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Burnout Equestrian Paradise - Akula966

When Equestrians start turning up in Paradise City, the only logical thing for them to do is... well, race.

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Her first race: Stealing 1st

East Crawford Drive Junkyard
Paradise City

"I'm sorry, but you can't leave,"

Twilight and the Elements turned to where the voice had come from, and their jaws involuntarily dropped.

They hadn't heard him come into the Junkyard.

There, having earlier slid to a sideways stop, was a dark-black Nakamura Ikusa GT JDM Import. And sitting on it's hood, was an unreformed changeling with red eyes, red wings, red shell, bloodied hooves and fangs and a Cutie Mark of the Soviet Air Force Roundel on his flank. He was staring at Twilight with a dead gaze, and shook his head.

But he wasn't alone.

More cars had parked near him, in a way that symbolized they were a group. Those cars were a blue-red-and-green Kitano Touge Sport race car, a black/blue-and-silver Krieger 616 Arachno Sport super car, a green-and-blue Kitano Hydros Techno coupe, a black Krieger Pioneer Super Gator SUV, a pink-and-silver Hunter Vegas Carnivale low-rider and one other car that Twilight recognized...

...A silver Carson Inferno Van. The exact same one that had so ruthlessly sent her and Dash's P12 into a wall just a few minutes ago!

Once Twilight identified the van, she heard a deep voice speaking, and it was coming from behind the Ikusa GT. Then, he came into Twilight's view.

He was a male adult griffon, covered in white from the tip of the feathers on his head to the tip of his tail. And he was very well built. And he was chatting to an unseen person, talking in a deep voice. "...So, I was just heading down Harber, as you do, then I see this dumbass blocking the whole road! Naturally, I decided to teach that idiot some road sense and I plowed through his P12! Sent it right into a concrete wall! I was exploding with laughter, that the driver of that Jansen was thinking that he could stop me!"

Then, the person that the griffon was talking to came into Twilight's view, from behind the Ikusa GT. Walking beside the white griffon, was a tall and thin black dragon who, just like the griffon, was coloured all over in his natural colour. He had a grey left eye and a red right eye, and in his left hand, he held a cigarette lighter. Twilight wondered why he needed the lighter, but shook that though away when she saw that the dragon had an unlit cigarette in his mouth.

"Wait, hold on a sec, big guy," The dragon replied in a deep but quiet voice, taking a second to light his cigarette, "What did this P12 look like?"

When the dragon said that, Twilight swore she saw him glace at Rainbow's Jansen.

"Well, then," The griffon said, scratching the underside of his beak, "It was blue, as in cyan blue. Gold highlights. I recognize it from somewhere... Oh, yeah! That speedy pegasus drives it! You know the one who is coloured the same colour as her car and has the rainbow mane-do. What was her name? It was... Umm, it was..." But while the griffon trailed off into thought, the dragon glanced again at Dash's car, and then smirked.

That's when the griffon came back from his thinking session, and exclaimed, "Rainbow Dash! Yeah, that was her name!" He then turned to the dragon, and saw his smirk, "What are you smirking at?" The dragon replied by pointing at something. The griffon turned to where he was pointing...

...and spotted Rainbow Dash standing by her P12.

Instantly, the griffon's eyes grew wide and his jaw hit the dusty floor. He felt absolutely stupid, saying that he was the one who wrecked Dash just a few minutes ago within earshot of her.

The black dragon touched on this, by whispering into the griffon's ear, I bet you're feeling stupid now, huh?

"That's enough, you two!" The bloody changeling snapped at the griffon and dragon, shooting them a glare. He then turned back to Twilight, hopped of the hood of his car and walked up to Twilight. "I'm sorry about the way Tank and Ghost are behaving. We're always like this. Permit me to introduce myself," He then kneeled at Twilight's hooves, "My name is Akula. I'm the leader of this group, who are also my friends. It's nice to meet you," He then took Twilight's hoof and gently kissed it, showing that he could be trusted.

Twilight blushed at the feeling of the changeling's lips on her hoof. "Oh! I never would've taken you as a gentlecolt! I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle, by the way,"

Akula then looked up at Twilight, and flashed her a smile. "There's no need for you to introduce yourself. I know who you are. And I do have my moments," He joked, prompting a giggle from Twi.

