• Published 7th Oct 2019
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Burnout Equestrian Paradise - Akula966

When Equestrians start turning up in Paradise City, the only logical thing for them to do is... well, race.

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"Ooooh, a pretty portal!"

Ponyville, Equestria
3 days ago...

It was a normal day in Ponyville. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and everypony in Ponyville were just going about their day. The Spa Ponies were giving massages and other spa treatments to stressed-out ponies, Rarity was busy making new designer clothes in the Carousel Boutique, Mr. and Mrs. Cake were baking delectable treats with Pinkie Pie at Sugarcube Corner, Fluttershy was busy taking care of her animals at her cottage, Applejack was busy with the apple harvest and Rainbow Dash was busy... napping.

Meanwhile, Mayor Mare was trotting around town, seeing her town's sights for herself. She let out a relaxing sigh, "What a beautiful day. I can't think of one thing that will ruin it,"

Then, as if on cue, a huge group of ponies rushed right by her, all heading for the town square. She overheard some of them saying stuff like 'What's that over there?' and 'Is that a portal?' Confused, Mayor Mare followed the group to the town square. Once there, she saw a massive crowd had gathered around something near the Town Hall. Attempting to push through the crowd to see what they were gathered around, she eventually laid eyes on it...

...And her jaw involuntarily dropped.

It was a portal, and it gave off a very weak red glow. But in the middle of the portal, was the opening, at what was on the other side was visible. On the other side, was a wide black road that turned to the left, that ran underneath a huge sign that stretched across the entire road. On it, in big bold letters, were the words 'COAST GUARD'. And hanging from the sign was a red banner, but it was too far from view to read what was on it.

"Ok, everypony! Please back away from the portal! Everything is under control!" Mayor Mare ordered, trying to force the crowd backwards. However...

"Oooh, a pretty portal!" An all-too-familiar voice exclaimed.

Oh no. Mayor Mare thought, spotting a very familiar pink Earth pony mare with a cotton candy-like mane and tail bounding through the crowd.

Upon reaching the front of the crowd, Pinkie Pie gazed at the portal with a twinkle in her big, blue eyes. "I wonder what's on the other side? I should call the others!" Mayor Mare, upon hearing this statement, ran over and tried to cover her muzzle before...


Too late.

But it seemed to work, as within 19 seconds of Pinkie's screaming, the other Elements arrived at the scene. Well, almost all...

"Hey! Where's Twilight?" Pinkie asked, not seeing Twilight Sparkle in the group.

"Oh, Pinkie. Darling. Don't you remember? She was called away by the Princess for some royal matters," Rarity stated, prompting a realizing 'OHHHHH!' from Pinkie.

All the staring at the portal by the Elements was interrupted by a sweet, quiet 'Ahem'. All of the girls turned to look to Fluttershy, who repeated her throat clearing.

"Umm, girls. What should we do, now that Twilight is not here?" She asked, still as quiet as ever.

"Well," Rainbow Dash started, a small grin visible on her face, "There's only one logical thing we can do..."

"Go inside the portal."

All the others just looked at her, in absolute shock.

"Oh, come on, girls! Just imagine what's on the other side! And what we can do!" Rainbow stated, trying to sway the others' opinions.

"Oh, I don't know Rainbow," Fluttershy questioned, "It could be dangerous on the other side,"

Nopony then said anything, until Applejack spoke up. "Well, Ah' think that we should jus' take ah' peek at what's on the other side. I mean, Twilight would do the same for us,"

"Well I-I suppose we should do it, and yes, Applejack, Twilight would do it for us," Rarity admitted, "She was the one who went through the portal that led to the other world when Sunset Shimmer stole her crown. So, this is our chance to see for ourselves without Twilight to spoil it for us," Rarity's statement was met with nodding heads and agreeing 'yeahs' from the others. While Mayor Mare just stood there, slack-jawed at the whole situation.

"Well, girls. Why ah' we just standing here? Let's... GO!!!!!!" Applejack cried, and the Elements raced to the portal, to the Mayor's panicked cries of 'Are you sure that's the wisest thing?!' But they didn't listen, and one by one, ran into the portal, with Pinkie jumping in, yelling 'WHEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!"

And just like that, they were gone. Heading for an unknown location...

Twilight's Castle of Friendship, Ponyville
1 day ago...

"SPIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Was the sound of Twilight calling for the baby dragon's assistance. Spike, meanwhile, was 'busy' grabbing some gems from the castle's kitchen for his lunch, when he heard Twilight's booming voice calling for him.

"Coming!" Spike called back, placing his bowl of gems on the kitchen bench and immediately rushed to the library, where he knew Twilight was.

Upon reaching the library, he saw Twilight quickly flicking through a book that was titled, 'The Art of Locating Ponies (Using Magic)' In fact, she was so focused in her book, she didn't notice that Spike had arrived at the door, until he cleared his throat to get her attention.

"Ah, Spike! There you are!" Twilight finally acknowledged Spike's presence, looking up from her book.

"What's going on, Twilight?" he asked, unsure of what was going on.

