• Published 7th Oct 2019
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Burnout Equestrian Paradise - Akula966

When Equestrians start turning up in Paradise City, the only logical thing for them to do is... well, race.

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Her first car: Hunter Cavalry

Harber Street
Paradise City

Dash drove down her P12 Eastward down Harber Street in the oncoming lane, narrowly passing cars, vans and taxis heading past it, with Spike still screaming in terror and Twilight frozen in fear from the earlier T-bone with the silver Inferno Van. Within seconds, the car had reached the end of the street, where it ventures of to the left, onto the 6-lane Webster Avenue and past the Wildcats Baseball Stadium. When Dash swung her Jansen wide around the curve and onto Webster, Twilight had snapped out of her frozen state to see them blasting down the huge avenue, but this time, on the correct side of the road.

"So, Dash. Uhm... Where are we headed?" Twi asked, trying to take her mind off how dangerously the Element of Loyalty was driving.

"We're heading to the Junkyard on East Crawford Drive," said Dash. "If you were paying attention during the chase, you would've seen us go right past it,"

"Oh," Twi replied, "Is that where the girls are?"

"Ding-ding-ding, we have a winner!” Dash answered, “You get a prize!"

"Ooooo! What is it?" Twi asked, excited.

Dash just turned to Twilight, smirked and answered, "You need your own car,"

"My own car?!" cried out Twilight.

"Yes," said Dash. "Your own car. Like this one, but probably not as good? You drive around in it..."

"Yeah, I know what a car is..." said the Alicorn, completely cutting off Dash. "It's just... I don't wanna... drive one..."

She was cut off when Dash yanked on the handbrake, sending the P12 into a drifting U-turn. The car slid around to the right, crashed through a line of yellow, chain-link fences that had a yellow sign that said 'PRIVATE PROPERTY KEEP OUT' on them, and drifted to a stop inside a huge parking lot. She put the car into park, avoided eye contact with both Twi and Spike and let out a deep, disappointed sigh.

"Then, and I'm sorry to say this but..." Dash then turned her gaze to the lavender Alicorn, "You won't be able to leave,"

"WHAT?!" Twilight and Spike cried out in unison, utterly shocked. "B-but why?!"

"Me and the others will explain it to both of you when we get to the Junkyard," Dash finished, starting the car back up (because if cars in Paradise City are left running for too long, they automatically turn off), the engine roaring to life again, and again, scared Twilight and Spike both half to death. It was gonna take a while before they would get used to that.

Dash slammed her hoof on the gas and the Jansen jumped forward, raced through the gap in the destroyed fence and turned right, back onto Webster, heading North again. She swerved left and continued following Webster Avenue, moments before the car would have raced up one of the on-ramps leading onto the I-88. After a few seconds, Dash came to a 3-way intersection. She turned the car to the right and then quickly to the lrft, onto East Crawford Drive. Then, Dash blasted past a T-junction and then, yanked on her e-brake again, throwing the P12 into another moving U-turn. This time, the car spun a full 180 degrees and came to a complete stop, parked on the kerb.

Once the car had stopped, Dash then pointed at something in front of her, and said, "We're here," Twi and Spike shifted their gazes towards where Dash's hoof was pointing. Then, it came into view.

On the side of the road, was an old, grey building with a faded yellow sign that read 'JUNKYARD' in black font. On top of the building were two neon signs, one was a red arrow lined with lights, pointing towards the building. The other was a white rectangle, with red lettering that read 'NEW WRECKS HERE' on it. But the building itself was peculiar, as the bottom floor was missing, except for the sides, which were the building's support beams. This allowed for some sort of drive-thru to be formed under the building.

After they examined the building for a short moment, Dash then hit the gas again, but this time gently, and the Jansen slowly rolled forward up onto the sidewalk and towards the drive-thru. After a few seconds of slowly crawling forward, Dash brought the Jansen to a stop underneath the building. She then put the Jansen into reverse, and backed up, heading towards a fence that led into a open area that appeared to contain four cars. But before Twilight could make-out the four ponies standing next to the cars, Dash started to reverse towards them, through the gate and into the open area.

After a few seconds of backing up, Dash stopped the car, killed the engine and jumped out. She signaled Twi and Spike to do the same and they did, shutting their door on the way out. Once out, Twilight then turned to Dash and said, "Alright Dash, were are they-" But she cut herself off...

...When she spotted her friends.

Applejack was working on the engine of her orange Carson Fastback muscle car. Rarity was polishing the bonnet of her white-and-red Carson & Bennett Grand Marais mobster car. Pinkie Pie was happily bounding around her bright-pink Montgomery Hyperion sports roadster. And Fluttershy was, of course, cowering behind her yellow-and-red Nakamura SI-7 sports car, upon hearing Dash's Jansen enter the Junkyard. They didn't notice Twilight or Spike get out of the Jansen and approach them until...

