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The CMC are trying to escape the romance of hearts and hooves day. Unaware a certain princess is looking to do the same. After a night in the old castle, Princess Luna is found by the CMC crying. She then reveals to the fillies a stallion of her past, from before her transformation nightmare moon and what led to his untimely death.

Chapters (3)
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To the author - Hi and welcome to fimfiction:)
i'd like to point out a few errors with chapter one sweetie belle's name should be spaced out. in chapter two it's '' 'Where' celestia lays '' not their.
also put an AU tag.

p.s: I don't know if your story's gonna be a short or long drawn out one?
luna does talk to the cmc about her long lost love please don't fall into the trap of making him being OP (over powered) or a gary stu. so ya don't get any dislikes from readers who tear you or fic apart!
this story has intrigue me & can't wait for more.

Thank you for the advice and this will be a long drawn out story! As for being overpowered he will be strong but not stronger than everyone. Also a big part of his character will be flaws because in my opinion a perfect pony is boring lol. I'm glad to have intrigued you and i looked forward to more of your feedback.
-Light Shield

thanks for the info about your story being ''a long drawn out'' tale!
on your male oc - okay that's good to hear:)

p.s: oh i wouldn't mind a dream sequence then jump back with that last bit in chapter one with cmc finding luna in the castle of the two sisters (i'm doing that for my own stories) but they're gonna take a long while cause my laptop having issues. so if i don't read your fic while it's getting updated or respond for long periods of time...that's why. just thought you should know in advance;)
one last thing check your spelling when writing in replies too it's ''look'' not looked! i hate to be the grammar police.

Okay, cool and i feel your pain with laptop problems. Also no worries about grammar policing lol. Sometimes i type to fast and make mistakes that i don't notice until later on.

Comment posted by musoperatica deleted Last Sunday

To the author - very good chapter. only three errors in this oneā€¦
1. when says luna says to the cmc '' there's no need to 'fret' '' not threat.
2. scootaloo should have said '' you could've gone anywhere"
3. sweetie belle should've said to luna ''you're super pretty" over your pretty.
Please don't delete this comment! unlike the previous one, LOL

Thanks and my apologies i tried to respond to the previous comment, but deleted it by mistake lol. Also sure we can talk more

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