• Published 7th Oct 2019
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Burnout Equestrian Paradise - Pulse Master

When Equestrians start turning up in Paradise City, the only logical thing for them to do is... well, race.

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Welcome to Paradise City!

East Crawford Drive
Location known as: 'Paradise'

After Twilight and Spike hopped in and buckled up, Rainbow Dash smiled at them and revealed a key. She then inserted the key into the ignition and turned it, and after a few seconds, the engine roared to life. Twilight and Spike both let out a shriek at the sudden noise. Dash unsuccessfully tried to hold back a giggle, and planted her hoof down on the accelerator, but not all the way down. The Jansen started to move forward and Dash turned to the left, swinging the car a full 180 degrees around in a wide U-turn, before accelerating even more and heading back the way she had come.

"As I said, 'Welcome to Paradise!' Or Paradise City, as it's called," Rainbow explained, keeping her eyes focused ahead on the road, "And it's the home of Burnout driving! From the winding trails of White Mountain to the grid network of Downtown Paradise, the city has miles of open-road-"

But before she could finish what she was saying, there came a loud roar that sounded like it was going past them, followed by the P12 jolting and suddenly jerking to the right, towards a line of parked cars. Immediately, Dash slammed on her brakes, locking the rear wheels and causing a loud screeching of tires. But she couldn't slow the Jansen down fast enough.

Moments later, contact.

The Jansen slammed into the back bumper of a parked sedan, crumpling the the front-end a bit and forcing the car to a stop. Although, the damage wasn't massive and Jansen was still driveable. Once the Jansen hit the parked car, Rainbow then looked around for the culprit.

Then, she spotted it.

Just ahead of them and getting further away, blitzing down East Crawford with green flames protruding from the exhausts, was a silver-and-blue Watson R-Turbo Roadster. And its right side was covered in scratches. It kept boosting away, until it took a right corner underneath the Coast Guard sign and disappeared.

Twilight eyed the Roadster in utter shock. They had just shoved an Element out of their way! And out of all the Elements, Rainbow Dash was the last one you would shove out of the way.

Then, a realization hit Twilight.

She looked at Dash. She was looking straight ahead, and her expression was one of absolute anger. And instantly, both Twilight and Spike knew what would happen next...

"Did that mother-bucker just scratch my paint?!" Dash exclaimed, staring down the Roadster with pure hatred.

"No, Dash! I know what you are thinking of doing, but don't do it! I beg you!" Twilight begged. But Dash didn't listen...

... and then she exlaimed, "OH, SHE IS SCREWED NOW!!!!!!" He then slammed her hoof on the throttle, and the Jansen jumped forward and raced down East Crawford, in hot pursuit of the Watson.

As for Twilight and Spike, when Dash's P12 started chasing the R-Turbo, they were both pushed backwards into their seats, and their eyes went wide as they realized how Dash drove.

Because she was driving dangerously. Very dangerously.

To put it into words, she was boosting down East Crawford, bright green flames erupting from the Jansen's exhausts, on the wrong side of the road. Horns honked and civilian cars swerved out of the way of Dash's Jansen, as it roared down the road. Then, Dash swung the sports car underneath a huge Coast Guard sign, past a drive-thru and started heading south. But Twilight and Spike didn't know that.

They were too busy screaming in terror.

Moments later...
Webster Avenue

Just ahead of the rampaging Dash and the terrified Princess of Friendship and her dragon assistant, was the Watson R-Turbo Roadster that had caused the incident. Behind its wheel, was a dark orange unicorn mare with a white mane, named Silver Spanner. She let out a relaxed sigh as she slowly rolled down Webster Avenue.

Did she know that she had just slammed Rainbow Dash into a line of parked cars? Yes.

Did she know if she had crashed? No. But she did worry. She though she had put enough distance between her and Dash's crash site to not worry.

That was when she heard an approaching car. When Silver looked in her rear view, she gasped in disbelief.

It was a cyan-blue Jansen P12. Rainbow Dash's P12.

"Oh shit!" The unicorn cried, immediately putting her hoof down. The Watson immediately picked up speed and started running from the approaching Jansen. But the Jansen was closing too fast, and given the fact that the R-Turbo was way slower than the P12, Sliver Spanner had no hope of trying to outrun Dash.

The only thing the unicorn could do, was to out-drive Dash.

