• Published 5th Dec 2019
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Trotting in the Winter Wonderland - BrawnyBold

Feather Bangs takes a trip to Ponyville with his three marefriends for their Hearth's Warming. While Feather celebrates the holiday, he stumbles on a mare who is having a hard time during Hearth's Warming.

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Baking Class

Feather and his three marefriends were enjoying some breakfast at Sugarcube Corner. They all talked among themselves while Pinkie and the Cakes were serving other ponies. It wasn't until Swoon noticed Mrs. Cake hanging a small piece of paper on a wall full of posters. Swoon walked up to the wall to read what was written on the paper.

"A cooking class?" Swoon asked Mrs. Cake.

"Yeah, it's a small class that I usually teach during the holiday season for those who want to learn how to bake certain holiday treats." Mrs. Cake replied.

"That sounds great!" Swoon said as she went to her friends and Feather and explained about the cooking class.

"I don't know," Fond said with doubt. "cooking sounds more like your specialty, Swoon."

"But it will be something fun to do together!" Swoon replied.

"I don't think it's a bad idea." Feather smiled. "I've been hearing that the sweets in Ponyville are delicious. There's nothing wrong with learning how they make these sweets." Swoon then gave Feather a big smooch on his cheek which caused him to blush very red.

"That's why you're the only stallion for me!" Swoon said with batted eyes. Dear and Fond looked at each other and shrugged.

"Alright, we'll all take the class together." Dear said with a nod.

"Woohoo!" Swoon cheered.

Feather, his marefriends, and some other ponies were inside the Cakes' kitchen where the class was taking place. It was mandatory that the whole class should wear aprons to avoid making a mess on themselves. Feather didn't mind as he enjoyed seeing his marefriends wearing aprons.

"Hello, everypony!" Mrs. Cake said as she entered the kitchen. "I'm Chiffon Swirl Cake or Mrs. Cake for short. Thank you for taking part in this special cooking class. In this class, I will teach you how to make basic sweets to eat for Hearth's Warming." Mrs. Cake then pulled out a tray that carried a cake that was decorated with Hearth's Warming stuff. "We will be making a basic chocolate cake that you can decorate with anything that shows what Hearth's Warming means to you. Now, have out your bowls and we will begin." The ponies did what Mrs. Cake said as they each had out bowls. Feather noticed something about some of his classmates. All of the class was made up of mares except for Feather.

"Is it me, or am I the only stallion here." Feather whispered to his marefriends.

"Lucky you, huh?" Dear teased with a giggle. Feather just blushed as he began helping his marefriends bake their cake. Little did Feather knew, the other mares in the class had their eyes on him. The ponies were able to follow each of Mrs. Cake's instructions as she let them take their time. The ponies were now pouring their cake batters into baking pans.

"Alright everypony, the next step is to put your cakes inside the oven and then we bake them!" Mrs. Cake instructed.

"I'll put the cake in the oven." Feather said as he carefully picked up the pan.

"Thanks, Feather." Swoon said. "We'll clean up and prepare for the cake decorating." Feather slowly made his way to the oven until he accidentally bumped into a green mare with blue manes.

"Oh! Sorry about that!" Feather apologized.

"It's alright," The mare said before she got a little closer to Feather. "You know, I appreciate a stallion willing to take up baking." The mare said in a flirty tone. Feather sweated bullets as he knew that look most mares make when they flirt.

"Well, it never hurts to try new things." Feather said sheepishly. He moved backward when the mare continued to move closer to him.

"You know, once this cooking class is done, do you want to have some of my cake?" The mare batted her eyes. Feather was confused about the mare meant by 'her cake'.

"That's no fair!" A pink mare with red manes said as she approached Feather and the green mare. "I wanted to flirt with the cute stallion!"

"First come, first serve." The green mare said before she turned back to Feather. "Now where were we?" Feather's heart raced as he didn't know what to do.

"How about step off of our stallion?" Fond said as she and her friends glared at the green mare.

"Just so you know, he's our coltfriend." Swoon added. The green mare just laughed as if somepony told her a joke.

"Is something funny?" Dear asked in annoyance.

"Oh nothing," The green mare said. "I just think that this hunk of a stallion could do way more than you." The green mare was interrupted when she got frosting squirted on to her face by Dear who was using her magic.

"Girls!" Mrs. Cake said angrily. "That's enough!"

"Oops. Now you're a mess." Dear said as she stuck out her tongue. The green mare's face became red with rage while she growled like an animal.

"Oh dear." Feather said before food started to fly across the room.

Feather slowly awoken to find himself laying on a hospital bed. He only recalled that he was hit by something hard on the back of his head and then he passed out. Feather placed one hoof on one of his temples to feel a bandaid on it.

"Ah, I see that you're awake." The doctor stallion said as he entered through a door.

"What happened?" Feather asked as he took a look at the room he was in.

"It's a funny story." The doctor said as he looked at his clipboard. "Apparently, you accidentally got hit on the head by a flying frying pan while that crazy food fight happened. When the food fight finally stopped, you were sent to this hospital to be analyzed for additional injuries. But it looks like you're alright now." The doctor gave an assuring smile.

"Thanks, doc." Feather said. A mare nurse appeared in the doorway.

"Mr. Bangs, you have visitors." The nurse then moved aside to show Feather's marefriends running in with fear on their faces.

"Feather!" All three of the mares cried as they rushed to Feather.

"I'll leave you four alone then. Take care, Mr. Bangs." The doctor said as he left the room.

"Feather! We're so sorry for causing you to get hurt!" Dear said while some tears were forming from her eyes.

"It's alright, I should've said something to those mares." Feather said.

"But we acted like a bunch of school fillies when they made fun of us." Fond said as she and the rest of the mares lowered their heads in shame.

"Well, at least now we have one holiday memory we could look back and laugh at." Feather said in attempt to change the mood. The mares looked at each other in agreement as they all chuckled about how ridiculous things have gotten.

"Yeah, it kind of reminds me of one of those old holiday movies where things go crazy." Swoon said. The others nodded in agreement.

"We should watch a movie when we get back to the hotel." Fond suggested.

"But the nurse did say that you won't be out of this room until the doctor finishes the paperwork." Dear said with a shrug.

"Until then," Swoon said before she and her friends gave Feather kisses on his cheek. "See you soon, Bangy." The mares then left Feather while he laid in bed with anticipation to leave the hospital.

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