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Burnout Equestrian Paradise - Akula966

When Equestrians start turning up in Paradise City, the only logical thing for them to do is... well, race.

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Burning Pursuit: VS. Nakamura SI-7 (Fluttershy)

White Mountain Yard
Hans Way
Aftermath of Lighthouse Rock Road Rage

"You know," Danger started, siting down in the middle of the field in an empty space in the circle of his friends, munching down on some pizza. "I've always wondered what the underside of a GT Concept looks like. Now, I finally found out,"

It had been minutes since Twilight had told her new friends that had survived the attacks that Sombra had hypnotized their friends and enslaved them to his will, and now that she had now become the de-facto leader of their little, newly formed resistance group called the Free Ponies. Now, they planned on taking back Paradise City from the Legion of Doom, one event and Shut Down at a time.

"Strange, because at the same time, I was wondering if the Tempesta could look better than it already does from above. I found out, that at any angle, you can't make the Tempesta look any better than it already is," Viral Velocity remarked, taking a spoonful of her bowl of macaroni and cheese.

As the group raced down South Mountain Drive, instead of taking the regular route, Viral took the alternate route, on the dirt road on the cliffs above the road. Whenever she hit one of the jumps that sent her over the road, the others got a clear view of the underside of her GT Concept, before the cliff-side road ran out and she landed back on the road, almost squashing the Tempesta. In case you're wondering what Viral and Danger were bickering over, this the reason why.

Danger just smiled cheekily at the mare and then said, "Very funny. You're just trapped inside your tough little shell, but underneath that shell is sweet, little mare that I know has the hots for me," He started to chuckle, but it was brought to a stop when Viral threw her spoon at him, which hit him on the nose.

"Oww!" Danger yelped as the spoon hit him. "Don't hit me on the nose! That's my sensitive spot!"

"Next time, I'm throwing something bigger unless you stop running your piehole!" Viral snapped, starting to lose her patience with The British Speedfreak.

However, before Danger could keep testing Viral's patience and before Viral threw something bigger at Danger's nose, Akula stepped in between the two and settled them down. "Ok, calm down. The both of you! Danger, I'm gonna need you to shut your trap and stop testing Viral's patience! Viral, I'll need you to tolerate him a little. Sure, he may be annoying you, but that doesn't mean you should start hurting him! If there's anything you do instead of harming others to relieve stress, do that instead!"

Both of the pegasi reeled from Akula's sudden telling off, but both accepted and settled down. Twilight lit up her magic, cast a cleaning spell on it and gave it back to Viral. She took it back, thanked Twilight and gobbled up another spoonful of mac and cheese.

"Hey, Viral," Spike then suddenly asked the mare, who turned her attention to the baby dragon, "I've actually heard from Akula that you actually have an incredible singing voice. Is that true?"

Viral just put down her bowl, and them said with a smile, "Yes, I have a voice like an angel,"

"Would you care to show us?"

Viral was thinking of not showing, but when the others started agreeing with Spike and asked her to sing. Soon, she relented and stretched out her wings, which started to glow with orange magic and then suprisingly, started to play a unfamiliar beat (to them, at least). Then, came her beautiful singing voice.

When the song was finished, everyone (except for Akula, who already knew about her singing voice) was brought to tears. Her singing was the most beautiful voice they had ever heard.

"Wow," Applejack started to say, wiping away her tears, "That was the most beautiful voice ah' 'ave ever heard! How did ya' get your voice so beautiful?"

"I've been practicing since I was a little filly, so my voice can now reach levels of pitch and volume no other pony can reach," She replied, tucking away her wings.

But before she could pick up her bowl, Twilight rushed up to her and started asking her questions at a rapid pace, "Unbelieveable! Your wings have a magical property, other than the one that allows pegasi to move clouds?! How did you get it? Does anypony else have it? How does it work? What songs do you know?"

"WHOA!!! One question at a time, Twi!" Viral said, causing Twilight to realize her mistake and slow down. The alicorn then asked her questions one at a time, to which Viral happily answered. "I don't know how I got it exactly, but the only things I do remember is that I was somewhere in-between 11 and 17, I earned my Cutie Mark when I was 7, but it's hard to believe that it took that long to find it. When I did, I managed to fine tune this ability until I could repeat the beats of my favourite songs. Although, I did practice with it away from my mother, so I could spend some time with her,"

"Wait, you never told us about your mother," Thunderlane then said, before asking, "What is she like? Is she nice?"

Viral immediately swallowed down the mouthful of her food before giving her answer, "Well, let's just say she doesn't like you kind,"


"No. Wonderbolts,"

Akula didn't need to sense V's emotions, because he could already sense a tiny bit of fear inside her upon mentioning that her mother hates Wonderbolts.

"Hey, can we move on to somepony else? I'm getting uncomfortable with all these questions," Fortunately, all the others respected her wish and allowed her ask somepony about themselves. "Okay, I'll start with you, Akula. You've told me your fake 'Zephyr' backstory, but I want to hear your actual backstory. What was your life like in the hive? Was it nice?"

Akula just smiled at her, and started his backstory, "You bet your flank it was nice. I was the first changeling to split my egg, moments after it was laid. No other queen had ever had one of her eggs split so quickly. Also, I didn't realize one other thing. I was born with the Devil's Gift. I only realized I had it after I lost my wings and then made sweet, sweet love with my Chrysabliss. I tried to keep it hidden, but soon, I became seduced by its power. So, I tapped into its power and used it. Capturing ponies to feed the hive and killing any guard that stood in my way. Nopony was going to tell me 'no'. Until..." After saying this, he eyes started to water up.

"Until what?" Danger asked.

"...Until, everything was taken from us. The hive reformed and my queen flew off without me, declaring her revenge. I tried mounting a final stand against the others that had reformed, but it failed. They did try to welcome me into their new hive, Thorax even approached to say that if I joined his hive and let friendship embrace me, they would forgive me for everything I've done, but I didn't listen. I verbally called them out, how they had made my life a misery and how they had taken my precious queen away from me. I shot at any changeling that tried to approach me, before I teleported away, into the Everfree Forest, hoping that one day I would find my love once again..." He finished, before bursting into bloody tears.

Instinctively, Twilight trotted up to the half-changeling, sat down next to him and wrapped one of her wings around his back. "There, there. It's okay. We'll find your lover, I promise," That seemed to help, because the changeling then sniffed, blinked his tear-filled eyes dry, stood up and said that he was okay. Almost instantly, all the others crowded around him and gave him his sympathies.

"It's okay, sugarcube. We'll get ya' lover back. And we're gonna' do it together," Applejack stated.

"Yeah," Danger agreed, "I'm with you all the way, my new friend!"

"We'll get her. And I'll be at your side all the way," Viral added.

Then, right as Viral said that, Danger scooted up right next to her and wrapped his left fore-hoof around her back. "And I'll be right here. Next. To. You!" He said, bringing Viral to face him. "Kiss me. You know you want to," He whispered to her.

"In your dreams, you pervert!" She whispered back, pulling away from him. Then, she called him out, "I'd rather sit on a storm cloud than kiss you!" She then stormed off.

"Sure, you may storm off now, but I know you love me!" He called out, to which he received a small rock that hit him right on the nose.

After a few minutes of silence, Twilight then suddenly realized something and rushed to her Mesquite. She opened the door and saw that the timer for the Road Rage event she had entered has just hit zero, then came the loud victory sound, which caused all of the others to crowd around her car and then Twilight's licence ticked down one win.

What was announced next made everypony's eyes go wide. It was DJ-P0N3, saying, The Nakamura SI-7 has been released into Paradise City. If you see it, shut it down to add it to your collection,

There was no need to say it.

Twilight looked towards Akula and said one thing, "SI-7,"

"Fluttershy," Akula finished.

"We need to get her!"

"We need somepony to hold down the fort,"

Then, Applejack spoke up. "Me an' Thunderlane'll hold down the fort. You jus' go get Fluttershy,"

The changeling just nodded once to the farm-mare before he then said, "Danger. Viral. Twilight. With me, we're going to back Fluttershy," Instantly, the two Pegasi rushed to their cars and raced off towards Downtown. Twilight just trotted up to Akula and asked, "Why Downtown?"

"Because that's the most likely place we'll find her. The SI-7 is a small, agile sports car, fits in well with the tight, 90o turns of Downtown. So, that's were we head," The demon replied, rushing to his Ikusa, Twilight rushing to her Mesquite.

Downtown Paradise
In front of the Crash FM Building

It was getting late in Paradise City.

The sun was beginning to set over the White Mountains and darkness was beginning to fall on the beautiful city. Pretty soon, the cars would leave the roads and the motorbikes would come out to play. But that was still a few minutes away.

As for the cars, two were sitting right outside the entrance of the Crash FM building. They were Danger's Tempesta and Viral's GT Concept. But despite the peaceful setting, the pegasus mare that drives the GT wasn't getting any seconds of peace, from the pegasus stallion that was sitting next to her.

When the two of them arrived at the location they were scouting for Fluttershy, Danger immediately entered her car and sat in the passenger seat. The moment he did, he started to flirt with her, saying that she secretly thought that he was hot and she wanted to be bedded by the stallion. Somehow, this crazy stallion had deluded himself into thinking that he could be able to handle her.

But no matter how hard he tried, Viral would shoot down every single on of his attempts. She was just too tough of a nut to crack.

But he still tried.

"C'mon, Viral. Don't tell me that you don't find me even a little bit attractive," Danger flirted, trying once again to whoo the mare.

"Actually, no," She then said, "I find you 100% annoying! So stop trying to win me! I'm not a prize!"

Danger just chuckled, leaned into Viral's ear and whispered, "Okay then. Believe what you want. And I believe that you're secretly just begging me to take you to bed,"

Frankly, Viral had had it with the stallion and his crazy thoughts. However, she kept her composure and just calmly said, "Please open your door," Although Danger was a little confused, he complied and opened the passenger door. "Now, unbuckle yourself," Again, he complied and unbuckled himself.

But as he turned to face Viral, he was met with a hoof to the face, which hit him right on the snoot. He was hit so hard, he flew out of his seat and landed on the pavement, rolling a few times before coming to a stop, clutching his muzzle. As Danger clasped his snoot, Viral slammed the passenger door shut and locked her car, preventing Danger from getting back in.

Dean just stood up and saw Viral lock the GT, just stared at the mare for a while, then smiled before walking back to his Tempesta. She'll come through. Eventually, He thought.

Meanwhile, in the GT, Viral just couldn't wrap her head around why Danger was constantly trying to bed her. What the hell is wrong with that stallion?! He should know by now that I am unavailable, yet he keeps trying. That guy doesn't know how to take 'no' as an answer!

But moments later, their silence was interrupted by the sound of a car approaching. Both pegasi snapped out of their thoughts to see, on the other side of Franke Avenue, was a yellow-and-red SI-7.

Fluttershy's SI-7.

Both Danger and Viral saw Fluttershy sitting at the wheel of the small sports car, her glowing green eyes making her appear lifeless and non-pony like. The pegasi duo watched as the Element of Kindness turned onto Fry Avenue and proceeded South. Both the pegasi started up their cars and started to tail the timid yellow pegasus.

Danger grabbed his CB mike, and reported to Akula. "AK, this is Speedfreak. We have a positive ID on Fluttershy. She's just turned onto Fry Avenue, heading South. Me and Viral are moving to tail her,"

Copy that, Speedfreak. Follow her, but keep your distance. I'll notify Twilight. Keep me updated if she changes course, Akula replied.

"Acknowledged," And the two drivers started to tail the hypnotized Element.

But meanwhile, over by the Naval Yard, was Twilight and Spike, heading west, searching for Fluttershy.

Sadly, their search of the area surround the Naval Yard proved to be fruitless, so now they were setting up another sweep of the area before heading up to the Wildcats Stadium and continuing the search there.

"Oh, come on!" Spike complained, "We're looking for an Element of Harmony. They can't be that hard to find!"

But just as the drake said that, the Mesquite's radio crackled to life. Twilight, this is Akula. Do you copy?

Twilight picked up the CB's mike and responded, "Twilight here. Go ahead,"

Danger and Viral have a positive ID on Fluttershy. She's just turned onto Fry Avenue and is heading South. Get yourself over there!

"Roger that!" Twilight replied, putting back the mike and yanking on the handbrake. The car spun around a full 180o, and Twilight raced back towards the Wildcats Baseball Stadium.

But while Twilight was racing towards Fluttershy's position, everything started to go wrong for the Free Ponies.

While Fluttershy was cruising down Fry, continually repeating to herself that she must obey her master, Danger and Viral accidentally misjudged their distance they were tailing Fluttershy from. And pretty soon, Fluttershy looked behind her and saw the two pegasi tailing her. She let out a sudden 'EEP!' and stomped down on the throttle, starting to race away from the two.

And when Dean saw the SI-7 pick up speed, he instantly knew that they had been spotted. "AK, this is Speedfreak. We've been spotted, and Fluttershy is making a run for it!"

Shit! Stay on her tail! Don't let her get away! Akula then ordered.

Both he and Viral acknowledged the order and raced after the timid pegasus.

As the two chased the Element of Kindness down Fry, she then sent a magical callout to her master. "My master! Ponies that are not enslaved to your glorious will are after me! I can't possibly outrun them! What do I do, my master?"

Lead them to Maplemont. We have an ambush set up for them there. Soon, they will join you in my glorious reign, Was the reply. Fluttershy immediately acknowledged this order and turned onto Harber, racing as fast as she could to get to the Country Club.

Meanwhile, Twilight raced up Manners Avenue to try and catch up with Dean and Viral, using any amount of boost she had. She then suddenly got a radio call from Akula.

Twilight, where are you?

Spike picked up the mike for Twi and spoke for her. "This is Spike. We're currently on Manners Avenue, about to arrive at Harber,"

Tell Twilight to hurry! I just got word from an unidentified source. The Legion of Doom is setting up an ambush at the Country Club, and Fluttershy is the bait! We need you to take her out before we get there!

What followed was the muffled sound of three cars racing by.

They've just gone past me now! I'm joining the chase, but we need you now! Akula then reported, before shutting off his radio and giving chase.

Spike put down the microphone, and immediately turned to Twilight and said, "We need to pick up the pace here, Twilight!"

"I'm going as fast as I can, Spike!" Twilight said to the drake, keeping her eyes focused on the road.

Twilight then turned off of Manners, taking a shortcut by taking the jump through the little building and then through the warehouse-like building before arriving at Harber. Quite soon, she managed to gain on where Fluttershy was, who was now being chased by Akula, Danger and Viral.

Spike picked up the CB mike and said, "Akula! We're right behind you!"

Copy that! I see you now! You're clear to come past! Akula said, clearing a path between their vehicles for Twilight to pass through. The princess took the opportunity and raced through the gap, closing on Fluttershy. She then shunted the SI-7, which easily sent it out of control. But by some miracle, Flutters was able to regain control of the car.

Now, the group had now turned onto Webster Avenue and were rushing down the main lanes, Twilight doing anything she could to catch the yellow pegasus.

The SI-7 has very poor weight, and when knocked about by heavier cars it usually faces, spells certain doom. However, first they have to catch the little bastard, as the SI-7 is just a little bit faster than most of the heavier vehicles it encounters at its level. So, while Twilight could easily take out Fluttershy, she wouldn't be able to catch her.

If she was traveling in a straight line.

Because, when the chase arrived at the Andersen Street intersection, a sedan then crossed the intersection, and passed right into Fluttershy's path. Immediately, she swerved to avoid the car, but ended up slowing down enough for Twilight to catch her.

And upon seeing that Fluttershy was now in striking distance, Twilight moved in from a slam.

Seconds later, impact.

Twi's lavender Mesquite slammed into the SI-7, sending it careening into the concrete split. The small, yellow sports car then crumpled up and started to roll. All of a sudden, time then slowed around Twilight, and her focus was directed to the wrecked SI-7, tumbling in slow-motion. Then, DJ-P0N3's voice said, The Nakamura SI-7 has been delivered to your Junkyard! Well done!

Then, as quick as it had come, the slow-mo then returned to normal and Twilight then hit her brakes to avoid the tumbling wreckage of Fluttershy's Nakamura. Pretty soon, the others arrived and encircled the wreck, the others jumping out of their cars and forming a perimeter.

