• Published 7th Oct 2019
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Burnout Equestrian Paradise - Akula966

When Equestrians start turning up in Paradise City, the only logical thing for them to do is... well, race.

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Against The Clock 1: Hunter Cavalry (Braeburn)

East Crawford Drive/Patterson Avenue Intersection
Starting location for Hunter Cavalry Burning Route
Moments after encounter with Oscura...

Twilight had gotten back into her Cavalry and had followed Dean deep into Legion-controlled territory. Eventually, Dean led Twilight to an intersection just outside of the Coast Guard HQ. The two cars pulled up to the lights at the intersection and Twilight sat there, ready to race.

Okay, Twilight. You're about to run your very first Burning Route! The concept behind this event is very simple. All you have to do is get to the finish location within the time allotted. No opponents. Just you versus the clock. The only catch is that you can only drive the car that the route is names after. For example, the route you are about to undertake. The only car you can use in this route is the Hunter Cavalry, the car you are in now, Dean explained over the radio, Most to the beginning routes are very easy. I'll be waiting at the finish line for you, good luck! After that, he hit the throttle and raced away in his Tempesta.

Twilight took a deep breath and turned to Spike, who nodded once. Putting a determined look on her face, she then spun her Cavalry's wheels. Eventually, she stopped and began to rev her engine and the lights above flickered to yellow. The GPS switched to a map and DJ-P0N3 came over her radio. Ready for the Burning Route? You are here. Race South to the Wildcats Baseball Stadium! Beat the target time to get a mark on your licence and a special reward,

The light then switched to yellow and Twilight revved her engine more, ready to race. And then the light went green and Twilight set off for the Stadium. But little did she know, she had just activated a magical homing beacon...

As Twilight set off down East Crawford, Spike kept a lookout for any approaching vehicles. They had already been taken out during a Road Rage and they didn't want that to happen again. But it what was Spike could hear rather than see; a loud V8 engine approaching fast.

"Twilight!!!" Spike cried out. But before the princess in question could answer him, she then heard something more worrying. Not just the roar of the V8 engine Spike was pointing out, but tens, if not hundereds of engines roaring closer and closer to her.

Somehow, Sombra had found out that she was attempting to free Braeburn and were rushing to stop her.

And only seconds after this realisation, she and Spike were thrown forward in their seats. Twilight looked behind and saw that Braeburn had caught them and was trying to take her out!

Hello again, Twilight. You think that you could start freeing us from your blissful control of our master? Think again, Braeburn's told the princess of her C.B. radio, before starting to ram his car into Twilight's in an effort to stop her. Twilight quickly hit her boost raced away with Braeburn in hot pursuit.

Twilight's Cavalry was slower and weaker than the Oval Champ 69, so she had no chance of outrunning him. Also, the Oval Champ was a purpose-build attack vehicle with Aggression boost, whereas the Cavalry was an all-round beginner's car with Stunt boost, which (as she already knew) was less powerful than Aggression boost. Her only hope was to just avoid crashing and complete the event, before making a run for the Junkyard.

However, this would prove to be difficult. As she raced down Webster Avenue, Braeburn kept slamming his car into Twilight's car in an effort to stop her. But her well-built Cavalry kept adsorbing the hits and she quickly found herself weaving through the traffic of Webster Avenue, with Braeburn hunting her down. She had taken multiple hits from the stallion and was close to have her car totalled from damage.

And she was getting sick of it.

So, she hatched a plan. As the two began approaching the Stadium, Twilight began slowing down. Braeburn smiled. Her Cavalry's V8 engine was starting to succumb to the damage and falter. With that, he pulled alongside the lavander muscle car but the moment he did so, Twilight then got back on the throttle fully and door-slammed the Oval Champ into an oncoming van. The Hunter's nose crumpled up and the car flipped into the air as Twilight crossed the finish line, well within the required time.

She brought her car to a stop and looked at the wreckage of the Oval Champ, before DJ-P0N3 came over her radio. Congratulations! You've shown that you can drive your car so well, the *static* have decided to give you a brand-new car to celebrate, along with another win to your licence! And for this particular event, you have been given the Hunter Oval Champ 69. You can pick it up at the Junkyard, Twilight turned her attention back to the Braeburn and the wrecked car then disappeared in a bright flash.

But before either Twilight or Spike could question this, Akula then came in over her radio. Twilight, do you read?

The mare in question replied to him, "Yes, I just managed to free Braeburn! He should appear at the junkyard anytime soon!"

Good to know, but you need to get your flank out of there! Akula then ordered, The BSRU is showing a massive number of hostile contacts heading in your direction! Get back to the Junkyard now!

Twilight felt the colour drain from her face. Ever since Dean had left, he said that we would be watching over her with his drone, the BSRU (or British Speedfreak Reconnaissance Unit). But now, according to the drone, there was a massive amount of hypnotised ponies heading her way. And she needed to go!

Twilight didn't waste any time. She immediately flick-spun the Cavalry around and raced back down towards Lone Stallion Ranch. She had Spike keep a lookout for other cars while she drove as fast as she could back home. A perfect harmony. Until...

As Twilight blasted down Harber, out of one of the sides streets, came a bright-pink Montgomery Hyperion. Pinkie's Hyperion. Twilight did all she could to escape the Element of Laughter, but the Hyperion was a damn sight faster than the Cavalry. The Princess of Friendship had no chance of escape.

But as Pinkie moved in for a takedown, she was suddenly hit from behind and spun out of control. And the car that had taken out Pinkie... was none other than the British Speedfreak himself and his bright red Tempesta. His voice then came over Twilight's radio. Did you really think that I would leave you alone, Twilight?

She just smiled and replied, "Of course not! But couldn't that save have come a little sooner?"

Sorry, but you were moving like a bat out of Tartarus. Let's get out of here, And with that, the two cars raced away.

Author's Note:

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