"Kiss ass," The dragon silently remarked, taking a drag of his cigarette and exhaling the smoke.

But Akula had heard what the dragon said, and said back to him, "I heard that," The dragon turned away from the changeling, taking another drag of his cigarette, with the expression of 'Nothing to see here' written all over his face.

Akula turned back to Twilight, and pointed a bloody hoof to the dragon and griffon. "This is Ghost and Tank. Ghost is the black dragon on the left, smoking the cigarette. And Tank is the white griffon on the right, who's looking like an idiot,"

"HEY!!!!" Tank shouted at Akula, upon hearing what Akula had said about him.

"There are others with me you know," Akula mentioned, then turned towards the gathering of cars and called out, "Come on, no need to be shy, guys. Come out and introduce yourselves," Then, on cue, others began appearing from behind the Ikusa GT.

Akula then started to introduce them, "That's Striker, the alicorn on top of his Kitano," Akula started, pointing to a blue-with-red-camo alicorn colt with an emerald pinwheel Cutie Mark, standing on top of the Touge Sport, trying to look like a mighty hero, "Then, there's Strict Thunder, the one gazing at Striker," He then pointed to a white-with-black-spotted unicorn stallion with a storm cloud Cutie Mark, gazing at Striker as if he was in a trance, "Then, there's Druid, the one sitting on the hood of the green and blue car," He pointed to another unreformed changeling, but his eyes, wings and shell were purple instead, "And finally, there's Ko Ko-Puff, the one on the roof of my car," He then pointed to what looked like a dragon-pony hybrid, one with a pony's body with dragon wings, multi-coloured spines running down her back, a multi-coloured dragon tummy running down her belly to the tip of her dragon tail. Even her eyes were one-of-a-kind, as her irises were colour wheels, had a pair of golden horns coming out of her head and had golden claws coming out of her hooves. Her Cutie Mark was a golden ying-yang. He was looking down on Twilight on her friends, before she gave them an adorable toothy smile, and made a cute sound.

After he had introduced his friends, he then turned back to Twilight, and spoke again. "As I was saying earlier, you can't leave..."

Twilight was about to ask why, when Akula then stated, "...Unless you have one of these." The changeling then pulled out a small card, that had his name and a portrait of him on it.

Twilight examined the card very closely, and for quite a bit, when she then asked, "What is this?"

"This is a Burnout Driver's Licence. And only the best drivers in Paradise City have them. Once earned, instructions of how to cast the same portal that you went through will be seared into your mind, allowing you to travel to here and Equestria as much as you please. But until you get a Burnout Licence, you won't be able to leave," The changeling explained.

Twilight couldn't believe she was being told. She didn't want to believe that the only way that she could leave this crazy place and go home was if she somehow earns a little card made of plastic, but judging by how Akula had gotten his 'Burnout Licence' already, she figured that maybe, just maybe, he could give her some advice on how to earn her own.

After letting out a deep breath, Twilight finally summoned up the courage to tell Akula, "Alright. If it's the only way to get home, I'll drive. But only if Spike comes with me!"

Akula just shugged and said, "I have no objections if you travel as a pair. Hell, I know of some of the others here that are traveling as pairs," As Akula said this, Spike rushed over to Twilight's side and hugged one of her legs, happy that they don't have to travel separately.

"Great! But how do I get my own Burnout Licence?" Twilight then asked, but all she got in response was Akula laughing.

But after a few minutes, Akula stopped laughing and said, "Twilight, you've got a long way to go before you can earn a Burnout Licence. All newcomers to Paradise City have to start with a Learner's Permit. But since I knew you were coming, I went ahead and got one for you," He then turned to the alicorn on top of the Touge Sport, and asked him, "Corporal, what have you done with Twilight's permit?"

"I have it right here!" Striker called back to him, holding up another plastic card.

"Toss it over," Akula told him. Striker then tossed the card to him, and the changeling caught it the red aura of his magic. Akula levitated the card to Twilight, so she could see. The green-and-white card was a little bent, but it had her full name written on it perfectly. But then, she saw her portrait and she gasped. It was a photo of her when she had gone crazy when she couldn't write a friendship report to Celestia and had decided to make one instead.

