• Published 7th Oct 2019
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Burnout Equestrian Paradise - Akula966

When Equestrians start turning up in Paradise City, the only logical thing for them to do is... well, race.

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The next morning...

Twilight and Spike were awoken by the bright sunlight hitting their eyes through the window. Both the alicorn and the young drake got up with a yawn and headed down to the yard area, still waking up.

When they got down to the yard, what they saw wasn't what they were expecting.

All the others, except for Fluttershy, were up. Akula didn't look tired and also very happy about something. Both Applejack and Thunderlane were tired and were standing very close to each other (Twilight already knew why). Viral was not visibly tired but she looked very stern and worried about something. And Danger looked very tired but looked very pleased with himself for some reason, drinking coffee from a mug that had 'NO. 1 SPEEDFREAK' on it.

"Good morning, everypony!" Twilight called out.

"Good morning, Twilight. I hope you had great sleep," Akula greeted.

"I hope you have a bit of energy. I think we're gonna' need it," Viral then said, earning a glare from the changeling.

"Which reminds me," Akula began, giving a death stare to Viral, "Where were you last night?!" He then questioned the mare in a hostile tone. The pegasus in question reeled in shock, but soon recovered and started to explain.

"I left to go clear my head. A lot happened yesterday and I needed some space to think. So, I just entered and won a race. However, after the race, a couple of cars cornered me," She explained, before Akula stopped her.

"Which cars cornered you?" He asked, knowing he wasn't going to like the answer.

"Umm, a Touge Sport, a Pioneer Super Gator and an Inferno Van. The Touge was finish 1, dark blue. The Super Gator was standard paint. And the van was all silver,"

"Shit!" Akula exclaimed, facing back to the others, "Grogar's already using our friends against us! We need to get a move on!"

"This doesn't surprise me. He just realized his advantages over us, and now he's coming down with a vengeance," Twilight added.

After a moment of silence, there came a very cute yawn. Everypony turned around, to see Fluttershy emerging from the building, waking up. "Oh! Good morning, everypony!" She greeted. All the others just waved to her. Flutters just trotted up to get into the conversation.

"We're gonna' need to step up our game. If we just stay still and not free any others, we're gonna' get overwhelmed pretty quickly. We need to gain some allies," Akula explained.

"Umm, I wish to voice an idea," Fluttershy said, before suddenly adding, "If-if that's okay with you, that is,"

"You have my permission, go ahead,"

"O-okay," Then, the timid pegasus started to explain, "Well, when I was under Sombra's control, I could still here everything that was going on. I remember one moment, he appointed me and the other Elements as generals in his army. He also made Starlight a commander. He told me that I would be in charge of taking control of Big Surf Island, but the moment where I was relocating from where we attacked Twilight to the Junkyard my forces were using as a staging base, was the moment you freed me,"

Everypony's eyes went wide. Fluttershy had just given them the jackpot.

"Why were you taking control of those forces?" Twilight asked,

"Because their attempts to take the island were constantly thwarted by 'The Island Masters'. Whenever they tried to take the island, they would challenge them to a race, specifically the Dust Storm Burning Route. And they lost every single time," Fluttershy replied.

"Looks like fortune is smiling upon us!" Akula stated, starting to explain his next move, "Twilight, Fluttershy, Thunderlane, Danger, Applejack. You're up this time. Go get these 'Island Masters' trust, and give us a second front!"

"Why aren't you coming with us? Wouldn't you love to see Big Surf?" Danger asked.

"Well... I can't get over there," Akula said, earning gasps from the others (except for Twilight and Spike), "Every time I try to get onto the bridge that leads onto the island, I always hit some sort of invisible wall. I don't know why that happens, but I know it's bound to happen again. So, I'll run this operation from the fort with Viral,"

All the others rushed to their cars, but Fluttershy stopped Twilight from rushing to her Mesquite. "Umm, Twilight, From what I heard, these 'Island Masters' are really fast. You're going to need a Speed-class car. Since you shut me down, you should now have access to my SI-7,"

Twilight was about to question this when there came a loud crash from behind her. She looked around behind her, to see a lavender-and-black SI-7 behind her. It was severely damaged, with pieces of the front bumper coming off in certain places, multiple scrapes lining the side, the hood was crumpled up somewhat but there was no damage to the rear.

She couldn't believe her luck. Rushing in, she sat down the the nice seat of the sports car. Then, all of a sudden, DJ-P0N3 came in through her radio. The Nakamura SI-7. My favourite! Front wheel drive means no surprises in the drift, but no doughnuts either! It won't cause you many heart-stopping moments, but it's slavish obedience will get you out of sticky situations. When driving a Speed-class car, such as this one, you can only boost when the bar is full. They're also the only cars that can perform Burnouts, when you use all your boost in one go!

Might provide us with the edge we might need, Twilight thought, starting up the little sports car.

Moments later...
Grange Hill-Shires Drive intersection
Location of Dust Storm Burning Route

The Free Ponies group tasked with forming an alliance with the so-called 'Island Masters' were told by them to meet them at the intersection at Grange Hill and Shires Drive. However, there was no sign of them anywhere.

