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I like ponies, stories, and making stories about ponies. My strong suits are horror and comedy.


Pinkie Pie was in the middle of making a batch of cupcakes, and she was just about to crack an egg when Mrs. Cake dropped not only a pie tin onto the floor but an F bomb as well. Pinkie Pie realized that there are a lot of ponies swearing out there and that it's her civic duty to stop them.

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There were a few grammatical errors, and I do think this story could’ve benefitted from being a bit more descriptive in a couple of places, but besides those two things, I thought this was pretty’s good! It certainly got a few chuckles out of me, that’s for sure. Have a Thumbs Up!

P.S. Welcome to FimFiction! :pinkiehappy:

Quite a few of the 'swears' in this weren't even swears

I’ll also try to fix those errors if I can.

EDIT: I think I fixed em

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