Twilight blushed a deep shade of red, clearly embarrassed. And Akula noticed this. "I'm sorry about the photo. It was the only one we had. You're not too upset, are you?" He asked in a caring tone.

"No, it's fine," Twilight replied.

Akula gave Twilight a faint smile, and then called out, "Ko Ko!"

The dragon-pony on top of Akula's Nakamura perked her ears up upon hearing Akula call her name out, before she jumped off and landed right at Akula's side. "YES?" She asked, looking as if she was Pinkie Pie.

"What do you say you show Twilight here the ropes of how we do things here?" Akula then stated.

"Okie-dokie-lokie!" Ko Ko exclaimed. She then ran over to Twilight and started dragging her by the front hooves towards the beaten-up Cavalry. "Come on, Princess! Time to teach you how to drive!"

"Ko Ko," Akula said, getting the dragon-pony's attention, "I'll teach her how to drive. You just show her around."

"OHHHH!" Ko Ko realised, running to her Vegas Carnivale and getting in.

Akula turned to Tank and said, "Tank, can you give her a tow? Just underneath the building,"

Tank then scoffed a laugh and said, "Do you even have to ask?" He then walked back to his Inferno Van, got in and started it up. As Tank was starting his van, Akula walked Twilight and Spike to their Cavalry. He opened the driver-side door, and even though the car was beat up, the door opened with ease. And when Twilight saw the interior, she was surprised. Although the car was a wreck, the interior was, surprisingly, very clean. There was no hints of any dust, the seats weren't torn in any way and nothing was out of place or broken.

Wow. Rarity has really outdone herself this time!, Twilight thought, amazed at the cleanliness of the interior. And she got in, and Spike hopped over the gearstick to get to the passenger seat.

Akula then shut the door after them, but he wound down the window before he did, so he could lean in.

"Ok, Twilight. Let me show you how to drive. Down here are your three pedals. The tall, thin one on the right is the accelerator. It's the one that makes you go forward. The more you press it down, the faster you'll go. The short, wide one in the middle is the brake pedal. If you need to slow down a bit, press on it, as you do with the accelerator. The more you press the brake down, the quicker you'll slow down. And the square-shaped one on the left is the clutch. I'll get to that in a bit. Now, the big wheel in front of you is the steering wheel. It's what you use to turn the car. Just put your hooves here and here," Akula explained, tapping two separate points on the wheel. Twilight raised her front hooves, and placed them on the indicated locations on the wheel, "Just turn the wheel in the direction you want to go, and the more you turn it, the quicker you'll do so. If you look at the little rectangle behind the wheel, on the dash, you'll see your speedometer and your tachometer. The one on the left is the tachometer. It displays the engines current RPM, or revs per minute, meaning how many times the engine revs every minute. I'll get to that in a bit as well. The one on the right is the speedometer. It shows you how fast you are going, in miles per hour, meaning how many miles you'll cover every hour. The bigger the number, the faster you are going. The little bar below them is the boost meter. It shows you how much boost you have. More on that in a bit. Now here's an important part, shifting gears. See the stick to your right? That's the shifter. It's what shifts the gears up or down. To shift up a gear, you snap it backwards. To shift down, you snap it forwards. To change gear, first you come off the throttle, then you press down on the clutch. With your hoof on the clutch, snap the shifter in the desired direction, to change the gears up or down, as I mentioned earlier. Once the gear is shifted, immediately get off the clutch and back onto the accelerator, although there are times were you won't need to. Also, when holding down the clutch to shift gears, you CAN keep your hoof down on the brakes while shifting gears. But when do you change gears? Well, if you look at you tachometer, you'll see a red line on the right side of it. See the high point where the red runs out?" Twilight nodded, "That's the appropriate point to shift up. The appropriate point to shift down is the space between the 1 and the 2 on the tachometer. Finally, the boost. The red button on your wheel is what activates your boost, and boosting gives you a sudden burst of speed. It's vital to win events. The boost bar I showed you earlier is also vital, as if the bar is empty, you can't boost. If you are out of boost, don't panic! There are plenty of ways to refill you boost bar. Oh, and one last thing. All of the cars in Paradise City are classed by what boost type it has. The Cavalry has Stunt class boost, or green-coloured boost. You'll learn more as you go along. And there's the basics for you. Ko Ko will take over from now. I'll see you later," Akula concluded.