Island Force, this is FP HQ. Report in, over, Akula came in over the radio, using their call-signs.

In response, Thunderlane grabbed his CB mike and reported back to Akula. "HQ, this Thunder. We're at the rally point now, but there's no sign of them, whoever it is we're meeting with,"

I see. Just keep waiting. They should turn up eventually. HQ out, Was the reply.

Thunderlane just put away his mic and returned to the others. "He said to wait, and that they should be here soon," He reported.

However, everything soon changed.

As the group wondered around their cars, a small shadow descended on the group, becoming larger and larger. Then, came a voice calling out from above, saying "INCOMING!!!!!!!!!" The whole group looked up, to see a dune buggy coming down towards them. Immediately, the ponies scrambled out of the way, to avoid being squashed by the buggy. Seconds later, it landed with a loud slam, almost landing on Thunderlane's Mesquite. It then spun around to face the group. The buggy was an orange-and-purple Carson Dust Storm.

So they must be the Island Masters, Twilight thought. She then heard a voice coming from the Dust Storm.


Twilight's eyes widened upon hearing the bragging voice. No, it can't be... She thought, having an idea on who was driving that buggy.

Then, Twilight's suspicions were confirmed, when a familiar cream-coloured filly jumped out of the buggy and spoke back to the first voice in a country accent, "Yea', right! As if anypony could match ya' on the ski jump, Scootaloo!"

"Apple Bloom?" Applejack called out to the filly, causing said filly to jump. She slowly turned to AJ.

"Big sis?" She called back, to which AJ nodded. The little filly broke out in a huge smile and rushed over to the farm mare, hugging her tightly.

"Oh, Apple Bloom! Ah' thought Sombra had enslaved ya'!" She said, her eyes watering up.

Bloom just pulled away from AJ and asked, "Whaddya' mean, sis?"

For the next few minutes, Twilight, with help from the others, explained what was going on. And while she was, the other Cutie Mark Crusaders had decided to get in on the conversation, saying that they were among the crowd that rushed into the portal the day after the rest of the Mane 6 entered the portal and managed to be the first members of the crowd to discover the island. They also easily mastered the island, inviting drivers across Paradise to challenge them to races on their turf.

"...And that's how the Cutie Mark Crusader Dust Stormers were formed!!" Sweetie Belle finished, proudly putting a hoof on her chest as Scootaloo and Apple Bloom posed.

Dean quickly snapped a photo with a phone he bought on the way to Big Surf and sent it to Akula, who he knew was back at the Junkyard.

"So," Scootaloo started, getting right to the point, "You wish to get our help in keeping a hold of this island while you fight off Sombra?"

Twilight just smiled at the CMC and replied, "Yes, we need all the help we can get,"

After thinking about it for a moment, Scootaloo gave her answer, "Alright, you have us,"

Twilight immediately beamed at this stroke of luck...

...which vanished when Scootaloo said this, pointing her hoof to the Princess, "If... you can beat us... IN A LAP AROUND THE ISLAND!!!"

Twilight's smiled turned to a look of horror.

"Wait, WHAT?!" Danger suddenly cried out, shocked that they had just asked Twilight to race them, "Why her?! Why did you choose her when you can race me?!"

"1, because she was the one that requested our help. 2, because that's how he do things. And 3, do ya' think we're dummies? We know who ya' are, Dean! And we know that Tempesta is yours! We're not stupid enough to race against an' Tempesta an' think that we'll win!" Apple Bloom answered, causing Dean to look away in embarrassment.

"But Apple Bloom, you're mah' sister! Surely ya' could jus' bend the rules ah' bit!" Applejack tried to reason.

"Mmmm..... Nope! Not goin' against group policy!" Apple Bloom said, prompting AJ to glare at her.

"Now, you see here..." She stared, before being dragged back by Twilight's magic.

"Applejack. If I have to race, I'll race. We can't force them to make a decision," Twilight then said, staring into the farm mare's emerald eyes. After a few minutes, she just nodded to Twilight.

The alicorn then turned back to the CMC and said this, "Okay, I'll race you,"

All three CMC's just smiled at her.


The two cars lined up at the starting lights on Shires Drive. The CMC's Dust Storm sat on the right-hand side of Twilight's SI-7, revving it's engine menacingly. Twilight just stared at the buggy, sweating heavily. She knew that her boost type was weaker and she had an inferior car. However, the only thing she knew that they had for an advantage was a small point of their boost type.

They had the ability to perform Burnout Boost Chains. If she kept in the oncoming lane for most of the race, then she could have a chance.

All of the other Free Ponies were waiting at the entrance of the bridge that lead back to the mainland, which was the finish line. They would judge who would be the winner, if the race came down to a photo finish.

Back at the starting point, the light switched from red to yellow. The CMC and Twilight started to rev their engines more, readying for the green. Then, the light went green and the race began.

Immediately, the Dust Storm shot into the lead, propelled along by it's full bar of boost. However, Twilight wasn't too far behind, as she activated her boost and raced to keep up with the buggy. As the CMC constantly swerved between the oncoming lane and the middle of the road, knocking small fences out of the buggy's way, Twilight kept to the oncoming, making sure that she would never have to run out of boost. And quite quickly, both drivers hit the first checkpoint, with the CMC in the lead.

Racing down Shires Drive and past another intersection, the buggy suddenly drifted onto Glover Way, with Twilight close behind. Both of their boost levels were almost depleted, and just before they turned onto Daniell Way, they ran out. The green flame coming from the Dust Storm dissipated and the buggy instantly lost all of its speed. The SI-7, however, suddenly then got a sudden burst of speed and its boost bar refilled.

Twilight had performed her first successful Burnout.

Instantly, her new boost got to work, letting her catch up with the Dust Storm. By the time they had caught the CMC, they had reached the intersection where they were to turn onto Daniell Way. Both of them hit the brakes and drifted the corner, Twilight the only one still boosting. However, that drift was all the CMC needed to get more boost. After emerging from the corner, they reengaged their boost, and started to race away. Suddenly, Daniell Way then became Huntley Boulevard, after they went past the next intersection, which was followed by a sweeping left curve. While Twilight held her line, the CMC kicked the back-end of their buggy out and they powerslided through the corner, regaining most of their boost. And once they had enough, they reengaged their boost and took the lead back from Twilight.

Things got worse for Twilight, as the two then hit a jump, allowing the Dust Storm to gain even more boost, allowing the CMC to pull away even more. But Twilight kept her hoof on the boost, knowing that if she let go, it was all over for her and the resistance's hopes in gain control of the island. But the jump had been just enough to get the SI-7 another Burnout, and allow then to not fall behind anymore. The pair raced under the Keys Bridge, before turning right onto Shires Drive, with the three fillies well out in the lead. But Twilight wasn't about to yield.

But quite quickly, the CMC ran out of boost again. And this time, Twilight was able to close the gap and retake the lead going through the long sweeping left, before the sharp right onto Grange Hill, going past the starting point.

But then, as Twilight raced around a hill, Scootaloo steered the buggy onto the jump and flew through a already-cleared Island Billboard, earning a massive chunk of boost. The CMC cut across Twilight's line, and drifted into the tunnel in Pitt Avenue, in the lead once again. Twilight then powerslided onto the avenue, pushing her Nakamura to the limit.

And as the buggy turned onto the approach to the Paradise Keys Bridge, it ran out of boost yet again! And Twilight had nailed her x15 Burnout Chain, allowing her to catch up yet again. But this time, Twilight held on for dear life as she caught the CMC at the intersection just before the entrance of the bridge, still boosting.

And as they approached the beginning of the bridge, Twilight and Spike saw the rest of the Free Ponies she was with at the finish line, being like a photo finish group. But as Twilight hit top speed in her fully boosting SI-7, Scootaloo found another gear on the buggy and was able to slowly close the gap on the princess. Spike was fully turned around, watching the Dust Storm got closer and closer.

The two cars were practically side-by-side as they crossed the finish line. But after some anylizing of a photo-finish camera supplied by Akula...

...it was shown that the margin between the two cars was no less than 2 cm...

...with the victory going to Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Once the results were relayed to Spike, he then broke the good news to Twilight, "Umm, Twilight?"

"Yes, Spike?" Twilight replied, concerned on what the answer was to be.

"It officially looks like... that you have beaten the Island Masters!!!!!"

Twilight stayed silent for a moment to let it sink in, before crying out in celebration, before kissing the steering wheel, showing how she loved her new SI-7 and how it didn't let her down against a much faster Dust Storm. With a humble grin plastered on her face, after settling down from her moment of celebration, she then got out of her car. The CMC did the same, Scootaloo with a look of disbelief on her face and Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom both with looks of impression on their faces.

"Well, I don't believe it, but it looks like you've beaten us," Scootaloo said, admitting defeat without being a sore loser.

"It looks like she did!" Sweetie agreed.

"So, what can we do ya' fer, Twilight? The Cutie Mark Crusaders are at your service!" Apple Bloom asked, willing to give the Free Ponies their assistance.

Twilight just smiled. Now their resistance movement had their second front.


As Twilight and the rest of the Free Ponies, a certain stallion in his GT Nighthawk watched the celebrations from afar, watching with a dead gaze.

But when the fillies got out off their buggy, he then lightly smiled.

Wow. That is some driving. I think I have some ponies in need of my assistance... Locus thought, watching as the Cutie Mark Crusaders chatted with the Free Ponies.

Author's Note:

FINALLY, I GOT THIS DONE!!!!! After going through a small Hiatus period, the Burnout story is BACK!!!!! Thank you all for being very patient, as I got some of my other stories off the ground!

Paint Schemes:

Twilight's SI-7: Finish 1, gloss purple
CMC's Dust Storm: Finish 3, gloss orange

Anyways, hope you enjoyed. And just so you know...
'The Slave Army of the Crystal King begins to unravel...' :rainbowdetermined2: