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I'm a crossover fanatic with a special taste for video games and auto racing. I can turn any video game into a MLP crossover if I have played it. Lightning Dust is my character of choice for writing.


3 days ago, in the middle of Ponyville, a mysterious portal appeared in the town square. Nopony knew how it got there, and a few wondered what was on the other side of the portal...

...and 1 day ago, Princess Twilight Sparkle received a letter from Princess Celestia that, according to Mayor Mare, her friends have gone missing, and both Mayor and Celestia know that they dissapeared into the portal. Twilight suspects that her friends have run into danger by exploring the strange portal, and packs up her and Spike's gear, and enters the portal...

...Upon emerging on the other side of the portal, she discovers that she is, once again, in the human world. However, she still in her pony form and not a human. Then, Rainbow Dash pulls up in a car, opens the passenger door and the journey begins...

NOTE: I just recently got Burnout Paradise for my XBOX 360, so I decided to create a fanfic about it, involving the ponies, racing and crazy, metal-twisting crashes!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it!

If you have never played Burnout Paradise, or ANY of the previous Burnout games, I highly suggest you do! It should give you a good idea on what the series is about, and what you might expect in the story.

Update: Added a new title page, that I custom made with the use of Photoshop! :pinkiehappy:

The Twilight, Derpy and Changeling vectors belong to MLP-Vector Club
Burnout Paradise picture belongs to the Burnout FANDOM Wiki

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What would Twilight's reaction if she saw me in the Rossolini Tempesta!

Comment posted by Pulse Master deleted Oct 8th, 2019

I'm not sure, but probably one of shock!

I'm just picturing it now, me and Rainbow drag racing on the streets.

I can see that as well! :raritywink:

In fact, I might include you in one of my later chapters. Is that ok with you?

I'm also kinda' surpirsed you managed to find this story so fast! How did you find it?

That would be 20 octillion percent cool!

Oh Akula966, I was browsing for any car fanfics and I came across this and thought This going to be 20,000% cool!
Also I've have played Burnout Paradise on XBOX360 and the remastered version on XBOX1 so... I have a lot of experience. Also Rainbow Dash, when you see me, embrace the TEMPESTA!

Sweet! I have Burnout Paradise for the 360, but I've never played the remastered version. The farthest I got was the unlocking the Jansen P12, but when I returned to the game the next day, the save file was corrupt and I had to start again!

About that chapter with you in it, you will have to wait a while before I post it, as I'm going through and completing the chapters in order, and I take a long time to complete chapters. But I will make it as soon as I can, I promise!

I'll keep playing Burnout Paradise until the episode is released. Something to look forward to!

I can't believe someone actually did this. I thought about something similar to this when I played the original and remaster years ago but I thought I was the only one who thought "Hey, this would be even cooler with ponies." Thank you for this story, a dream has come true today. :rainbowkiss::scootangel:

By the way, personal pick for Main 6 Cars for me are...

Twilight: Rossolini Tempesta
Rainbow Dash: Jansen X12
Applejack: Carson Annihilater/ Hunter Takedown 4x4
Pinkie Pie: Kitano Touge Sport/ Watson R-Turbo Roadster
Rarity: Montgomery Hawker
Fluttershy: Kitano Hydros Custom/ Hunter Spur

One last thing, you bet I'm recreating some of these moments. I beat this game three times, whats a 4th just for good measure. :rainbowdetermined2:

Really excited.

Last time for this chapter, promise. Here is a photo for a scene reenactment. I have the location and car recreated as well as possible.media.discordapp.net/attachments/631606758888177664/631630616764612608/20191009_191021.jpg?width=630&height=473

Quality is not good, but I don't have a good camera.

Stick around for Chapter 3, and I'll reveal my picks for the Mane 6's cars...

I've just downloaded you photo of the reenactment. The colour scheme of the car is correct and the position is correct as well! Well done! 👍

However, in order to reenact some of the later moments, you will need to be online and playing with friends, as some will have more than one car needed.

I don't know which car I'd choose, the Rossolini Tempesta or the Krieger Uberschall 8. I don't know if either will beat Rainbow's Jansen P12.

Nice, can't wait to see Dash battle with best pony Lightning Dust. Hopefully that will happen eventually.

Oh, you just wait, and that might come sooner than you think... :pinkiecrazy:

If I haven't see Twilight get angry at Rainbow Dash, I think this is the icing on the cake
Also, nice job DJ-PON3 for becoming CRASH FM's news-crasher
If Rainbow racing against a Watson R-Turbo ended in sparks, I wonder what would happen if the car she was racing against... a Rossolini Tempesta.

Dash in a P12 vs a Tempesta would probably last for quite a while, but Dash would win it in the end, through sheer determination! :rainbowdetermined2:

Well, we'll see what happens when you add in me in a Ikusa GT and Twilight and Spike in a GT 2400...

I think the Montgomery GT2400 is probably my fourth favourite car in Burnout Paradise because the Watson 25 Turbo Revenge overtook the GT2400 in expectations. If I see a Carson Grand Marais on traffic lights, I think I know who'd be driving it.

Have spelt Montgomery right in the comment below? I have Twilight's level of confusion in Chapter 1.

I'm still looking forward to the chapter where I basically do burnouts in front of Rainbow.

Ok, then.

I'm just finishing up on Chapter 3, so expect that to pop up soon. :yay:

Ok, I probably going to hype-gasm

Who would drive a silver Inferno Van?

How easy is it to make Twilight's sanity blow up?
Also I knew the Grand Marais would be driven by Rarity. She might upgrade to the Grand Sicilian. (I hope she ignores the bullet holes on the doors.)
Ah, man a cliff-hanger! I hate those. (I just went into Rainbow Dash overload mode)
That red text, could be... either... Sombra… or it could be me in a red Tempesta.

Erm, no and no! You won't appear until very late in the story. And Sombra will appear in the 5th Chapter...

The only time Rarity would drive the Grand Sicilian would be when she becomes Nightmare Rarity

I did leave a clue in the Author's Notes as to who said the line in red colouring. Can you spot it?

I don't know who has red text in MLP.

Still not the only one here who is a red pony though. I know a thing or two about Paradise City, I'll be seeing you in my Revenge Racer. :rainbowdetermined2:

Demon? Tirek? He is red and has them horns so, maybe?

When the Tempesta appears in this, I hope Twilight doesn't get ticked.
Although I do like a badass Twilight.

Akula, I don't know any demons in MLP.

What in the name of Celestia?
You have a red text, Akula!?
That was like MLP Season 5

Yep. It was me! Betcha' didn't see that one comin', huh?

:rainbowderp: What was it about Season 5 that made you think it was like this chapter?

Word of warning Twilight: In episode 9, be aware... there will be a force 15 gale entering Paradise City.

This is only the first wave, Twilight. Remember this.

Oh oh, I don't think Twilight gonna have an easy time!

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