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Those two adorable little psychos

My beautiful, manic, disaster lesbians.

Beautiful. I did suspect that was what was up, but it still makes me smile to read.

Also, nice to see a bit of the Sunset/Rainbow interaction given those two's past together. You can see how they got along like oil and fire.

Oh yeah, definitely. Like, they're great friends but terrible lovers. Rainbow is too 'go-with-the-flow' and Sunset is a 'damn-the-torpedoes-full-speed-ahead'.

All the lewdness that could possibly happen. Maybe Twilight and Sonata will...

Hold hands?

So quick question are the sirens futa's?
Just a quetion to Aria's statment in the end of the chapter

No, they’re not. Aria is just a huge fan of strap-ons, which she makes use of in Rules of Engagement.
Well, Sonata and Twi are both Ace so it’s not likely to much past kissing and cuddling.

What a way to kick off the brand new series! Can't wait to see what else these couples went through before their respective epilogues!

I mean...lesbian bare-naked make-out cuddling. Ace or not, those two are havin some fun :trollestia:

This was an interesting read, and it's always interesting to see people go into the perspectives of faith and religion, especially in those circumstances where the religion differs from your own. And there is an absolute truth to the fact that love, in and of itself, is a faith as well. And so too is there the faith that a love lost can become love again, much the same way that Adagio's lost faith could become a new faith in another way as well.

A heartfelt story that tugs at the strings, is sympathetic and easy to follow, and even for believers and non-believers alike, there is a bit of something to enjoy for everyone. A short but enjoyable look into Adagio's faith!

I never really approached faith in my story before, at least not directly, but Adagio was always that sort of character. Her faith her religion is central to who she is and was, and it will continue to be interesting, I think, to portray that part of her. It's something she holds dear to her heart, and so it's something that Octavia will come to grips with as much as she can, whether or not she understands it.

I'm glad you enjoyed this shorter story, it was quite a lot of fun to write.

I do so enjoy the backstory you’ve created for the Sirens through the series, it does a great job of making them seem otherworldly while still explaining why they are the way they are even when they aren’t being sea-serpenty weirdos

I'm glad, I've put a lot of time into the backstory of the Sirens just so when I drop snippets between large reveals, they all kind of slowly congeal into a coherent background narrative.

The talk & questioning of humanity and religion, is always something tricky and difficult to discuss about, but this was done beautifully

Interesting and nice. :)

I’m sticking with my previous assessment that Twi is far and away the craziest of the bunch, Aria and Sunset have nothing on her, but hey at least she’s become significantly more self-aware of her crazy!

I mean, they’re all different flavors of crazy if we’re being real here. Crazy is the best type of love to write though. Twi is definitely way less stable than a lot of people think she is, though, yeah. :twilightsmile:

Hahaha oh don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way implying Aria and Sunset aren’t fucking psychotic, and it’s great, but Twi is just a special kind of screaming ball of terror

While Adagio and Octavia are over here being relatively stable and supportive like... :facehoof:

they’re like two shelves full of crap that managed to tip over in just the right way and now they’re like, holding each other up.

that is... an incredibly accurate description of how i viewed them
glad to see i wasn't far off
also, applejack viewing her superpower/magic as "great for chores" is so in character

While it’s not full closure, I am so happy that Twilight is finally going to take the steps necessary to try to repair the damage between her and her family and plus she could apparently teleport, who knew?

"I wasn’t sure about the other geodes aside from AJ and Fluttershy’s."
Then she also talks about Rarity's with Applejack's, though, so... what is she unsure about there?

"not terribly brighter than the fields, but"
What fields?

Nice, as usual. :)

Not Twilight, at least, lol.:twilightsmile:

“The very last pieces of my Heartstone, yeah,” Aria took my hand and slipped the ring on my finger. “Because your hands are the only ones that will ever hold my heart.”

Phew. And that's where I teared up.

I would give anything to be a fly on the wall for the honeymoon

I mean, I'll be writing that too. :twilightsmile:

Writing their vows and exchanging of the rings was one of the most enjoyable moments I've had in writing.