"I need you to take this paper and quill and start writing what I say! I just can't seem to find the others anywhere!" Twilight stated, getting straight to the point, and materialized a quill and parchment into Spike's hands. "Start writing what I say..."

"Dear Princess Celestia..."

But then, just as the words left her mouth, the purple dragon burped, and a scroll magically materialized from the belch, wrapped in a red silk ribbon and adorned with a golden seal. Spike ripped off the binding and read the message aloud:

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I am sorry to advise you that your friends have been reported missing for 2 days. Neither me or Luna know where they have gone, but both of us have an idea. According to a letter I recently received from Mayor Mare, a mysterious portal leading to an unknown location has appeared in Ponyville Town Square, and on the day it appeared, your friends were seen entering the portal. You know by now that if an Element of Harmony is not in Equestria, it won't allow the other Elements to power up and so, the Elements won't work, rendering Equestria open to attack.

Twilight, we need you and Spike to go into the portal, investigate what's on the other side and, if your friends are on the other side, please bring them home.

Your Teacher,
Princess Celestia.

Spike looked at Twilight. Twilight looked at Spike.

They didn't need to say it. Their friends were missing. Go find them!

Twilight immediately put away her book and told Spike, "Spike, go get you bag and pack some your things you need for trips. Were going to Ponyville!"

"Ok, Twilight!" Spike replied, running out the door of the library. But moments later, he poked his head back through the door and asked, "Umm, Twilight? When are we going?"

Twilight looked back at Spike and said, "Well, since it will take me a while to pack, we will go to this portal tomorrow morning," And with that, Spike left to pack his things for the all important portal trip tomorrow...

Ponyville Town Square
Present day...

Before Twilight and Spike knew it, the next day had come around and everything was set for their trip through the portal. But when they arrived at Ponyville...

"Wait, where is everypony?"

There was nopony outside. There was nopony in sight. Ponyville looked abandoned. Still, Twi and Spike proceeded towards Town Hall, trying to find any ponies on the way.

"I don't get it. Is there some sort of holiday going on today?" Spike asked.

"No. I checked the calendar before we left," Twilight answered.

"Did they smell me coming? Does my breath stink?" Spike asked, burping out green fire and smelling the smoke.

"You can rule that out already. I saw you eat a breath mint before we left, remember?" Twilight replied again.

Moments later, they arrived at Town Hall. However...

"Twilight! There you are! It's horrible! They've all left!"

Twilight and Spike looked in the direction of the voice, and saw Mayor Mare...

...and when they did, they gasped in horror.

Her glasses' lenses were cracked and her tie and collar were broken and covered in dirt. Mayor Mare herself was covered in bruises and scratches, and her mane elegant silver mane was disheveled and coated in dirt. A small line of dried blood, originating from her left nostril was visible on her face and she had a black right eye.

She looked like she had gotten run over by a stampede.

"Mayor Mare! Wha-what happened?" Twilight asked, shocked by what became of the Mayor.

Mayor started stammering and muttering before she said, "Your friends... *cough**cough* Th-they... *cough* When they went into the portal... *cough**cough* All of Ponyville watched and... *cough**cough**cough* Just the other day, they followed them in! *cough**cough* I tried to hold them back as best as I could, but-but..."

"But, what?" Spike asked.

"Th-they... They... They trampled over me!" Was Mayor answer.

The two just stared at her, mouths agape in shock. Why would the citizens of Ponyville do this?

"Mayor Mare, we are here to bring them back. Just point us to the portal and just leave the rest to us," Twilight explained to her.

"Okay," Mayor said, raising a hoof, "It's over there. Good luck, Twilight and stay safe,"

"We will," Twilight replied, smiling to Mare. She then walked towards the portal, breathing deeply. This was the most intense thing, apart from facing off against Tirek, that she would ever do, and she had to be prepared.

She then turned to Spike, who was standing right next to her, and simply asked, "Ready, Spike?"

Spike then cracked his knuckles, got into a runner's starting position and shifted his feet along the ground. "Ready!" He replied.

Twilight then got into a running stance, game face on. Then, the two raced for the portal and jumped in...

Unknown location
Present day...

Twilight had just started to open her eyes, as the bright light upon her entering of the portal was very bright, and if she had kept her eyes open, she would have gone blind. But, unlike her trip through the Mirror Portal, she didn't get dizzy, she just didn't want to be blinded.

When she opened her eyes, all she saw was a wooden floor, and through the gaps, she could see what she thought was the sea. She could smell the ocean as well.

"Uh, Twilight?" Spike asked her, suspiciously.

"Spike! I told you, if we end up with you as a dog and me as a human, for you not to worry!" Twilight snapped, clearly annoyed.

"Uh, that's not the problem," Spike then said, confusing Twilight.

"What do you mean-" But before, it came into view.

Two short, stubby, purple, scaly legs. And on the end of them, two little feet. Twilight instinctively looked up and saw Spike's baby dragon face. And it caught her by surprise.

"Spike? Are you... STILL A DRAGON?!" Twilight cried out in shock.

Spike then instinctively checked himself out, and confirms it. He was still a dragon.

"It... looks like it. But... That means..." Spike then said, looking at Twi's form, his pupils the size of pinheads.