"Wow," Twilight breathed out, "That's a lot to remember!"

"I know," Akula replied, "It does seem like a lot, but once you start driving, everything I just explained will fall into place," He then started to leave.

"Wait!" Twilight called out, causing Akula to stop and turn his head back to Twilight, "What's with the red colour? And all the blood? And the Cutie Mark? I've never seen a changeling like you before. Are you unique among your kind?" She asked.

Akula just gazed at her for a few moments, then he began to smile. "I've only got a three word response, as its been a while since somepony asked me that," Twilight saw his lips curl up a bit before she got her answer...

"I'm half-demon,"

Akula then turned away from Twilight and walked back to his Ikusa GT. Then, Twilight and Spike were pushed back into their seats as the Cavalry jolted forward, being towed by Tank's Inferno Van! While Akula was teaching Twilight how to drive the Cavalry, Tank had hooked a tow-cable attached to the back of his Van to the grille of the Cavalry and had started to tow it towards the gate. Once through the gate, Tank led the Cavalry underneath the building and stopped. Twilight then hit her brakes to prevent her from running into the back of the Van when it came to a stop. Once the lavender muscle car had stopped, Tank released the Cavalry from the cable, reeled the line back in and drove off.

Twilight just sat there, unsure about what to do next, when a cheery voice came in over a CB Radio mounted in her car. Hiya, Twilight and adorable little Spikey! It's me! Ko Ko! I'm in the Carnivale, just ahead of ya! Twilight looked up, and saw Ko Ko's silver-and-pink Vegas Carnivale, stock still in the parking area just in front of her, revving the medium-block V8 engine under its hood.

Twilight grabbed the CB Radio's microphone, held down the button and replied, "Oh. Hi, Ko Ko. Akula told me you'll show me a few more things I need to know. Care to show?"

There was a few seconds of silence, when Ko Ko let out a huge gasp and replied, Of course! First, you car does look a little beat-up, so it'd be a good idea to find an Auto-Repair shop and get it fixed before you get into any serious action. I've marked the nearest one on your dashboard map. It's just around the corner, on Angus Wharf. Just follow me, and I'll lead ya! Before Twilight could reply, Ko Ko started speaking again, Okie-dokie, let's just check you car still starts.

"Wait!" Spike interrupted, grabbing the microphone, "You're telling us that this car might not start, and that we might be stranded?!"

Yep. Ko Ko replied.

"Has a car never started up before here?" Spike asked.

Nope. Not for as long as we've been here. But it might happen! Ko Ko replied, Now, just take you key, insert it into the ignition behind the steering wheel, turn it 45 degrees and hold down the accelerator! Twilight started searching for this key that Puff spoke of, but she couldn't find any sort of key. Before Twilight could ask where it was, Ko Ko came in again, Can't find the key, can ya? Pinkie told me she left the key on the dashboard.

So, Twilight looked on the dash, and found it.

A little silver key, shining in the sunlight. Twilight grabbed it, and searched for the ignition. She found it, stuck the key in and turned it, to precisely 45o. Once the key was turned to the correct angle, the engine of the Hunter started to cough and sputter. Remembering Puff's instructions, Twilight put her hoof down, and the engine started to make a continuous ck-ck-ck sound. Twilight released the throttle and stopped turning the key, and the Cavalry didn't start.

So she tried again, but with similar results.

Twilight and Spike's hearts sank. Had her friends given them a dead car?

Twilight was about to give up when another voice, this one was almost identical to Pharynx's voice but younger and a lot more cocky, came over the radio, You're not holding it long enough! Twilight assumed that the voice belonged to the other changeling of Akula's group, Druid.

It did.

When you turn the key and hold down the throttle, you need to hold it for about three seconds for the car to start. Otherwise, it won't. Druid explained. Twilight then decided to use this knowledge, turned the key and held down the throttle...

...One, one thousand
Two, one thousand

...and then, the V8 engine of the Cavalry roared to life! Spike yelped at the sudden noise, but Twilight didn't flinch, as she was starting to get used to the noise. Druid came in over the CB again, There you go! Remember, hold for 3 seconds to start the engine. It's the same with every car! Now, I'm done wasting my time on you! Later!

