• Published 7th Oct 2019
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Burnout Equestrian Paradise - Akula966

When Equestrians start turning up in Paradise City, the only logical thing for them to do is... well, race.

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The Legion of Doom... in Paradise!

Angus Wharf
South of the Waterfront Plaza

It hadn't been a few minutes since Twilight and Spike stole victory from Akula in the last stages of Twilight's first race. Now, they were cruising up Angus Wharf, taking in the sights of the beautiful drive. After quite a while, Twilight picked up her CB microphone and asked, "Hey, Akula. This 'Wildcats Baseball Stadium', is it the only place to finish at? Not counting the Coast Guard sign, of course,"

Akula just let out a quiet laugh, and replied, Of course not! There are 8 different finishing locations, one for each point of the compass. To the North, is the Maplemount Country Club, the Coastguard HQ in the North-East, as you should already know, the Waterfront Plaza on the East coast, which is where we are approaching now. In the South-East, is the very-familiar Wildcats Baseball Stadium. The Fort Lawrence Naval Yard is in the South bay, Lone Stallion Ranch to the South-West, the Wind Farm in the West hills and in the North-West mountains, is the Crystal Summit Observatory. Akula stopped to take a breath, before continuing, To get your Burnout Driver's Licence, you need to win events, and lots of them! Every intersection has a different event, all you have to do to find them, is to drive through the intersection and it is automatically added to your mini map. Once you win enough events, your Licence is automatically upgraded and a new car is given to you.

Spike then snatched the microphone off of Twilight and said, "Wait, you said events. You mean there are other events?"

There are different types of events, yes. 5, to be precise. They are Race, Road Rage, Stunt Run, Marked Mare and Burning Route. Would you like me to go through the rules for each of them? Akula asked.

"YES!!!!!!" Came the response from Twi and Spike.

Okay, Akula replied, before beginning to explain, First is Race. The objective is simple: Be the first to arrive at the finish location to win. Simple as that. Next, there's Road Rages. This is only one of two events that don't have a finish location. Instead, it's a running battle across Paradise. You have to achieve the Takedown Target within the time limit to win. Then, there's Stunt Runs. Perform jumps, drifts and whole other manner of tricks of beat the point limit. Also, there's Burning Routes. Get from the starting location to the specified location within the time limit to get a special reward alongside a mark for your licence. Finally, there's Marked Mare. I'll explain what that event is when we get to the next location.

Twilight and Akula continued up Angus, cruising with the traffic, only passing traffic when they needed to. While Twilight drove, Spike was enjoying the view passing by his window.

But he, Twi or Akula never saw the silver-and-pink Watson 25 V16 Revenge super-car, parked on the side of the road. Nor did they see the light pink pegasus filly grab her CB microphone and speak into it.

They're heading your way.

Akula and Twilight kept to the road, not a worry in the world. Then, it came into view. A huge metallic arch, stretching across the whole intersection. Imprinted on it, in big, bold letters, was the word 'WATERFRONT' and with three sail boats on the highest point of the arch. Off to the side, was a chromed-metallic statue of a human holding a flag at a 45o angle. And hanging from the arch, was the red banner.

Twilight and Spike both gaped in awe. There it is. The Waterfront Plaza. Akula said.

"It's beautiful!" Twilight silently exclaimed, taking in the beautiful sight.

That's precisely when two cars came blasting out of the adjacent Andersen Street. The one in front was a dark-red Carson Thunder Custom, and the following car was a dark-black Hunter Racing Oval Champ. the two cars then slammed on their brakes, and formed a roadblock, blocking Akula and Twilight from passing. Akula and Twilight slammed on their brakes, forcing their cars to stop. And once they stopped, more cars appeared.

A silver-and-pink Watson 25 V16 Revenge (the same one Akula, Twilight and Spike all failed to spot) came racing up from behind them, and drifted to a sideways stop, preventing them from backing up. A dark-green Hunter Civilian appeared out of Andersen, sealing the gap between the V16 Revenge and the Oval Champ. And finally, a golden Krieger Racing WTR slowly rolled out from behind the Thunder Custom and completed the roadblock.

Akula's Ikusa GT and Twilight's Cavalry were trapped.

A deep, gravely voice spoke into Twilight's CB. Princess Twilight. Such an honor it is to finally meet you. Get out of the car and we can talk.

Twilight just sat there, confused and worried. She didn't want to get out, but something inside of her told her to get out and see what these people wanted. After a few seconds of silence, Twilight turned to Spike and told him, "Stay here, Spike. Don't get out, no matter what happens,"

"But, Twi..." Spike started to protest, but Twilight cut him off.

"No, Spike. Stay here! Trust me,"

Spike, after silently hesitating for a bit, bowed his head in defeat and said, "Okay, Twilight. But promise me you'll me safe!"

Twilight gave him a loving smile, unclipped her seat-belt and stated, "I promise," She then opened her door and stepped out, closing the door after her and locking the car.

Twilight stepped towards the front of her Cavalry, her horn crackling with magic, in case she came under attack. "Ok, I'm out! Now, WHO ARE YOU??????!!!!!!" She demanded in her Royal Canterlot Voice.

She got no response from the drivers of the cars in front of her, until the driver of the WTR lifted himself out of the F1 car's cockpit, and once he was out, started to walk towards Twilight. He appeared to be a male ram covered completely in a yellow-coloured racing suit and matching helmet that hid his identity. The only thing that wasn't covered, was a pair of massive horns coming out of the ram's head.