Twilight decided to do the same, and jumped out. Once she was out, she locked Spike in the car and rushed over to the SI-7. Once she got to the wreck, she forced the driver-side door open, revealing Flutters.

And she was in a bad way. Her mane and tail were all messy, she had a few cuts on her body, her wings were bent and she was coughing violently. To make matters worse, her eyes were still glowing green, but the glow was very weak.

Instinctively, Twilight tried to pull the Element bearer free from the wreckage, but the seatbelt holding Fluttershy had jammed, trapping the pegasus in the car. Then, Twilight tried to communicate with the pegasus.

"Fluttershy! Can you hear me? Are you okay?"

Fluttershy just coughed again, before turning her head slowly towards Twilight and gazing into her purple eyes. "So... you got me," She replied to the alicorn, weakly, "No matter. You... will never... free the others. My master... will track you down... and you will soon... bow at his hooves! Equestria... will be... his... to rule..." She then coughed even more violently before turning away from Twilight and looking up into the sky. Her eyes then started to slowly close, and she silently muttered 'Goodbye, great master. I have failed you,' before she closed her eyes.

Twilight's eyes then started to water up. Had she killed one of her own friends? But as she was on the verge of crying, a bright flash enveloped the wrecked car, before disappearing, taking the SI-7 and Fluttershy with it. Shocked, she turned to Akula, wanting an answer.

All he said was, "Let's get back to the Junkyard before it gets late,"

Later, at the Junkyard...

The others arrived at the Junkyard, moments before the sun finally set. Thankfully, they didn't run into any of Sombra's minions on their way home and arrived without a problem.

And the moment they arrived, there was a surprise in store.

Danger was the first into the yard, and as his headlight washed over the darkness of the field, they discovered the wreckage of Fluttershy's SI-7 in the middle of the yard. Immediately, the group encircled the car, not permitting any chance of escape. And, as before, Twilight rushed to the car, only to find something very different.

This time, Fluttershy looked absolutely fine. Her mane and tail were perfect, there were no cuts and she wasn't coughing. And what was even better, her eyes were back to normal! Her cyan eyes were clearly visible, and moving around in circles.

She was very dizzy.

And the seatbelt had unjammed. So, when Twilight now tried to get Flutters out of her car, the belt unbuckled and the pegasus was easily pulled from the wreck (as the car was still wrecked).

"Ohh, my head," Fluttershy groaned, holding her head, "So dizzy. Wh-where am I?"

"You're at White Mountain Junkyard. You were hypnotized by Sombra and we freed you," Twilight explained, dragging the pegasus from her wrecked SI-7. After a few moments of letting that sink in, Fluttershy's eyes widened and then she hugged Twilight as tight as Pinkie Pie would.

"Twilight, you saved me! Thank you!" She then broke the hug and turned to the others, "And thank you as well,"

"You can thank us later, when we've freed the others," Viral stated.

For the next few minutes, Fluttershy told her story. How her car felt like it was hit by a lightning bolt and then losing control of her mind and waking up to find her car wrecked and in a Junkyard, surrounded by multiple cars. When the others told her what happened in more detail, she instantly wanted to help in any way she could.

But as the group conversed, there seemed to be no sign of Applejack or Thunderlane.

"Hey, where's Applejack and Thunderlane?" Viral asked, noticing the farm mare and Wonderbolt's absence.

That is, until there came a loud moan from a nearby building, and Applejack screaming out, "OH, BUCK!!! MESS ME UP MORE, YA STUD!!!!"

Viral, upon hearing this, facehoofed, let out a sigh and said, "Never mind. I think I know where they are,"

All the others then burst out into laughter, knowing they were in for a long night...

Author's Note:

Once again, this took me an age to complete! And I'm really happy that I got it finished!

In case you were wondering (I'm looking at you, DangerDean and RDgamer321), there will be NO, I repeat, NO sex scenes between Viral and Danger! So again, DON'T ASK FOR IT!

That doesn't mean I'll stop on Dean's flirting through, or Viral's constant shootdowns either...

Stay tuned for the next chapter...

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