"Means wha-" But before she could finish, she could see two blurry things in front of her, and when she focused on them...

...they turned out to be her two front hooves! She then looked around, and saw that she was in her pony form!

Her mouth fell open and her eyes widened to the size of saucepans upon seeing her pony features. After examining herself, she looked at her surroundings, and immediately, she knew they were in the human world. Constantly passing by them on the two roads that separated them and the beach from the two hotels on the other side, were what looked like 'cars', but they looked different to the ones they encountered at Canterlot High School.

But as to why they didn't change, they couldn't figure out.

"Something's wrong, Spike. It looks like were in the human world, but why are we still original forms?" Twi asked.

"Don't ask me! You're the magic expert!" Spike snapped at her. He then looked to his left, and his eyes widened. "But I think we've got company," Twilight then heard it before she saw it.

It was the engine of an approaching car.

Twilight looked in the direction of the engine noise, and saw a cyan-and-gold-highlighted Jansen P12 sports-car. And it was pulling up to the kerb, right where Spike and herself were standing.

As the Jansen rolled to a stop, the two watched it carefully, anticipating the driver to try and fillynap them, when the passenger-side window rolled down...

...to reveal Rainbow Dash, sitting at the wheel of the sports-car! She then stared at the dragon and the Alicorn for a long while, before breaking out into a huge smile.

"Twilight!" The Pegasus exclaimed, overjoyed, "You're here! I was wondering when you'd arrive!"

Twilight let out a sigh of relief, having run into the first missing Element within minutes of her arrival.

"Oh, Dash!" Twilight sighed, "It's good to see you! But you wouldn't happen to know where the others-" But before she could finish her question, she was interrupted by Rainbow, who was laughing.

"Ha ha ha, I just knew you were gonna' ask that! I know where they are. In fact, I'll take you to them!" Rainbow said, and then she opened the passenger-side door, "Hop in,"

"Hop in?!" Twilight and Spike both asked in unison, both of them almost shrieking.

"Yes, that's what I said. Hop in!" Dash repeated, almost bursting into hysterical laughter.

"NO!!!! No no no no no no no! We are not getting in!" Twilight shrieked, staring at Rainbow in utter shock and disbelief.

Rainbow let out a deep sigh, having successfully held back her laughter. "Oh, come on, Twi! The others are anxious to see you! And besides, coming with me is the fastest way to get around the city! Or would you prefer to walk? Because if you do, you've got quite a lot distance to cover. Also, walking around the city is pretty dangerous here. Are you sure you don't wanna' hop in?" She asked in a teasing tone.

Twilight though long and hard about what Rainbow had just stated. She walked around Ponyville everyday, not having to worry about anything. What was so dangerous about the city that prevented her from walking everywhere? And what was it about Rainbow's car that made it the fastest way to get around? She so desperately wanted to find out, she had no choice but to accept Rainbow's command.

"Ok. Ok, Rainbow. You win. We'll get in," Twilight said, admitting defeat and walking towards to the P12, having levitated Spike onto her back. Finally, they got in and shut the door behind them. Twilight sat upright in the seat, with Spike sitting in-between her hind legs, on the seat. Twi then grabbed her seat-belt with her magic and clipped it into the buckle.

"Good choice!" Rainbow remarked, a huge grin plastered onto her face, "Let's go! We've kept the others waiting for too long!" The pegasus then keyed the ignition and the Jansen's engine roared to life, nearly scaring Twilight and Spike half to death. Dash laughed at the pair's reaction.

"Is the meeting point far? I don't want spend longer in here that I have too!" Twilight asked.

"Oh, no. It's not far. Only a couple of blocks," Dash answered.

"Okay..." Twilight said, then she asked, "Do you perhaps know where we are? Or perhaps, what this place is called?"

Dash then snickered, before answering Twilight's question. "I'm actually not 100% sure where exactly we are, but, I can answer your second question. And with a simple phrase, at that,"

"Which is?" Spike intervened. Rainbow then smiled at Spike and said the phrase...

..."Welcome to Paradise!"

Author's Note:

Well, here it is. The first Burnout Paradise story on Fimfiction has begun! To the sharp-eyed readers and members of the Changeling hive, you will notice that I have made several references to the Equestria Girls movie, GTA: Ponytropolis I (By Pinkamena666) and some episode of the TV show. Some of these references were intended, and some were not, so I apologize if you think I might be plagiarizing.

I'm not.

The races you will see in the following chapters are the same events seen in the game, but I intended for this to happen.

Also, the cars used in this story are the ACTUAL cars seen in the game. There are no rip-off of the Paradise cars, they are all seen in the game. I will provide links to the first-mentioned cars, so you will know what they will look like. And the paint schemes for each car can be recreated in the game without the use of any mods. So, if any of you bronies and/or pegasisters out there wish to recreate any of the moments of the story in-game, you may do so.

One last thing, the location where Twilight and Spike arrived in Paradise is a small, wooden jetty on the right-hand side of East Crawford Drive, just before the East Crawford Drive-Hudson Avenue intersection. The direction of travel is West.

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter and as always...

Keep dogfighting! :raritywink: