn’t answer though,

“I’ll...just leave you alone then...” Cadence became disheartened and she started to turn to leave.

“I miss them..” Cadence gasped as she looked back at Shining. “I miss them so much...Dad’s stupid jokes...Mom constantly reminding me to do every little thing...” he said, Cadence walked over and sat next to Shining. She leaned forward and could see he was crying, she couldn’t tell before because of the rain.

“I know Celestia wasn’t trying to replace them, but I felt like I needed to blame someone for this, that I needed to be angry at someone for them being gone...” he continued.

Cadence hugged Shining tight and said,

“But its not any pony’s fault though. It was an accident, and you know that.”

“Yeah...and that’s why I’m so angry, because I can’t blame any pony or anything for this...and I took it out on her because I wouldn’t talk about it. I should’ve talked about it when she asked. Now she probably hates me, heh, I wouldn’t be surprised if Twily hated me now too...she looks up to Celestia so much.” he sobbed. Cadence wrapped her wings around Shining trying her best to hug him as much as she could,

“You know Twilight could never hate her BBBFF, and I know Auntie doesn’t hate you. She may be a little upset, but I know she doesn’t hate you.” Shining looked up at Cadence a smile on his face finally,

“Thanks Cadence, I really mean it. I’m not sure what I’d do without you.” he said, Cadence playfully rolled her eyes and joked.

“Probably run away from home and get into all sorts of trouble and I’d have to come save you from it all.” The two laughed and sat on the porch for a few minutes longer, the rain slowly came to a stop as the sun began to shine through the clouds and onto the city below. Cadence let go of Shining and asked,

“So? Are you ready to go back?”

He nodded and said, “Yeah, in fact...I think I’ve got something for us to do together before the days over.”

Celestia laid on her bed Twilight playing with Spike in front of her, she was worried about Cadence and Shining. They’d been gone for a few hours, she trusted her niece but she couldn’t help but worry about the two of them. A knock came from her bedroom door as she heard Cadence speak from the other side,

“Auntie, I’m back, can I come in?” Twilight stood up excited and smiled at Celestia,

“Its unlocked Cadence.” she said.

The door opened revealing Cadence and Shining standing in the hallway, “Shiny!” Twilight shouted as she rushed over to hug her brother, he hugged her back with a smile.

“Hey Twily, It’s good to see you too.” he said, Twilight stepped back and then hugged Cadence. Shining looked up at Celestia, an uneasy smile on her face.

“Umm...Princess...I’m sorry, about before. I said some horrible things and I know it was unfair of me. I just wanted to say that is all.” Shining said, He looked back to see Celestia’s smile become brighter, she stood up and walked over and hugged him.

“I’m glad you decided to come back, I know its not the same, but I hope you’ll see this as home one day.” Celestia said. Celestia stepped back, Cadence looked at Shining out of the corner of her eye and gave him a gentle nudge with her wing before motioning towards Celestia. Shining rolled his eyes at Cadence before asking,

“If there’s still time left, I thought of something we could do before the day is over.” Twilight gasped with excitement, Celestia smiled and said,

“Oh? And what would that be?” Shining looked at Cadence who smiled back and he answered,

“Watch the sunset together, like a family.”

Author's Note:

Phew, that was hard to right. Actually got a little teary eyed writing the Cadence and Shining conversation. But that's usually how I can tell I'm on the right track writing these. Well hope you enjoyed chapter 2! Leave some comments, I'd like to hear some feedback.

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