"Girls?" They heard somepony in Twilight's voice say. They all turned their heads, and saw Twilight and Spike standing right in front of Dash's parked P12.

There was a long period of silence, before all of the four Elements cried out, "TWILIGHT!!!!!" and then ran up to her and dog-piled on top of her, giving her a huge cuddle.

After a few minutes of snuggling, the others got off of Twilight and Rarity then said, "Oh, Twilight! How we've missed you! I hope you got through alright," She then turned to Spike, walked up to him and continued, "And I hope my little Spikey-Wikey is ok as well," She then gave the baby drake a peck on the cheek, and Spike then falls over, his cheeks blushing bright red with embarrassment.

Applejack then walked up to Rarity, pulled her back a bit, and said, "Ok, Rarity. Ah think AH shall do the explaining," She then turned back to Twilight, "Alright, sugarcube! Let me explain..."

Over the next half an hour, Applejack, with a little help from the others, explained what was going on, how they saw the portal had appeared near Town Hall, how they ran into the portal without her, and about what was going on at this 'Paradise City'.

But while the others were explaining, they never saw a huge group of cars pull into the Junkyard...

As Applejack finished up her basic explanation of what was going on, she then added, "So that's all ya need ta' know for now, Twi. Ya'll figure out the rest as ya' explore, and to do that, ya'll need ah' car," The farm pony then turned to the bounding Pinkie, and asked her, "Oh, Pinkie? Did ya' get the starter car ready for Twi?"

"Of course I did, Applejack! It's right over here!" Pinkie replied, squealing with delight. She then appeared behind Twilight and started pushing her with her over-sized mane past her Hyperion. She then stopped pushing, and covered the Alicorn's eyes with her hooves. "Ah-ah-ah! It's a surprise!" She then continued pushing Twilight, her front hooves wrapped around her eyes.

After a few seconds of shoving, Pinkie finally stopped pushing Twilight, took her hooves away from Twi's eyes and exclaimed, "SURPRISE!!!!!" Twilight then spotted what Pinkie was hoping to surprise her with, a bit of a smile on her face. But when she saw it, her smile changed to a disbelieving frown.

It was a lavender Hunter Cavalry muscle car, and a beaten-up one at that! The front-end was crumpled up a bit, to the point where the pointed bonnet was almost as tall as the car roof. The top and sides were covered in dents and scratches, as were the windows. And the back bumper had fallen off at one side.

Inside of her mind, Twilight was silently fuming. She was the Princess of Friendship! Her status as a royal of Equestria would seriously be damaged is she was seen driving that! And how could her friends think that giving her a beat-up ride a good surprise?!

But, no matter how hard Twilight tried to keep her anger to herself, she couldn't stop her left eye from twitching in anger. And Rainbow had noticed it. Dash then let out a small giggle, patted Twilight's back and said, "Aw, cheer up, grumpy! We all had to drive it once!"

That's when Applejack started explaining what the car was and why Twilight was given it in the first place, "This Hunter Cavalry is the only thing that we have left for ya' to drive, sugarcube. It's ah' stunt class car, meanin' that it's built for jumps an' spins. It's ah' good all-round car though, so we saw it as the perfect car for ya' to start with..."

Then, Twilight snapped again!

"No. No no no no no no NO!!!!!! YOU EXPECT ME, THE PRINCESS OF FRIENDSHIP, TO DRIVE THAT MONSTROSITY?????!!!!!!" She suddenly screamed out, in a Royal Canterlot voice.

"Hey! Ah' wasn't finished!" Applejack snapped back. Twilight then turned towards Applejack, her face a mask of rage.

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU NEED TO SAY!!!!!! I'M NOT LISTENING TO ALL OF YOUR EXCUSES!!!!!! INSTEAD, WE ARE ALL GOING HOME NOW!!!!!!!!!" After her huge explosion of rage, Twilight started letting out deep pants to calm herself down. She then looked at her gathered friends. Rarity had fainted onto the hood of her Grand Marais, Fluttershy and Spike were both peeking out from behind the front bumper of Fluttershy's SI-7, quivering in terror and all the others were just staring at her, mouths agape.

Twilight took a moment to calm herself before apologizing to her friends...

...when another voice spoke up. "I'm sorry, but you can't leave,"

Twilight and the Elements turned to where the voice had come from, and their jaws involuntarily dropped...

Author's Note:

Sorry about the ending, I just like ending off these chapters on cliffhangers. :twilightblush:

Anyways, here's the Paint Schemes for this chapter:

Pinkie Pie's Hyperion: Finish 1, gloss pink
Applejack's Fastback: Finish 1, gloss orange
Rarity's Grand Marais: Finish 1, gloss white
Fluttershy's Si-7: Finish 3, gloss yellow
Twilight's Cavalry: Finish 1, gloss purple

Hope you enjoyed and know this...
...The Demon is approaching... :pinkiecrazy: