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Just some Caramel and Bon-Bon fluff. A bit of implied sexual themes but nothing too explicit.

Preview pic done by PluckyNinja on Deviantart who was kind enough to let me use it.

EDIT: A cloppy version of this story can be found in my Deviantart gallery. It's not that much, though.

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Caramel and Bon-Bon? DON'T MIND IF I WILL READ IT.

I hate F/F :ajbemused:

why must Caramel x Bon-Bon clop elude me!?!?! :raritydespair:

great job! but was that the end? cause I'd enjoy more!


Sometimes, a short story is all you need.

Huh, CaramelxBonBon is new for me. Will read!

You've got no complaints from me! Nice story! This site, scratch that, this entire fandom needs more straight shipping.:rainbowkiss: And I agree, sometimes a short story is all you need.


To be fair, I don;t hate F/F pairings (In fact, there are a few that I'm quite fond of). I'm just tired of people assuming Lyra and Bon Bon are a couple just because they are standing next to each other in certain scenes.

i think you made this a rather good story, i like your writing style. keep it up :pinkiehappy:

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I felt lire I had no warning this was very much about their...personal business. It didn't talk about the actual action, but a lot of she story was about it, which I found unexpected. I thought it would be about them meeting and getting to know eachother (personality-wise) for t.e mostpart.:ajsleepy:

Alrighty. Not the best story ever, but a nice break. I was beginging to develop Diabetes from all the D'WAAAA that seemed to be invading the site.

You xcould work, perhaps, on the pacing and detail a bit. Not a major overhaul, but fine-tune it. Like, for example, while the parents are over, go a bit more in depth?

Other than than, fantastic work. Keep it up!

-The Librarian

a little advice, you used y'all wrong when portraying applejack. y'all = you all


I wasn't trying to make the best story ever. I wrote this because I was inspired by the drawing that you see on the story page. I'm no Kkat.

Rather nice and sweet, here. Caramel needs more love and respect.

Caramel is one lucky stallion I can give you that Pax. Nice work!
I just got one question, are you trying to spell Paxton Fettel from F.E.A.R.? Just wandering.

Also when Applejack said to Caramel "Caramel? Equestria to Caramel! Can y'all hear me?" I immediately remembered a line from Red vs Blue when Church said "Earth to Doc! I mean this place to Doc!"
Again, Nice work Pax!:raritywink:


Why yes, it is in fact Paxton Fettel from FEAR


Like I said before, just wondering

Very nice story; a pleasent read and a refreshing pairing for Bon-Bon.


Thank you, it does my heart good for somepony to compliment one of my mediocre stories.

'A cloppy version of this story can be found in my Deviantart gallery. It's not that much, though. "

kk, going straight to deviantart.

68974 First of all, congratulations on making TVTropes.com under the Sexy Discretion Shot.
Second of all, I regretfully inform you that I won't be reading this. LyraXBonnie is my OTP, and has been even since before I noticed them standing together. I ship them because of the clashing of Lyra's usually crazy behavior and Bonnie's usually straight-laced demeanor. I also don't like most M/F shippings if the F in the equation could be with another F in the MLP fandom (although I prefer DerpyDoc to DerpyXCarrot Top (despite shipping Glaze with Carrot Top), and mostly do hetero ships in non-MLP fandoms (ATLA & Korra, Doctor Who, etc). It's a matter of my own suspension of disbelief, and not an attack in any way on your own personal shipping headcanon or story.
Third of all, I don't really like clop either, so that's another reason why I won't read your DA incarnation.


Nothing, I just said whatever.

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