• Published 7th Oct 2019
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Burnout Equestrian Paradise - Pulse Master

When Equestrians start turning up in Paradise City, the only logical thing for them to do is... well, race.

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An afternoon of conflict... and a night of pleasure (Steamy Chapter)

The Maplemont Country Club

As night began to fall, the Legion were convinced that their trap to eliminate the Free Ponies was no use.

Having received intelligence from an unknown source that Twilight was going to try and free Fluttershy, Grogar decided to set up an ambush at the Country Club to eliminate the entire resistance in a single swift blow. However, it was taking much longer than it should be for her to arrive. Eventually, a car did arrive, but it wasn't Fluttershy. It was Rainbow Dash. She pulled to a stop in the planned ambush point and informed Grogar about the situation.

Fluttershy had been freed. The trap had been worth nothing.

Letting out a sigh, Sombra ordered her to tell the slave army the situation and to leave immediately. With a nod, she did so.

"Fluttershy is lost, gig's up. Return to your duties." What followed was the sound of the other cars pulling out.

While Twilight and the Free Ponies were discussing things and getting to know each other, Sombra appointed the hypnotized Elements, Starlight Glimmer and the Young Six his top creatures in his Slave Army. The Elements were appointed generals, Starlight was made a commander and the Young Six her lieutenants. Why Sombra chose Twilight's hypnotized friends and students to make his staff was because he loved the idea of having his enemies fighting their friends, family, loved ones and all the other important ponies in their lives. It gave his foes a sense of unease and unwillingness to fight them, while they can easily take down their master's enemy at his command.

But as the others left, Cozy then had a sudden idea. "Hey, you know what we need after a hard day of evil planning?" All of the villains, except for Chrysalis who just turned her ears to show the filly that she was listening, turned to face her. The filly then said excitedly, "A nice, big, group-sized pizza! I mean, it probably has been awhile since we've all had some, right?"

All the other villains then nodded in agreement. "Ahh, what the heck! A couple years locked away in Tartarus does a terrible number on your appetite. A little pizza won't hurt!" Tirek stated, already walking to his Thunder Custom.

"You think that's bad, I had to spend most of my years in a stone prison with nothing to eat after I was defeated twice!" Sombra added, "So, I definitely agree with the pipsqueak,"

"Okay, then. Pizza it is. I know a pizza place near the waterfront," Grogar then stated.

"So do I! Race ya there!" Cozy called out, rushing to her V16 Revenge.

However, as he walked to his WTR, he noticed that Chrysalis was not moving to her car, looking down at her new necklaces. "Chrysalis, are you okay?" He asked, snapping the former Queen out of her thoughts.

"Y-yes! Yes! I'm fine! Everything's fine! Just... thinking about plans for revenge!" She quickly said. But everything she said was a lie, and Grogar knew it.

"Are you sure? Ever since Twilight showed up and we ran into this 'Akula', you've been acting strange," Grogar said, squinting his eyes, "Do you keep having thoughts about the past?"

Chrysalis just slowly nodded as her visions of the past kept coming into her mind. All flashbacks of her in battle with Akula at her side, making love with Akula and the day her hive was lost and when she left Akula behind. And it haunted her.

Thankfully, Grogar seemed to notice the former Queen's unease whenever somepony mentioned her lover's name and made a suggestion. "You need some time alone to clear your head?"

Chrysalis then smiled at Grogar and said, "I would appreciate that. Thank you," She then raced off to her car and drove away in the direction of White Mountain. Grogar just watched her go, before he hopped in his F1 and raced after the others.

Moments later...

For the first time in years, Chrysalis felt hopeless.

She decided to head for the Dead Man's jump (or more specifically, the diner placed at its edge) as the place to clear her head. But when she arrived, she rushed for the walled-off side of the cliff next to the diner, and immediately her head would not clear. Memories flooded in more frequently, and she couldn't clear them out.

Then, the dam bust open.

She leaned over the edge of the concrete wall, and started to wail loudly. Her tears flooded out and fell down into chasm below. She felt that there was nothing she could do to get her lover back and that nopony could hear her desperate cries for help.

She didn't know how wrong she was.

Even though she started to let out all her built-up sadness, the memories didn't stop. No matter how much she wailed, there was no shaking her own shadows of the past. And it broke her.

In desperation, she summoned another gift Akula had given her during her reign. A customized, dark-green Beretta 92FS (M9) 9x19mm handgun Akula had made for her, alongside the two bullet necklaces she wore now. This weapon, she believed, was the reason that she was being haunted, as she was given this gun, along with the necklaces the day she lost her throne. The gun was meant to be a victory gift from Akula for when she was supposed to take over Equestria that day, but instead, it became a nasty memory of her defeat.

So, in absolute desperation, she made to throw the gun off the side. But then...

...came a voice from behind her.

"It's easy to run away from everything, isn't it?"

Chrysalis froze up in complete and utter terror. She knew who that was.

"The only thing you can't run from... is your own shadow," The voice finished. Chrysalis turned towards the direction of the voice.

And there he was.

Illuminated by the headlights of his Ikusa GT, was Akula.

Chrysalis just stood where she was, quaking in terror. Akula however, didn't hold back on anything and noticed what his lover was going to do with the gift he gave her. "You're... going to throw away the gift I made you?" He asked, leaping over the metal rail that separated the road from the cliff edge as Chrysalis quickly teleported the gun away. But when the demon-changeling leaped over the rail, Chrysalis backed away in fear. And Akula both noticed and sensed this.

"I sense your fear, Chrysalis. There's nothing to be scared of," He then stated, starting to slowly approach his queen. However, Chrysalis slowly backed away from him, still scared out of her mind.

Suddenly, Akula did something unexpected.

He reached up and wrapped his right fore-leg around Chrysalis's neck, stopping her from backing away. He then brought her face to look at him. "I'm right here, my love. And now, I will never let you go again," Having said that, he brought himself up, and connected his lips with his lover's.

The demon held the loving kiss for 3 seconds before releasing and staring into his lover's eyes. And while staring into the red eyes of her lover, she then realized something. She was scared of seeing Akula for no reason. And only now did she realize that the changeling that she was scared of was still the same changeling she was in love with. And it calmed her to know that Akula was there for her in her time of need.

And for once, she felt at peace.

Realizing how much she had missed the warmth of her lover's lips, she then immediately locked lips with Akula again, engaging in a passionate tongue dance with him. To both of them, this was pure bliss. After many years, they finally got to share a kiss just like they used to.

And oh, how Chrysalis loved it!

Sadly, the two had to break their kiss in order to catch their breath. However, when they pulled away, a small string of saliva kept their lips connected.

"Oh, how I've missed the feeling of your lips against mine," Akula silently said, staring into his lover's eyes again. "And there are other things that I've missed, too..."

Chrysalis immediately caught on with what Akula was saying what they should do next, and she blushed. "Just... like old times, eh?" She asked, hoping that the demon was thinking the same thing she was. Luckily, he did.

"Except much better," Akula answered, lighting up his horn and surrounding the two lovers in his magic.

The light surrounding them glowed brighter, until it suddenly dissipated. And when Chrysalis opened her eyes, she found out she wasn't in Paradise anymore. Instead, she was in a location that seemed similar to the Dream Realm.

"Like what you see?" Akula asked, noticing the queen's awe, "Welcome to my very own pocket dimension. I didn't tell you about this because... you know,"

"It's pretty empty," Chrysalis said, not seeing anything around her apart from what looked like the void.

"Not until I gain more power," Akula stated, walking up to her side, "For now, I can only summon only one or two objects here. But once I can gain some more power, I can create my own world! Pretty neat, right?" Chrysalis just returned her gaze to the surroundings, still gaping in awe.

"But enough talk," Akula suddenly stated, summoning the same bed he and Chrysalis used to constantly make love on during her reign, "We've waited long enough. Shall we... get down to business?" Akula asked seductively.

Chrysalis just looked at him with a sultry gaze and said, "I thought you'd never ask," She then lightly kissed him before walking over to the bed, and rolling over onto her back and spreading her legs out wide for Akula to enter her embrace. "Come here... and pleasure your queen," She commanded in a seductive tone.

Akula just smirked, and replied with a bow, "As you command, my sexy Queen," He then trotted up to the bed, and climbed on top of Chrysalis, embracing his lost queen as she did the same before the two locked lips once more.

For many minutes the two changelings lovers, separated for many years, made hot, passionate love just like they used to many years ago. And they both enjoyed it to the fullest extent.

Akula missed his lover's beautiful form and the way she moaned so beautifully with each of his movements. But now, he was able to teach his lover some new tricks for their latest love-making adventures. Chrysalis, on the other hoof, was absolute entranced by Akula's new tricks, and this love-making session was definitely fit for a queen like herself.

For both of them, this was pure, sexual bliss. They showed how much they missed each other, and making love was just the thing they needed to release their tension.

Half-an-hour later, they had finished, with Chrysalis's womb filled with Akula's eternal love. Once again, just like old times. However, when they emerged from his pocket dimension, it was the exact same time that they had left. Akula then explained that no matter how much time they spend in his dimension, they will always emerge from it only seconds after they entered.

Pretty soon, Chrysalis felt her tummy rumble. "I should... probably get going. Grogar's treating us all to pizza,"

Akula just gave her one last peck on the lips before saying, "Hey. Just remember. I will always love you, Chrysalis. No matter the situation,"

"I know. But we're on the wrong sides of this war. I can't get close to you without Grogar and the others killing me!"

Akula thought about Chrysalis's statement for a moment, then he had an idea. "Then cross the wire. Join my side. I never let those tratiors' brand of friendship infect me, but I created my own. And that was my love for you,"

Immediately, Chrysalis disagreed with Akula's idea, "N-no! I can't! If Grogar catches wind of this, he'll kill me! And if I'm dead-"But before she could continue, another kiss from Akula cut her off. As they kissed, he cast a spell on her.

When the two broke the kiss, Akula then assured his queen, "Let me take care of it. You just make sure you stay safe. And you will get a signal when it is time. And you will know what that signal is. Stay safe, my love," He then trotted off towards his Ikusa.

"Wait!" Chrysalis suddenly called out, causing Akula to turn back to her, "Thank you, my love. I can't wait to see you again!"

Akula just smiled back at her and said, "I'll see you soon, my love," And without another word, he hopped back into his car and drove away.

Author's Note:

Ok, so now things get interesting between the demon and the Queen...

I was going to add an extra bit at the end of this chapter, but I got lazy. Decided not to do it. However, I might add it in another time! But for now, what you read is what you get!

Also, I was going to put a warning at the top, but that would betray my rule of always keeping the Author's Notes at the bottom, so I decided to stick a warning in the chapter title.

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