“Oh no, she’s hot,”

Bahahahahaha I’m dead :rainbowlaugh:

Also this is Tempest’s best showing yet, I need more of her

Also also, now I really want the backstory on Sunset getting adopted by Celestia, and/or when she came round to tell her new mom about the wedding to an ancient criminal!

Their wedding was a lot more beautiful than I expected it to be... I like to see Aria's sister's trying to top it

Aria is a soft girl at heart. Big time tsundere. So if course her wedding was going to be begrudgingly adorable. :twilightsmile:

Thanks man! My heart hadn't been kicked in the feels yet today! Good to know ya got me covered!

That’s why I’m here. :twilightsmile:

Before I read this, I must know: Will all the sex be female on female?

Yeah, the chapters I write that are sex-focused, anyway.

Why do Octavia’s parents just make me think of Morticia and Gomez Addams?

Which makes Octavia a Wednesday equivalent...which actually kinda makes a lot of sense...

So, I've not read most of the Dead by Sunset stories yet (On the list! Just, they have a lot of company there...), but does this mean that the Rules series is actually in the same universe, or just that some similar events happened?

The chapter was good, though, I thought. :)

So this is sort of like a divergent timeline? So the Siren's past is something I've been slowly defining over the course of... *checks notes* ...everything I've ever written on this site, but how things happen in 'Present Day' timeline is where things diverge. So In the Dead by Sunset timeline, also known as the Timeline That God Forgot, the Entity from Dead by Daylight interferes and drags Sunset and the Sirens, among others, into his Trial Ground dimension.

In Featherfall, the Sirens opt to live quietly in their home until the events of the story take them out of it and thrust them into a semi-leading role saving the world from a dark sorcerer (in the third arc anyway).

But regardless of the present day shenanigans, past stuff remains largely unchanged.

Ah, thanks. :)

Though. From what Adagio said of her past here, and what reading wondering what you were crossing over with got me doing on Dead by Daylight, I have to wonder...
Small family tragedy, deep in a Russian wood, involving a daughter with a rabbit-themed name. Granted, perhaps it's my relative lack of familiarity with both Dead by Daylight and Dead by Sunset, but it sounds like, if the past stuff is largely unchanged, a: Adagio's daughter may not be/have been as dead as she thought and b: just because that entity didn't take Sunset and the Sirens in this timeline doesn't mean it's not still out there.

If you read Adagio's Lament it tells the story pretty cleanly, I think. You don't need to have read Dead by Sunset to understand it or its sister story 'Sisterhood Sonata'. Sufficed to say, her daughter is phenomenally dead.

Jesus, Adagio's backstory about her daughter was very strong and emotional that many parents and adults can relate to... This was a nice nod to the Dead by Sunset series, as well as a nice little connection from that series to this one, even though it's not fully official.




*Frenzies and tears up a pillow, scattering the feathers everywhere*



It took me a while to get back into the mood for reading, but yes, I loved this chapter very much. It was everything I wanted and I couldn't be happier to have my SunAria wedding.

Extra extra EXTRA valid!

I’m starting to feel like I have a very specific knack for writing proposal/wedding scenes, because all of them feel like they turn out way better than the rest of my random bullshit. :twilightsmile:

If I had to have a single criticism about your writing style, its that you do seem to rely on the 'emotionally charged character' trope quite a bit. Be it characters falling in "You are literally my one and only" love in the matter of a day or two, or characters holding their emotions against family to the point a single fight destroys all of their relationships, or characters jumping to conclusions solely based on their emotions.

There's plenty of times where you do this amazingly, and I absolutely adore the characterization in those moments, but this chapter was good for me up until the end, where it felt a little heavy handed simply on the fact that... I think Octavia's parents were fully within their right here.

Like, they were worried about the safety of their daughter, and the revelation of there being an immortal sitting right in front of them, who then has admitted to doing villainous acts is someone you would naturally doubt the character of when it comes to dating someone you care about, especially your child. I mean, if someone admitted to me that they were trying to swindle money from me, but then 20 years later came back and said they were dating my daughter, I would naturally be on guard about what their intents are, because for all I know, they're manipulating my daughter into loving them for the sake of further evil plots. It would only be natural to ask about them and have them be the one to prove that their intent is noble. (I also probably would have had her parents be like "So, were you always planning on dating our daughter when she got older?" but that's a smaller personal writing nitpick lol)

And you were doing a really good job of this, having Dagi talk about the magic of children, and having Octavia talk about people changing, and having them emphasize how much they truly do care about each other both in private, being caught in the moment, and in front of her parents. So I appreciated all of that, but where you lost me was definitely the reactions everyone had to the revelation of Adagio's past.

It's emotionally charged and a sore topic for sure, but I don't know most people to instantly break out into tears over hearing that someone else lost a child, or profusely needing to apologize for the fact that they asked at all. It's only natural to ask if an immortal had other families, and only natural to reveal that she did because that would endear her to Octavia's parents. What happened to Adagio is a tragedy for sure, but once Octavia started flying off the handle over her parents even asking about Adagio's prior relationships, I kinda fell out of agreement with her and thought she was being grossly irrational, and everyone crying about it felt... Weird and immersion breaking.

I fully admit that this could just be my own biases taking me out of the scene, but I definitely have biases both towards the "One true love" concept (as romantic as it can be done in fiction), alongside having issues with the idea of Immortals not being allowed to have families because they can't stand the thought of losing the people they love.

I have always been of the opinion that if you lose love, you will find it again, because moving on from pain and heartbreak is healthy and natural. I've never been a big fan of romanticizing dying with your partner, but in certain circumstances I understand. This is why I've had my own sirens have a multitude of children, to the point where half of Europe is probably related to Adagio if you go back far enough, just because this trope tends to bother me so often. Let the immortals have happy families dang it!

But yeah, aside from this criticism, I enjoyed this chapter. It was literally only that ending portion that pulled me out, and the rest was a fun build up to the reveal to her parents and the reactions they had to it.

I can understand your criticisms on this one, and I knew it would probably be a contentious chapter. I'm more surprised that you're the only one who's had any major criticisms about it. My reasoning behind their actions was, at least in my mind, sound, but as always one can never necessarily predict how well the execution will go over. In the end there will always be things that I could've done better, and this may well be one of them.

I will say that, at least for me, I was very much raised on the Tolkien ideal of romance, Of Men and Elves, mortals and immortals, and the slow fading where the Elves specifically keep themselves from humans, and those few relationships that sprung between them often ended somewhat tragically. I'm especially influenced by the story of Aragorn and Arwen, which should come as absolutely no surprise, where Arwen chose to forsake the immortality of her people and in the end passed away by her choice after the death of her husband.

Sound familiar? :twilightblush:

As for Octavia lashing out at her father and mother. Maybe I didn't write it well enough, but it was supposed to be irrational. This is one of those situations where you're not really supposed to be on Octavia's side. She's angry, and hurt, and raw because she just saw Adagio hurt and she's taking a swing at what she percieves at the source of that pain, even though her dad does not deserve it. Octavia is an angry person by nature, she's tempestuous and a little mercurial, and she has a hell of a temper on her which occasionally causes her to lash out at people who don't deserve it.

For the lost child thing, let me just say I've never lost a child personally, but... rather than risk TMI in a public forum I'll just say I've sort of been in Soprana's position before and it's really indescribably painful. The loss of a child can be a nearly unbearable pain, and when it came to Legato and Soprana hearing about Adagio not just having lost her daughter, but her daughter being murdered and then Adagio being forced to bury her, all they could think of was Octavia, their own 'only child'.

I will say one last thing: Soprana and Legato were in the right to grill Adagio, but once they realised that Adagio wasn't going to hurt their daughter they apologised for having done so. Maybe it's a difference of upbringing, but for me an apology doesn't strictly mean I'm sorry that I did what I did, it means I'm sorry that I hurt you. What Legato and Soprana were saying here was: "What we did was necessary because we needed to know you were good for our daughter, but in doing so we hurt you, and we accept responsibility for that hurt and apologise for it."

That's what it was supposed to be, anyway, but whether I delivered on that is... dicey, lol.



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