• Published 5th Dec 2019
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Trotting in the Winter Wonderland - BrawnyBold

Feather Bangs takes a trip to Ponyville with his three marefriends for their Hearth's Warming. While Feather celebrates the holiday, he stumbles on a mare who is having a hard time during Hearth's Warming.

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Shopping in Ponyville

The train finally arrived to Ponyville Station where it was filled with ponies and other creatures waiting for the train. Feather and the mares exited the train and made their way to the streets of Ponyville. There were various cottage-like buildings that were decorated for Hearth's Warming. It wasn't long until Feather and his marefriends arrive to a large building that had a sign that says: Ponyville Inn. They entered to see that the hotel was also bustling with ponies hanging out or trying to carry their bags into their rooms. Swoon led the way to the front desk where a stallion with a bow tie was standing behind it.

"Welcome to the Ponyville Inn, where you can stay comfy while visiting our little town." The host stallion brought out a book and a quill. "Do you have reservations?"

"Yes," Swoon replied. "It is under Swoon Song and guests." The host stallion looked at his book to find Swoon's name.

"Ah, here it is!" The host stallion claimed. "Your room is already cleaned and set up for your stay. It will be Room 312." The host stallion said as he brought out a key with the room's number on it.

"Thank you, sir." Swoon nodded before she and the rest of her party went to the elevator. They made their way to Room 312 where it was one large room with a large bed and a small desk.

"Whoa," Fond said as she looked around the room. "Not bad, Swoon."

"But, there's only one bed." Feather said when he noticed the large bed at the center of their room.

"Don't you want to sleep with three mares in a single bed?" Dear said in a baby tone.

"I, ah.." Feather stammered until Dear giggled.

"I'm just messing with you! Of course we're all sleep here together." Dear then went and unpacked her stuff. Feather breathed heavily as he should've known Dear would intentionally tease him. She was practically a queen of teasing. Feather shook from his thoughts before he joined his marefriends on unpacking their stuff.

The group left the hotel to explore the streets of Ponyville. Different ponies trotted or flew around to do their usual errands. It wasn't long before Feather and his marefriends made their way to the center of town to see different ponies trot or flew around to do their usual errands.

"This place really reminds me of our town!" Fond said before she turned to the others. "You know, after Starlight's 'equality' reign." The rest of the group couldn't help but chuckle from Fond's joke.

"Yeah, but this place has a lot more ponies here." Feather said. Swoon brought out a brochure to read it.

"It says here that Ponyville was founded by some farmer ponies who settled in the land." Swoon began reading. "They found these special zap apples and sold their jams. Next thing they knew, ponies from all over came and settled here to make the town." Swoon yelped when her brochure was levitated by Dear's horn magic.

"That's enough history lessons for one day. Let's go shopping!" Dear cheered as she and Fond ran towards Ponyville's shopping district. Swoon just sighed from being left by her two friends. Feather placed a hoof on Swoon's shoulder.

"It's alright, Swoon." Feather smiled. "I thought that was interesting." Swoon blushed from hearing such a praise from her coltfriend.

"Thanks," Swoon replied before she noticed how far Dear and Fond were. "We should probably catch up to the others." Swoon said as she and Feather trotted to catch up to the other mares. The group arrived to the shopping district to see the many shops and stalls selling a variety of stuff. Feather's three marefriends looked extremely excited to be in the shopping district as they carried empty saddle bags waiting to be filled. Feather's trio of mares started with one booth that sold some colorful heels and shoes.

"Ooh! Check out these pumps!" Fond said as she picked up a pair of green heels.

"I love these glittery heels!" Swoon said as she showed her friends a pair of red heels that sparkled from all of the glittered it had.

"Not as much as these bejeweled heels!" Dear claimed as she levitated a pair of heels that had blue jewels. The mares squealed with joy while Feather felt confused due to his lack of understanding for mares' love for shoes. Feather's marefriends paid for their items and went to the next stall with Feather following in pursuit. The next place sold miniature glass sculptures of various shapes from cute animals to the alicorn princesses. The three mares looked in awe from how detailed the mini sculptures looked. Swoon decided to buy a puppy sculpture to give to her mother for Hearth's Warming. They went to another booth where all kinds of scarfs were sold there. Feather waited patiently while his marefriends were trying on a few scarfs to see which one suits them best.

"Feather Bangs?" A mare's voice called from behind Feather. He turned and see Sugar Belle standing before him.

"Sugar Belle!" Feather said in surprise.

"What are you doing in Ponyville?" Sugar Belle asked.

"Swoon thought coming to Ponyville would be a great way to spend Hearth's Warming together." Feather replied.

"That's great to hear," Sugar Belle replied. "Big Mac invited me to meet his family for our Hearth's Warming." Sugar Belle pointed her hoof at Big Mac and the rest of the Apple family. Feather then noticed the other family he met in the train was also with the Apple family.

"Are they members of the Apple family?" Feather whispered to Sugar Belle.

"Oh, that is the Pie family." Sugar Belle replied. "They are kind of like relatives to the Apples. I'm not really sure as even the Apples don't know." Feather looked to see the shy mare again as she tried to hide her face to avoid being seen.

"Sugar Belle!" Feather's marefriends hollered as all three of them ran to give Sugar Belle a group hug.

"Hey, you three!" Sugar said while being hugged. "It's good to see you again."

"Right back atcha!" Dear said as she and the rest of her friends removed themselves from Sugar Belle. "How are things in Ponyville?"

"It's been great! I'm enjoying every minute here!" Sugar Belle replied. "How are things at my bakery? Is my wacky cousin doing a good job not to burn down my bakery?"

"Nah, your cousin is doing fine!" Fond replied but her expression changed from happy to a bit sad. "Though, it does get a little lonely without you at Starlight's village." It didn't take long before all four of the mares were starting a long conversation with one another. Feather decided to approach the shy mare, but he was cut off when the angry grey mare confronted him.

"Oh, hello Ms..." Feather said to wait for a response.

"The name's Limestone Pie, what business do you have with my sister?" Marble asked sternly.

"Umm...I just wanted to say hi?" Feather replied.

"Is that it?" Limestone asked as she glared at Feather with one of her eyes. The shy grey mare tapped Limestone's shoulder to get her attention. The shy mare tilted her head as a signal for Limestone to move to the side. Limestone sighed and approached Feather.

"Don't you dare try anything funny with my sister, got it?" Limestone said in a threatening manner.

"Got it," Feather gulped as Limestone moved to the side. Feather slowly approached the shy mare who now looked calm.

"Um, hi I'm Feather Bangs." Feather introduced himself.

"I'm Marble Pie." Marble replied with a small smile.

"We met in the train to Ponyville, is that right?" Feather asked.

"Ah huh," Marble nodded. "I'm sorry about my sister, she could be aggressive and or overprotective sometimes. But she means well." Feather noticed that Limestone was glaring at him with stink eyes.

"I see," Feather said as he looked back at Marble.

"Well, I hope you enjoy your stay in Ponyville." Feather said as he trotted away to be with his marefriends.

"You too." Marble said with a nod before she followed her family back to the Apple farm.

Feather and his mares returned to their hotel after their shopping day in Ponyville. Feather finished his showering and left the bath to dry himself off.

'Marble seems to be a nice mare,' Feather thought while drying his mane with a towel. 'despite the fact that she is related with that short-tempered mare. Maybe things will get better for this trip.' Feather exited the bathroom.

"Alright, I'm all done." Feather said before he saw what was in front of him. The lights of the room were dimmed and all three of Feather's marefriends were laying on the large bed in seductive positions. What made Feather completely surprised was that all three of his marefriends were wearing lingerie that matched their favorite colors. These lingerie were also transparent so Feather could see his marefriends' flanks. Although most mares don't wear clothing, the lingeries made Feather's marefriends very attractive.

"So, what do you think?" Swoon asked. Feather just stood there with a shocked face.

"I...uh..." Feather replied nervously.

"I believe that you love what you see?" Dear said while batting her eyelashes at Feather.

"Very," Feather said bluntly.

"We got these at a special store in Ponyville while you went to get us hot chocolate." Fond said as she swayed her hips to Feather. "Are they sexy?"

"Very," Feather said once again.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Swoon asked as she motioned with her hoof. "Let's make some love tonight."

"B-but what about the neighbors?" Feather asked.

"I used a special spell to make this room soundproof." Dear said as her horn glowed yellow. "You're welcome."

"Oh, okay." Feather said as he got on the bed and crawled to his mares. He ended up on their laps and they all looked at him like hungry lionesses.

"Let's kick things off for our holiday vacation." Swoon said as Dear and Fond nodded in agreement. The sounds of moaning and giggles echoed the room as Feather and his mares were making some 'holiday fun'.

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