Sweets! Now, remember what Akula taught you earlier... And follow me! Ko Ko then announced, slamming on the throttle of her Carnivale. The silver low-rider jumped forward, and then turned to the left, disappearing from Twilight's view.

Twilight let out a deep breath and turned to Spike. "Ok, Spike. You ready?" She asked the baby drake.

"I... guess so," Spike replied, with a bit of hesitation. Twilight then turned her gaze to the front, and planted her hoof on the throttle. The Hunter roared and jumped forward, quickly picking up speed. Twilight saw Ko Ko's Carnivale to her left, racing up Angus Wharf. Twilight flicked the wheel left to follow the dragon-pony. The Cavalry responded by going into a wide left turn, onto Angus Wharf, and Twilight accelerated, chasing after Ko Ko.

Ko Ko looked in her rear-view mirror, and saw Twilight's lavender Cavalry approaching fast. She flashed a smile, and hit her boost button and immediately released it. For a few seconds, bright green flames erupted from the Carnivale's exhausts before dissipating. But the quick burst of boost did the trick, as the lavender Cavalry stopped gaining on the silver-and-pink Carnivale, but it wasn't falling behind either. Ko Ko had somehow accurately calculated Twilight's speed, and then expertly matched it!

The Carnivale raced around a right-hand bend, Twilight in hot pursuit. Twilight followed Ko Ko around the bend, then a red-and-yellow drive-thru building on the side of the road came into Twilight's view. And stopped right next to it, was Ko Ko's Carnivale.

Puff came in over Twilight's CB again, There's the Auto-Repair! Drive through it and see what happens! Twilight gunned it, making a bee-line for the Auto-Repair building. Twilight slammed her hoof down on the throttle as the Cavalry raced through the drive-thru...

...But Twilight and Spike didn't see anything happen. That's when Ko Ko spoke again, Great!!! Look at the outside of your car! It looks soooooo much better! But before Twilight or Spike could ask what she meant by 'It looks soooooo much better', they both looked at the outside of their cars...

...and saw that their Hunter was in perfect condition! Gone was the bent up front, scratched windows and deformed roof. Now, the hood was perfectly straight and no longer crumpled up. The scratches on the windows had gone. And the roof was now free of dents. Amazed, Twilight coaxed the muscle car to a stop and wound down both windows, so Spike and herself could see what else had changed. When they leaned out of the windows, they saw that the scratched lavender paint was now free of scratched and looked as if the car had been polished night and day, as the paint was shining in the sun.

In short, Twilight's Cavalry looked as if it had just rolled out of the Hunter showroom.

After Twilight and Spike had finished gazing at their shiny Cavalry, Ko Ko spoke again, Looks good, huh? When you drive a beaten-up car through a Auto-Repair, your car gets repaired back to full health! Also, it gets rid of any nasty scratches, dents and window cracks on your car, making it look shiny and new! Auto-Repairs are vital for winning Road Rage and Marked Mare events! Also, when you take a wreck through an Auto-Repair for the very first time, you'll get the location of the car's Burning Route, if you haven't found it yet. Pretty neat, right? After stopping to catch her breath, Ko Ko continued, Well, as far as I can see, you appear to be ready for your first Race! Follow me to the starting location! And with that, Ko Ko slammed her hoof down on the throttle and sped past Twilight, before taking a right onto Watt Street. Twilight clipped herself back into her seatbelt, and gunned it. The Cavalry leaped forward, chasing after the dragon-pony's low-rider. In fact, she was so focused in chasing after Puff, that she started to perform gear shifts without her realizing.

It was just like Akula said. Everything was falling into place for Twilight. And she was loving it, even Spike was starting to warm up to this style of dangerous driving. His terrified cries became excited ones, and he was even asking Twilight to go faster.

Twilight didn't disappoint, and she gunned the throttle even more. The V8 engine of the Cavalry roared louder, and the car increased its speed. Twi then snapped the wheel to the right, turning the big muscle car onto Watt, and raced down the small street, coming up on the end.

For the Princess of Friendship and her assistant, the sudden adrenaline rush was the best feeling ever.

7th & Webster Intersection
Starting location of Stealing 1st

The group of 7 cars were lined up across the street, engine idle, waiting for somepony to show up. On occasion, some of them would rev their engines to prevent them from automatically shutting off.