Dash and the screaming Twilight and Spike managed to quickly catch up with the Watson, but by the time they did, they had reached Webster Avenue's huge concrete islands the separated the oncoming lanes from the same-way lanes (I personally call these 'splits'). But while the unicorn went to the right, Dash went to the left. And into more oncoming traffic.

More horns. More swerving. And, of course, more screaming (from Twi and Spike).

As the two sports cars raced down Webster, they were side-by-side the whole time. What this created was a Fast and Furious-style stand-off, as whenever the two got to one of the junctions, and thus the split ended, the two mares would look at each other for a split-second, as the split would begin again.

The chase continued in this way for a full 18 seconds, but this part ended when the split ended for good, at the intersection with 1st Street and Angus Wharf. And the Wildcats Baseball Stadium came into view. It was here that Dash made her move. Instead of staying in the oncoming lanes, she flicked the wheel right.

The Jansen flicked to the right, and slammed into the left door of the Watson.

The Roadster did the exact same thing as what the Jansen did when it was sideswiped. It jolted to the right and onto the sidewalk, but this time there was no line of parked cars. Instead, there was a right turn that led onto Harber Street, and to the side, was a Gas Station. And immediately, Spanner knew where she would go.

She went to the right, and through the Gas Station. After passing through, the Watson's boost filled completely, right before Silver's very eyes! Once the boost was filled, the unicorn hit her boost and rocketed away. But Dash wasn't having any of it, and she hit her boost, shoving Twi and Spike back into their seats again and blitzed after the Roadster. Dash chased Spanner down Harber, hell bent on sending the the Watson nose-first into a wall.

After a chase down Harber Street, the street went of to the right and back to the left, therefore running underneath the elevated Interstate-88. Silver followed the street, Dash hot on her hooves. She (Silver) kept her boost on, as turning her boost off meant that her tail-end will take a pounding.

And it was precisely at this moment, while passing on the same-way side of a couple of splits that contained supports for the overhead Interstate...

...her Roadster ran out of boost. Immediately, the Roadster slowed a bit.

And Rainbow saw a window of opportunity. And not letting such a opportunity go to waste, she didn't disengage her boost, and seconds later, impact.

A loud crunching sound echoed out, as the front-bumper of the Jansen slammed into the rear-end of the Watson, which caused the Watson to snap violently to the right, again! But this time, there was a line of parked cars. Also, there was no room to move. The Watson approached the parked cars at unbelievable speed, and there was no hope of recovering control. So, Spanner did the only thing she could do...

...She braced for impact and screamed.


The Roadster went face first into the nearest parked car, crumpling the front-end badly and causing the car to flip onto its side and roll multiple times. Pieces of the car flew off everywhere, scattering all over the road. Eventally, after rolling 5 times, the wreck of the Roadster came to a stop on the sidewalk, resting on its right side.

Once the Watson had stopped rolling, Dash turned the Jansen around quite quickly and drove back towards the wreckage, blocking the entire same-way lane with the car. The Jansen was brought to a stop, and Rainbow winded down her window and started taunting the unicorn who was driving the Watson.

"AW, YEAH B****!!!! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU MESS WITH THE ONE AND ONLY RAINBOW DASH!!!!!!" She cried out, pointing her hoof at the wrecked R-Turbo. And once she was done with her taunting, she climbed back into her car, wound up the window and turned to Twilight. "Check it out! Did you see that b**** crash?! Priceless!!"

Twilight just turned her head, very slowly, towards the smug Dash, with a look of pure shock on her face. She had just witnessed the Element of Loyalty chase down and tried to almost kill an innocent by running her off the road! And that language she used! She had never ever used that kind of language in her life! What provoked her to do so now?!

Then, she snapped.

"Rainbow DASH!!!!!" Twilight screamed at the pegasus, "What would provoke you to do such a thing?! And you mind your language! Why, I've never been so... so... ANGRY AT YOU!!! BUT THIS JUST TAKES THE CAKE!!!!"

But while the enraged Alicorn kept chewing out the cyan pegasus, Spike was looking out the passenger-side window, keeping an eye out for more cars when...

"Umm... Twilight?" Spike tried to take Twilight's attention from Rainbow, tapping her on the back.

"NOT NOW!!!!" Twi snapped at the dragon, "Can't you see I'm busy?!" She turned back to Dash, and continued her rant, "AND ANOTHER THING..."

"Uhh... Twilight?" Spike tried again, not backing down, "You need to see this!"

Finally, Twilight turned her attention from Dash to the thing Spike urgently needed to tell her about. "Alright, Spike! What is it-"

Then she heard it.

A deep, ominous vmmmmm. And it was approaching fast.

Twilight looked in the direction of the approaching noise and her jaw dropped, her pupils shrunk to the size of pinheads and her eyes grew to the size of frying pans.

Coming up the street, was a bright silver Carson Inferno Van.

And it was heading right for them at unbelievable speed.

"Dash!!!!!!" Twilight cried out.

"OH, WHAT NOW????!!!!" Rainbow snapped back, sick of being ranted at by the Alicorn. That was when she saw the approaching Inferno Van, and exclaimed, "Oh, shit!"

"Well, don't just sit there! Do something!" Twilight cried out, going into a panic.

Instinctively, Dash then said, "The only thing we can do!"

"And what's that?!" Spike asked.

"BRACE!!!!" Immediately, Rainbow got into a bracing position. She knew that she had no room to move her car and that if she did, there would be no time. The Inferno Van was right on top of them. So, she braced. Logically, Twilight and Spike copied what she was doing, moments before...


The blitzing Inferno Van plowed through the rear-end of the P12, sending the Jansen flying across a nearby intersection and into a nearby concrete wall. Then, once the P12 was flung out of the way, the Inferno Van continued on its way. Meanwhile, inside the Jansen, Twilight and Spike were jolted and bashed as the Jansen was thrown like a ragdoll, before coming to rest on the pavement.

Once the wrecked Jansen had come to a stop, Dash then slowly turned to Twilight and said, "Well, that was fun!" Twilight just slowly looked at the pegasus, and then fainted.

Moments later...

"Twilight. Twilight? TWILIGHT!!!!!" Rainbow Dash screamed into Twilight's ear, while Spike shook her, trying to wake her up. Then, Dash slapped her with a hoof across the face. And Twilight woke right up. The Alicorn's eyes snapped wide open, gasped in fright and then started blurting out something quickly.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down, now! We're okay, and the car is back intact," Dash explained, calm everywhere in her tone. Twilight was about to question what Dash ment, when she looked out the window...

...And saw that they were back where they were when they were hit by the silver Inferno Van. And the Jansen was now unscathed. Not a single scratch.

"Wha-? But how-?" Twilight asked, in utter shock.

"Don't worry about it, Twilight there are a lot of things here that you don't want to figure out just yet," Dash explained, when the radio in her car came to life with noise, "Ah, looks like old you-know-who is back!"

Then, a highly recognizable voice spoke through the radio, "Hey, hey! Yo, yo! DJ-P0N3 here! Filling in for DJ Atomika here on Crash FM! Now as you know, DJ Atomika recently called in sick with a cold, so he's not going to be here for a while. But when I first arrived here, the owners of Crash FM here liked by style, and signed me up as a back-up, so I only come on when Atomika is away. Anyways, a listener just sent in a video of Rainbow Dash and her Jansen chasing down a Watson on Webster Avenue like a mad-mare! Hahaha! The sound of the pony recording the video screaming in shock as the two cars blasted by is priceless! Hahaha! *clears throat*. Ok, this is DJ-P0N3, and you're listening to Crash FM, so keep it here!"

"Vinyl's here?" Spike asked, amazed.

"Well, yeah!" Dash replied, "Nearly everypony is here! In fact, I'll take you to see them now!" Upon saying this, she slammed her hoof down on the gas. The wheels of the Jansen started spinning and then the car roared back the way it had come, East back up Harber Street!

Author's Note:

Ok, here's chapter 2! This is where things speed up a bit, literally!

I apologize if the chapter looks rushed. I just wanted to get it out of the way so I could start on the next chapter, which I'm anxious to finish! :pinkiehappy:

For those of you who wish to recreate these chapters in the game, but you don't know how accurate you are with the painting of the cars, and the end of each chapter, I'll leave a painting guide for some of the cars featured in each of the chapters. To show you what I mean, here's the painting guides for Dash's P12 and the Watson R-Turbo Roadster.

Dash's Jansen P12: Finish 1, light blue gloss paint.
Watson R-Turbo Roadster (This chapter): Finish 2, white metallic paint.

Also, the spelling of Harber Street IS the correct spelling of the street, as that is how it's spelled in the game, so please, NO COMMENTS ABOUT INCORRECT SPELLING!

Stay tuned for the next chapter and remember:

Don't scratch Dash's paint! She won't like it! :rainbowlaugh: