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This story is inspired by Equestria Girls Battle of Gods

We have a world where Universe 7 was in perish millions of planets started to explode including Earth and Vampa as Goku and Broly lost everything and one of those explosions pushed Goku and Broly to another world and our heroes seem to have no idea where their are as now they have more problems to work with. This takes place after DBS Broly and during MLP EG Rainbow Rocks.

Saga 1 Power of Saiyan Gods
Saga 2 The Return of Turles
Saga 3 Universal Friendship Conflict
Saga 4 Legend of Everfree and Return of Black
Saga 5 Xeno saga
Saga 6 The Demon Janemba
Saga 7 Frieza’s Revenge
Saga 8 The Ultimate Ancient Saiyan
Saga 9 Battle of Omni Gods
Saga 10 Saiyan's last fight

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 27 )
Comment posted by BROLY MUI deleted September 29th

Meh, younger or not, at least Broly is still 9'10". That's his official height, by the way. So yeah, I would be disturbed if people didn't do a double take at seeing a literal giant walk by.

Er, actually, Broly is different than Kale. Kale is just a Super Saiyan Berserker, whereas Broly's strength is affected by his Great Ape side, making him the actual Legendary Super Saiyan and not just another Berserker. Also, I'm kinda miffed that nobody's been surprised by A NEARLY 10 FOOT TALL GIANT.

I should specify more that the of Broly’s height. I say that in Ikari he is like 7 feet tall as in super saiyan as well, in LSSJ he is 9.10 feet tall

Yeah I’ll keep Broly and Goku’s height as Goku is 5’8 or 5’10 as Broly is like 6’3 as he is smaller than the original

...I dunno. I didn't see it saying anything about a height difference between transformations, just that he was 9'10". Then again, I could have missed something. Also, you should keep Broly at his original height and size. By age 15 in Dragonball, Goku was already at his full height. Just because they look younger doesn't mean you should shrink them unless they're 14 or younger.

Plus Goku is between 5’8 and 5’10 in DBS like I said before

Ah, and it just says 9'10" for his height and doesn't mention a change in it when he transforms or returns to base state, so you should probably keep Broly at 9'10".

He is 9’10 when he is in his LSSJ not in his base or wrath or SSJ and is pretty obvious when he isn’t transformed he is a a little taller than Goku but not exaggerated taller as Goku reaches to Broly’s shoulder when he’s not transformed as when he is transformed into LSSJ he barely reaches his torso maybe less so Broly is a little taller than Goku as in with the girls Goku is a tall dude but smaller than Principal Celestia as Broly in his base is already a giant to the girls and he has the same height as Principal Celestia.

Hmm...probably. He definitely looks taller in his Legendary transformation. I'm simply stating the known facts. It actually doesn't give a height for his base state. It just says 9'10". However, if he really is shorter when not transformed and it isn't just the camera angle making him look shorter, then it really would have been nice if Toriyama had announced his base height too.

I know it says 9'10 but that is his legendary form, I'm just saying that he is like 6'3 feet tall

True. I just wish Toriyama had given us a base height instead of making us guess.

I don't know about Goku being sad about Chi-Chi. Remember that he can just visit her in heaven with his Instant Transmission. ...Well, unless the unknown Saiyan went to the otherworld and destroyed their souls, too. That'd suck for Goku. On another note, yeah, if Goku were to punch him in the face, then I am already imagining Flash's entire skull exploding from the sheer force of the blow. Then I imagine that his body would shatter into dust, much like the Cell Jrs. did when hit by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.

Actually, Vegeta WASN'T controlled by Babidi. If you recall, Vegeta forced the control spell out of him and proceeded to act on his own will. Broly can easily overpower the Dazzlings control, should it come to that.

"You may have taken over my body and mind, but there is one thing a Saiyan always keeps: HIS PRIDE!!!" -Vegeta

Comment posted by JensenDaniels32 deleted Last Thursday

...Okay, but just be sure not to make the same mistakes as the "Battle Of The Gods" fanfic on this website. Remember, controlling Vegeta did not work out for Babidi because Vegeta forced the control out with his sheer power. No one from the MLP series and the EQG series can even come close to someone like Yamcha. So yeah...

I know but remember Broly is already transformed in Wrath which he can barely control it as if he goes full wrath he may lose control, plus Broly is not trained so he doesn’t know how to regain control of himself from magic, he’ll just become the demon that destiny wants him to be.

Goku’s instant transmission can be used to go from place to place but not reality to reality plus, Whis took him 6 hours or more to arrive to Equestria

No, if they push Broly over the edge, then they won't be able to control him either. It'd be like trying to control a brick wall-it just cannot be done. The amount of rage and chaos in his mind alone would force their control out violently, and that's assuming that the raw amount of power he'd unleash wouldn't do that first. It would probably also horrify the sirens upon realizing that they had just unleashed something that could be the end of everything. Your idea of having Broly being controlled is implausible and needs to be forgotten. However, if you were to send him on an out of control rampage because of the attempt, and either Ultra Instinct or Wiss was needed to stop his rampage...

This story is awsome i am reading the ornginl one and i like the twist . Altretn time line and differt events. The equestria girls battle of gods one is awsome i like how you put youre own twist in it. Keep it up.

Now I'm not saying that it's a bad story. It's actually rather enjoyable. I'm just giving you advice so that you can avoid dangerous pitfalls in your story.

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