Sitting at the wheel of his Ikusa GT, Akula was sitting quietly, patiently waiting for... well, whoever he was waiting for.

Druid's voice came over his CB. Okay, AK! Everypony's here! What are we waiting for?! Let's go!

Akula picked up his CB's microphone and replied, Not everyony, Druid! Be patient! She's coming! Ko Ko says she'll be here any second now.

Well, if she doesn't get here soon, I'm starting without you! Druid impatiently snapped back.

Akula just put his CB microphone away, and though to himself, Patience has never been one of your strongpoints, Druid, and it never will be.

Then, as if on cue, there came a squealing of tires. Akula looked in his rear-view mirror...

...when a split-second later, Twilight's lavender Cavalry exited out of the street a few meters behind them, almost completely sideways, smoke erupting from the muscle car's back tires. Twilight was experimenting with using the brakes while cornering, resulting in a huge sideways powerslide.

Akula gave a faint smile, as the Cavalry straightened out and slowed down, pulling into a space in Akula's line of friends. Twilight coaxed the car to another stop, pulling into a space, with Akula on the right of her and Ko Ko on her left.

When the Cavalry had come to a complete stop, Akula's voice spoke through the radio. Looks like you're starting to get into the hang of things, Twi. How's it feel to be driving a powerful car at speed?

Twilight grabbed her CB's microphone and shouted into it with excitement, "THAT WAS AMAZING! I'VE NEVER FELT SO ALIVE!!!!!"

Another, younger voice replied to Twilight's little outburst. I heard that! I had the exact same feeling you're feeling right now when I started driving my Touge Sport for the first time! Feels good, doesn't it? Twilight assumed that the voice belonged to the alicorn colt Akula introduced as Striker.

Druid then piped up, Okay, okay! We're all feeling the same way as each other! It is a good feeling! CAN WE GET TO THE RACING NOW???!!!!!

Well, now that everypony's here, let's get started! Akula stated, revving the Ikusa GT's engine.

Another voice came in over Twilight's radio, this one heavily accented, Ok, Twilight. Ko Ko here says zat you have gotten ze hang of your car, ja? Vell, let's see how vell you fare against us! Twilight assumed that this voice belonged to the spotted unicorn Akula introduced as Strict Thunder.

Ghost spoke to Twilight next, Twilight, you ready to race? Spin your wheels when you're ready. To spin your wheels, just hold down the gas and the brake at the same time. Your rear wheels should start to spin. Twilight looked down at her pedals, and pressed her hooves down on the accelerator and the brake. Sure enough, the Cavalry's back wheels started to spin, creating a lot of tire smoke. Twilight then noticed that the others started doing the same thing.

Once all of the cars had their wheels spinning, they all unexpectedly stopped. Then, all the others started revving their engines, so Twilight started doing the same. Then, a map appeared on the Cavalry's dashboard map. And DJ P0N3's voice spoke through her radio. This is a Race. You are here. Race South to the Wildcats Baseball Stadium! First to the finish gets a mark on their licence! Go on the green light! Twilight looked up to the traffic light, which was red when it switched to yellow. The race was about to start.

"Here we go, Spike. You ready for this?" Twilight asked Spike, keeping her gaze focused forward.

Spike just chuckled at the alicorn's question, and simply replied, "I was born ready, Twilight!" And with that statement, the lights went green, and the race began.

Striker's Touge Sport shot immediately shot off the line and into the lead, with Akula's Ikusa GT and Strict's Arachno Sport close behind. Behind them was Druid's Hydros and then Twilight, with Ko Ko behind her and Ghost and Tank bringing up the rear. Twilight gawked in amazement at the speed the Touge Sport had launched off the line.

But she had no time to keep gawking, as Ko Ko was hammering on her tail, looking for a way to get past. The dragon-pony in the Vegas Carnivale almost passed her on the right, and she would've gotten past too, had Spike not alerted Twilight to the dragon-pony's presence.

Twilight snapped out of her little gawking session, as Spike was frantically yelling at her to 'block the crazy Ko Ko passing them on the right!' The Princess of Friendship glanced to the right, and saw Ko Ko's silver and pink Vegas Carnivale trying to sneak past them on the right! Acting on instinct, Twilight snapped the wheel right, causing the Cavalry to snap to the right and cut in front of Ko Ko. But Ko Ko kept at it, and moved over more to the right, trying to get past. But Twilight kept moving to the right, forcing Puff more to the right.

But then, as Ko Ko made to pass Twilight on the right again, she spotted a line of parked cars right in front of her! Immediately, Ko Ko threw the wheel right, and her Carnivale responded smartly, swerving onto the pavement, moments before it would have hit the first car in the line. But the sudden swerve had caused her to lose speed and she started falling behind.

Upon seeing Ko Ko swerve to avoid the line of parked cars and start to leave her vision, she let out a deep breath and turned back to Spike. "Thanks, Spike. Don't know what I'd do without you!"

The baby drake just blushed with a smile, and said, "Aww, thanks Twilight! Now, let's win this race!" And with that, Twilight stomped on the gas, chasing after the Hydros Techno ahead of her.

Meanwhile, just ahead...
Webster Avenue

As Twilight attempted to catch Druid and as Ghost and Tank battled it out for staying out of last, Striker was busy weaving his way through Webster Avenue's traffic, all the while trying to fend of a relentless assault by Akula to take the colt's lead. Akula was an literal demon when it came to overtakes. He would wear his opponent down with fake passing attempts, and once his opponent was tired as hell, he would easily power by them.

But trying to pass Striker was a different thing altogether.

The alicorn colt wasn't planning on letting go of his lead, and given the fact that he was an alicorn, he had pretty much the same level of stamina as Akula. What this meant was Akula just couldn't get past the colt. No matter how hard he tried.

Then, the two cars got to the first of Webster's many huge junctions (namely, Webster & 4th Street). A car was held up at the lights, taking up the middle lane. As Striker and Akula approached the junction, Striker took the left lane and Akula tried, once again, to pass him via the middle lane. However, when the two hit the junction, Akula swung wide to avoid crashing into the stopped car, allowing Striker to pull away.

But it also allowed another thing to happen.

When Akula swung wide to avoid the car, Strict Thunder, who was just behind the two, looking for an opening, saw Akula's swerve had left the door wide open for him. So Strict hit his boost, and raced through the huge gap that Akula had left and took second place from the demon. Strict was pleased with himself, having moved up to second. But that feeling wasn't going to last.

Akula wasn't having any of the unicorn's cheeky little passing maneuver, hit his boost and charged after Strict. And despite the Arachno Sport being quite a bit faster than his Ikusa GT, he caught the unicorn within seconds and clipped his bumper. The Krieger jolted and suddenly flicked to the left, going nose-first into the concrete split. The nose of the 616 crumpled and was brought to a complete stop. The crumpled wreckage of the 616 blocked the entire left lane, meaning that all the others behind Striker and Akula will have to avoid the wreckage when they got to it.

Meawhile, just behind the incident location, Twilight had managed to catch Druid's Hydros Techno. But she couldn't get past. The changeling was blocking her every attempt to get past. And to make matters worse, Ko Ko had recovered from her little overtaking mistake, and was now looking for an opportunity to get past. If Twilight didn't lose Ko Ko and get past Druid as soon as possible, she would be overwhelmed.

But relief was soon to hit her.

The three raced onto the same way lanes at the start of the split, Druid and Ko Ko in the left lane and Twilight in the middle. They then passed through the first intersection, and Ko Ko started to edge past Twilight's Cavalry. Then came upon something that shouldn't be there. The crumpled wreckage of Strict's 616 Arachno Sport, blocking the entire left lane.

Druid and Ko Ko's lane.

What happened next, felt like everything had slowed down for Twilight and Spike. Ko Ko, upon seeing the wreckage of Strict's car, immediately slammed on her brakes, as she had nowhere to move, and her Carnivale wouldn't be able to shove the heavier Cavalry of of the way fast enough. And while Ko Ko rapidly slowed down, Druid swerved onto the pavement, cutting right in front of Twilight and narrowly avoiding a stopped car in the right lane. But as Druid swerved around the stopped car, he found himself going head first to the side of a van crossing the intersection from the West side, with no room to move.

The Kitano crashed into the side of the van, creating a big dent in the side of the van and crumpling the front-end of the car. The wrecked Hydros then flipped, rear-end first, over the top of the van and started rolling before the wrecked car rolled into a concrete wall and stopped.

