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This was a one shot I'd had requested as a commission. It was a fun little write, but I blew the commissioner's word-cap by a bunch. When a story needs to be told, however, it needs to be told with the words required to tell it.


sound moral decisions

Is nothing sacred? And am I sarcastically commenting on the fic itself or semi-seriously commenting on the known-by-me-to-exist people who prefer the lack of such things in their smut?

9857815 Spitfire needed her itches scratched, she went to a friend she trusts to get them scratched. And yeah, I like things nice and snuggly as a rule.

A feminization fic with Rainbow in it while not having her as the feminized subject is rather rare, nice.

9857883 Poor Spiffy just wanted to feel pretty.

She drew the up around her


9859528 Fixed, thanks! :twilightsmile:

To be honest, normally I'm not into clop type stuff, or reading about other people's BDSM activities, but I've got to say, this is about the best BDSM story I've ever read, and you've portrayed rainbow here as believably more competent than I've ever been at it in real life...

9861234 I have to admit I enjoy the "experienced + inexperienced" angle the absolute most. It has the best of both worlds when it comes to being safely consensual fun while also having somepony new exploring a new side of their sexuality. That's not to say I haven't written stories that had two old hats having some fun together, or even inexperienced ponies playing (and even messing up, consequences).

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

This was super good. It didn't feel complete. I think the last with blitz/fiesty was a little short, and maybe some aftermath. But it was still hot and sexy.

9862049 Heh. The commission was for 2100 words, and by that point I was blowing so far past that I was in deep water with my floaties on. With more of a story focus, and with another 10k words, I could have gone way further, but this way there is room open for a lot more to come.

I don't know what it is, but the line about Dash's wings being strong might just be my favorite part for some reason, even after rereading it at least half a dozen times.

9865404 Of course they'll be strong! :rainbowdetermined2:

A pegasus' wings have to hold not just their body-weight, but when pulling a turn of several Gs they need to hold that many times their body-weight. I'd be unsurprised if a pegasus' wings were quite a bit stronger than their legs. :twilightsmile:

Very good story, I would love to see a sequel. And I especially liked seeing the hypnosis used for something so positive and wholesome, even as there was kink and lewd shenanigans. I do hypnosis with several people, and I always enjoy when I can use it to improve someone's life the most.

9865524 Thanks! As with most things, I like to write happy ponies doing happy things.

Another of my (less naughty) stories that features (a more cartoony version of) hypnosis, check out:

EMiss Hiss and the Dizzy Minion
I'm Greg. I've been stuck in Equestria for months now, and apart from the occasional monster attacking life has been pretty... You thought I was going to say good, didn't you? It's terrible. I can't even look a pony in the eyes!
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"And it didn't help?" Rainbow was nothing if not loyal

We know Rainbow Dash is loyal. She literally is the physical embodiment of loyalty. It is her superpower. We don't need reminding of it in every fanfic that features her.

9868727 Well, yeah. I mean, portraying her as not loyal would be horribly out of character. It's still nice to give reason for motivation—even in a clopfic—rather than just assume people will connect those dots.

I found this pic (no spitfire, sadly. Also rainbow is there, but can ignore I guess?):

Now I really hope this gets expanded more one day to the other wonderbolts.

I enjoyed this a lot. A bit rushed at the end, I agree, but I can understand going way over your proposed word count.

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>last time I told you about the kind of fun I get into, you made me fly a hundred laps

Wow, I never knew kinkshaming and casual abuse of power were such important parts of a healthy team environment.

10660248 To be absolutely fair to Spitfire, if her crew are discussing their sexual proclivities when they should be training (their job), she has every right to make them fly laps.

Dang this was good. The hypnosis had me wary but you pulled it off and made it into a good thing. I especially love Rainbow's continuous emphasis on consent and safety. Nice to see a a Dom that's actually smaller than the sub for once too, size isn't everything.

10908815 Thanks!

size isn't everything

Not when you have an ego as big as Rainbow's. :rainbowkiss:

That's a great comeback.

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