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When I'm not drawing ponies and dragons, I'm probably reading about ponies and dragons.

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i saw the thumbnail for the story and i got to know. what is going though her mind atm.

Ever heard of a dual-phallus dragon?

Honestly this is more funny than arousing :rainbowlaugh: good story :yay:

not bad, but could deffo do without the cuckoldry angle

Sequel where Chrysalis tries to get revenge, but Cadence does something like this again?

Neece #6 · Sep 19th, 2019 · · 1 ·

Hilariously kinky :rainbowlaugh:

With this kind of behavior? Please, Shining's just as kinky if not more. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he was watching it the whole time.

This entire story sounds like the Royal family is made of /d/eviants. Chrysalis's not the spider between prey, but the fly caught in the web

nice work regardless:twilightsmile:

Is this how pony royalty say hello:trollestia:

thumbnail source?


Haven't read the story yet, but I found the image incredibly well drawn and got curious of the artist as well. Sadly most of the artists other works just don't keep up with the shading and focus quality of that image.

Also apparently the author is the one who drew that image, who'da thunk?

Although it explains why its so high quality, it appears to be his most recent work.

yea but i can see her going after twilight, who Cadence taught everything she knew to twilight

Never thought someone could mix porn and comedy this effectively, but here we are. I love the concept of Chrysalis having bitten off more than she could chew, and being tricked into "forcing" Cadence to do everything Cadence wanted to do anyway. Great work. :)

I love what I call 'submissive domination'

This is pure gold....oh, frack, thanks a lot for the laughs !!!

What is the source of the thumbnail if you don't mind me asking?

i feel kinda bad for Chrysalis

It's not a story the Jedi would tell you.

Best fanfic I've seen in a while

Thanks, this made my day. XD

Does anyone know the image source?

Am I the only one who can't stop thinking about the line, “You may be even bigger than Celestia!” with twisted curiosity? Oh my, how that showdown may have gone if the room was empty of innocent bystanders.

Can't wait for more stories!!

This one is very good!

Is there a full version of that cover image by chance? That's cute as fuck

Yeah, I'm curious who the artist is. Everything in the picture is SO ROUND! So perfectly round without looking weird.

“You may be even bigger than Celestia!”
Chrysalis: i.imgur.com/wNVvkwK.png

And that's how little Flurry was made...

Could also be titled: Cadence corrupts an innocent changeling

The artist is Dmann892 himself. on derpibooru search this tag: artist:Dmann892
That is the Whole picture unfortunately.

Who did the artwork?

Aw. Too bad. Also too bad there isn't a version from Chryssie's view. Or from behind Chryssie.:rainbowkiss:

I thought it might be because he says he's an artist in his bio, but I looked on a website (other than derpi) to check for that picture and it wasn't there, and none of his other stuff looks like this pic. It's impressive that he can apparently change his entire style like that.

In canon, it's how Cadance and Twilight say hello to each other, and at this point Chrysalis is at least half the reason why. (The latter part is conjecture, but it makes sense)

I think I recall the term "power bottom", somehow not from my mother or her now-husband despite knowing that they're part of the lifestyle. I'll let you come up with your own backside-based pun, because I can't be arsed to... Dammit, English. I hate you so much, but it's the loving kind of hate you get from Homestuck trolls and Encyclopedia Dramatica.

*slow clapping*:moustache: 10/10!


Travelling deeper into the abandoned caves, passed treacherous twists and turns,

Chrysalis looks down passed her raised snout


I'm just a few hundred words in and already you've earned an upvote from me. More feedback to follow when I can stop giggling enough to read.

9966990 Okay, got done with this.

First of all, absolutely class-A gags in this. Really top notch jokes that challenge the reader to make a choice between enjoying the humor or enjoying themselves. Second, good timing. The story flowed well without dwelling too long on the sex or setup, then progressed through the action nicely.

Third, despite not being into any of the fetishes you showcased (queening and hyper) I still enjoyed the story. I can't say enough how much I loved Cadance's attempts to lead Chrysalis into things as a power-bottom.

You know there is bound to be a butt in a comment like this, though, right? (Maybe Chrysalis can stuff it, too.)

But you need to try to break up your paragraphs more. You kept from involving two speakers in one paragraph, but there were frequent times where you had multiple actors in one paragraph that made things seem to rush a little—or at the very least seem confusing.

Paragraphs like:

The princess kneads the queen's cheeks, pulling them apart and gaining better access to Chrysalis' delicious holes. Chrysalis catches the pink alicorn's scent as her breathing quickens. She can't even comment on it through her excited pants and moans. The queen grinds her hips down into Cadance's face, losing herself to the building sensations.

Need to be broken down so that each character acts their part before passing back to the other. If this creates smaller paragraphs (and it certainly will) you could consider adding a little more descriptive prose.

Overall, this shows great potential!

“Oh no. What ever shall you do with me~?” Cadance asks in feign fear

Oh, please don't throw me in the brier patch:pinkiecrazy:

Good stuff.

and that's how fluffy heart was born

Holy Hell. Shining is a dead stallion walking when Cadence gets ahold of him with her thirsty ass. 🤣

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