The sudden braking of Ko Ko and the wrecking of Druid did two things. First, it left three drivers with no chance to win. And second, it put Twilight, Striker and Akula well clear of the others.

The final stage of Twilight's very first race, winner-take-all, had now become a three-pony race.

Both Twilight and Spike realized this, and Spike turned to the alicorn princess and simply said, "Go get 'em, Twi!" Twilight didn't reply. She just moved one of her hooves to the boost button on her steering wheel and pressed it...

Twilight's and Spike's vision blurred as the Cavalry's boost activated. Bright green flames erupted from the Cavalry's exhausts and both the alicorn and baby drake were pushed back into their leather seats. Quickly, they raced down Webster Ave, quickly gaining on Striker and Akula. But she was gaining too quickly. And she boost shunted the blue Touge Sport with massive force.

The huge impact of the lavender Cavalry shunting Striker's Touge Sport sent the alicorn colt into a spin. Striker's face started looking a bit green as he gripped his wheel, trying to get out of the spin. Twilight just kept accelerating, when she saw her passing a black blur. Instantly, she realized what had happened. She had just overtaken Akula's Ikusa and had taken the lead. Her hoof punched into the sky in triumph. But Spike then warned, "Okay! Enough celebrating! Akula's gaining on us!"

Hearing Spike's warning, she put on a determined face and thought to herself, I can win this. Just stay focused!

Akula couldn't believe his red eyes. He just saw Twilight blast right by him, and take out Striker in the process. The half-changeling just stared at the lavender Cavalry with confusion. How did it do that, with its low boost rating? He though to himself, before regaining focus and hitting his boost.

He quickly gained on the heavier, slower Cavalry. Soon enough, he had managed to pull alongside the Hunter. And then he saw her. Twilight was focused dead-ahead of her, with a determined expression written all over her face. Akula just looked at her, with a dead gaze. He looked back in front of him... and the red banner that was the finishing point came into view.

He looked back at Twilight, started at her for a few seconds then did something unexpected.

He eased his hoof off the accelerator.

Instantly, the Ikusa GT lost its speed and slowed down, allowing Twilight to pull away. Then, Twilight's Cavalry raced under the red banner and came to a stop.

Twilight didn't believe it.

Spike didn't believe it.

Twilight had won, yes won, her first race!

Akula cruised past the banner, easily taking second. He pulled to a stop, and he saw Twilight's lavender Cavalry doing donuts just ahead of him, celebrating her victory. Akula didn't know, but Twi was screaming out "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in triumph. Spike was whooping it up, too.

After a few seconds of donuts, Twilight stopped the car. Akula's voice spoke through her radio. Well done. I knew you had it in you.

Within moments, the others started crossing the line; Striker managing to recover from his spin and hold onto third, leaving Druid to take fourth. Strict came next, in fifth, followed by Ko Ko in sixth. And, fighting a battle that lasted the whole race, Ghost had managed to outlast Tank's assault and take seventh, leaving the 'Silver One' in last.

As all the others pulled up behind Akula, Strict's voice came in through the radio. What a race! Who won? In response, Twilight revved her engine. Vell done, Twi! I hope ve run into each other sometime again, ja? See ya' around, Twi! And with that, Strict stomped on the gas and blasted past Twilight, heading for Harber Street.

AK, we're going with Psycho down to the old Stock Car Track. Meet us there when you're done with Twi, ok? Druid said, before he and the others raced after the 616, leaving just Twi, Spike and Akula.

After a long period of silence, Akula then said, Guess it's just you and me. Let's go find some trouble. Akula then slammed on the gas, and threw the wheel to the right, sending the Ikusa GT into a 180o lateral skid and raced back up Webster, before passing under the banner and taking a right onto Angus Wharf. Twilight saw what Akula did, stomped on her throttle and raced after him.

Author's Note:

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Paint Schemes:

Akula's Ikusa GT: Finish 1, gloss black
Ko Ko's Vegas Carnivale: Finish 1, metallic silver
Ghost's Pioneer Super Gator: Finish 1, gloss black
Druid's Hydros Techno: Finish 1, gloss light green
Strict's 616 Arachno Sport: Finish 3, pearlescent black/blue
Tank's Inferno Van: Finish 1, metallic silver.
Striker's Touge Sport: Finish 1, metallic dark blue

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