Then, the ram took off his helmet, and revealed himself. "My name is Grogar. It is very nice to meet you at last, Princess Twilight Sparkle. My friends here would love to see you again," Grogar said, waving his hoof to the Thunder Custom and the Oval Racing Champ blocking the road. Then, the driver-side door of the Thunder Custom opened, and a very familiar voice spoke. "Well, well, well! If it isn't Twilight Sparkle!"

Twilight gasped at the voice, for it was a voice she knew well, yet hated more than anything. Then, from behind the open door of the Carson, out stepped a familiar red centaur.

Lord Tirek!

Twilight, upon seeing Tirek, started focusing her magic, her horn starting to crackle with energy. But as she was ready to release her magic at the evil centaur, she heard a loud thump coming from behind her. She lost her focus and turned to look behind her...

...and saw Cozy Glow standing on the bonnet of her Cavalry!

"Do my eyes deceive me, or is that Twilight Sparkle? The pathetic Princess responsible for by banishment?" Cozy remarked, giving Twilight a psychotic smile. Twilight just tried to back away, before she heard another familiar voice.

"No, your eyes don't deceive you. That means I can finally get what I want," It said, and then scoffed a laugh. Twilight knew that voice, turned and saw King Sombra climbing out the side window of the Oval Champ.

Twilight's gaze constantly shifted between each of the villains, as she was surrounded by the beings that wanted her dead more than anything else (well, apart from ruling Equestria). As she slowly backed towards Akula's Ikusa GT, she was picked up by a green aura and thrown towards the Citizen like Smarty Pants. She hit the side door of the Citizen, leaving a Twilight-sized dent in the door. Although the impact of Twilight being thrown into the door didn't knock her out, it did badly injure her, and she groaned in pain, trying to get on her hooves. The green aura surrounded her again, and Twilight was picked up and slammed onto the hood of the Citizen. Twilight's head jerked backward upon impact, and when she looked back down...

...She came face-to-face with Queen Chrysalis. And her face was a mask of rage.

"YOU!!!!!!" The former Changeling Queen hissed at the Princess of Friendship, "You have quite a lot of nerve showing your face in our territory! Especially after what you pulled! Now, I will take your love, and once I've fully drained you of ALL of your love and energy, I will turn your beloved Spike into my personal breeding slave!" She hissed again in Twilight's face before lighting her horn up and starting to make a slurping noise, and Twilight started to feel drained as she saw a bright pink aura leave her mouth and float towards Chrysalis and enter her mouth.

Chrysalis was draining Twilight of her love!

"No... no..." Twilight struggled to say, feeling her energy leave her. It seemed like Chrysalis was going to drain her of all her love, just like she had said earlier. But then...

...came the sound of a gun's slide being racked. And then, came the voice.

"I'm not going to let you do that. Put Twilight down, my sweet,"

Chrysalis stopped feeding on Twi's love to turn around...

...and see Akula had gotten out of his car, and was now aiming a gold-plated M1911 at her head!

Chrysalis backed away from Twilight, allowing the alicorn to regain her energy. Akula jerked his head towards Grogar, Tirek and Sombra, telling her to move to them. Chrysalis, in no position to argue or fight back, just nodded and walked away. This allowed Akula to walk to Twilight, pick her up and carry her on his back.

He turned his attention back to the villains. "Okay, this is what's going to happen. You are going to get back into your cars, drive away and leave us alone!" He ordered.

Grogar just stood there for a few seconds, before finally saying, "Fine. But you'd better stay out of our way, or we won't be the only ones you'll want to avoid," He then motioned to the others to get back in their cars, which they followed. Akula kept his gun up as the villains started up their cars and roared back down Andersen Street, but not before Cozy rolled up to Akula and Twilight, rolled down her window and said, "Enjoy you life, Princess!"

Once he was sure the villains were gone, Akula holstered his M1911, lifted Twilight off of his back and asked, "Are you alright, Twilight? Can you walk?"

"Yes... I can walk... I'm... ok," Twilight replied in between breaths. She took a moment so she could level out her breathing, and then asked, "What are the villains doing here?"

Akula just let out a sigh. "I honestly don't know. But it can't be good," He replied, staring off into the distance. "Let's go, before they come back," He started to walk back to his Ikusa, and Twilight did the same, going to her Cavalry.

Once Twilight had gotten back into her Cavalry, Spike asked her if she was alright. "Yeah, I'm fine Spike. Thanks for asking," She replied, smiling at him.

"Geez, Twilight. What are they doing here? And what do they want and why?" Spike asked, concerned.

"I don't know, Spike. But something tells me that I might not want to know the answer," Twi replied, starting up the car. Next to them, the Ikusa GT roared to life and took off, up Angus Wharf. Twilight put her hoof down on the gas, and raced after him.

Author's Note:

I'll admit it, this is not my best chapter. But I just wanted to get it out of the way! Hope you are ok with this chapter, apologies if it looks rushed!

Paint Schemes:

Grogar's Racing WTR: Gold paint
Tirek's Thunder Custom: Finish 2, mettalic maroon
Cozy's 26 V16 Revenge: Finish 2, metallic pink
Chrysalis's Civilian: Finish 2, gloss light green
Sombra's Racing Oval Champ: Finish 2, metallic black

Now that the plot has taken off...

...Get ready to be the Marked Mare! :rainbowdetermined2: