• Published 24th Jan 2021
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Renegade - Silent Slender

Equestria welcomes a new stranger, though 'welcome' is a strong term. But it's not like they gave them much of a choice. That was fine, neither will she. The Mercenary W will prove them wrong.

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0-2 Don't Think Twice

At a small corner market in Ponyville, a pony with a bandana over his charcoal muzzle and a matching hat stood at the counter, addressing a customer who put a few herbs on the table for him to inspect with an irked brow. "Okay-Okay, I know I said, 'anything of value', but level with me-" He held up one of the plants in his lime-green magic, eye twitching. "Does a weed count as 'value' to you!?"

"But I-" He meek pony tried to say but was slapped in the face with the weed.

"Irrelevant!" The clerk berated, brushing the weeds off his counter. "Come back when you bring me, 'SOMETHING' of value! Not a weed or your common mushroom, I want something that looks, smells, feels like it may have merits,"

The Earth Pony snorted and took off in a huff, leaving the herbalist to mutter into a book on the counter until a tall, hooded figure approached his stand, the brown, matted tarp concealing their body say for their face and a few, white bangs. "Are you always so callous toward paying customers?" W broke the silence with a smirk, seeing him brush her off with his hoof.

"Irrelevant! Miscalculations and wasted energy are bioproducts of the unintelligent masses," He muttered on, W nodding along while rolling her eyes. "What do you want now?" He grunted, looking beneath the counter for something.

Mir was, and always will be, a grumpy herbalist. When W became public enemy number one she had to find a sustainable way to gather both intel and the works of the land. She may have the badass body of a mercenary and the combat prowess to boot but her lack of knowledge on Equestria and its inner workings was nothing to aspire to. So on day five W rolled the dice and traveled back to Ponyville, evading more populated areas until she found this small corner stall out of sight of most ponies. Mir was strange but helpful as they broke a deal. She brings him stuff he wants, and he gives her information, recipes, and the like.

Setting her small, makeshift sack on the table she pulled out a strange, golden flower with five petals exactly, in the light they gleamed like buttercups and had a sweet aroma. Noting this with a raised brow his muzzle was pursed under his bandana. "Hrm, you found the Cross Lotus, how effective," He plucked the plant from her in his magic, noting how it made her fingers retract in fright. "And the steam is deep green, the smell is sweet and not overbearing..."

Rolling her eyes, W leaned forward on her elbows. "Are ya gonna keep jerking me about or are you going to pay me?" Hearing this he laughed once snarkily, taking the sack off her. "Hey, I still need tha-" He threw a leather satchel in her face, it was worn but sturdy, and inside were a few vials filled with liquids of unknown origins.

"To keep the quality intact knowing your brazen attitude and reputation," His back was turned to her but she could still feel his eyes on her somehow. "And those should keep you from dying of some common illness that you have no doubt unknowingly contracted, tch."

Gradually, W's smile returned and softer than her creeper grin. "...you're a grumpy one, but thanks." For that moment, his eyes saw exactly what he saw that day, the sweet girl that hid behind a mask of scorn with the personality of a thief. "Say, you wouldn't happen to know where I could find any leads on... you know what?" She made sure to keep her voice down while he adjusted some items on the shelves against the hut's wall.

"Hrm, if you're finally done coping yourself in some rundown ruins... I suggest Hoofprint, on the road to Canterlot," His dry tone grew stale as a desert. "Those ponies delude themselves on mystical arts than science, pah! But they hold requests for jobs, primarily things they cannot provide themselves," Turning to face the silverette he glared at her. "If you believe in the assumptions that those Or-i-gin-i-um creatures may return that would be a place to investigate your fruitless endeavor further."

Before W could answer, her ear twitched while peeking around the corner of her hood, like that, her blood froze when she saw that same, purple unicorn bitch coming this way. Growling under her breath she wished she brought her launcher today but alas, that wouldn't help. Giving Mir a generous nod and possibly stolen Bits on the counter she leapt up over his stand, hiding behind one of the odd rooftops of the town's strange houses.

"Ah, hello again, Mir," Twilight waved kindly, hearing him grunt while fishing through his crates. Taking that as her own sign of a greeting she asked him curiously. "I wanted to know, do you have anything that can help put a large animal to sleep? Something that includes-"

"-calcium gluconate, magnesium carbonate, cider vinegar, and boiling water - yes-yes, I've heard of that remedy but that will not work on 'large animals'," He turned with a sneer. "And even if I did have something of a higher drug dosage I wouldn't sell it off a corner store like some petty addicted fiend."

W above had to snort at the stupid mare's attempts to tranq her. What made it harder was the bandages still wrapped tightly to her ass, causing a curled smile to form on her lips. "That crocodile pit was worth the bruises." She'll never forget how she bellowed out, 'Pull the lever, Sparkle Butt!' at the top of her lungs, it was priceless.

Down below, the deflated Twilight rubbed her chin. So far Twilight's attempts to apprehend this creature have proven naught. Every plan just fell apart when put into practice. From traps to lures, she even tried just outright attacking the bipedal monster and that was by far her worst mistake. True to the thing's word, it retaliated just as deadly, whatever it was, it was extremely smart, and it knew how to use the Everfree against her and any foolish trappers that wanted to make a quick Bit.


"Ah!" Twilight yelped, Mir slamming a small crate onto the counter with a bored stare directed toward the mare.

"Sparkle, have you ever considered the probability that your actions, as well as your friends, maybe in the wrong? Or rather, they are," He didn't hide his disdain for them. While only Twilight, Rainbow, and Applejack have been of any real threat to W, the others were still on their side and didn't do anything. Bringing his tone down on her like scolding a child he added. "Somethings in this world requires more than logic and books to apply a decisive conclusion to, isn't that what you preach?"

While an understandable argument Twilight's recent attempts to capture it have told her otherwise, frowning at the stallion. "I understand it may not seem like we are in the right, but you were there, you saw what it did, what it can do," Twilight could feel the fur around her neck stand on end, feeling the vice-like grip around her throat. "What creature would needlessly attack another intelligent being if it wasn't attempting to cause harm?"

For the longest time, Mir stood there, pondering her words, he knew W was still around, listening in to pry for all the information she could. Blinking once he stood back. "...every word you have just spoken... was both a complete and total waste of my time, Sparkle," Snorting his displeasure he wandered back to organizing the flowers W had procured him.

"But I-"

"Irrelevant!" He swung his hoof out to dismiss her, done listening to such baseless claims. However, Twilight's eyes caught sight of the golden flowers.

"Those are... Cross Lotuses," Murmuring her words she felt the gears begin to turn, strangely furrowing her brow. "Don't those only naturally grow in the darkest points of the Everfree?"

"Yes; Hurry up with your point." He had new medicines to produce and had little time for more distractions.

"But how not many ponies would venture deep into the Everfree, especially not someone inexperienced with its ecosystem." That subtly made Mir and W realize the subtle mistake the pair made. Compared to W's sweating expression against the roof, Mir held his calm, irked demeanor.

"I have my sources for materials, you have yours for books, the pegasi have that Cloudsdale for clouds," He recited dryly. "Our world thrives on community, even I am not above that notion of logic, whatever it is you're attempting to miscommunicate will only lead you toward a most unsatisfactory answer, Sparkle." And with that, he turned his back to her, content to work in private without her questions.

Up above, W's fingers dug into the thatch roof, bearing her teeth to suppress the urge to storm down there and give that stuck-up unicorn a piece of her mind, no, a grenade to the gut. It was like this every day since she ran to hide away in the Everfree. Ponies came in droves about the 'Monster of the Everfree', wanting to be the first to capture her like some prize. Twilight's efforts have gotten better with time, so had W's but her patience was running thin. Ridicule, hatred, fear, torment, it was a festering cloud when W was involved, she smiled, but the person underneath was hurt in more ways than one.

It was a downpour in the Everfree, those pegasi had tossed their unused clouds to the forest, leaving them wild and and untamed. They called it unnatural, something W took as an amusing thought. Much like the storm now battering the forest with a chime of the wilderness and distant ambience of animal life, she too wasn't bound by the magic of this world, a wildcard that was left to be afraid of. Typical, she's comparing herself to a bog-standard rain cloud.

"What's that place?" Croaking under a large leaf she used to keep the majority of her body safe from the rain she spotted a light in the opening ahead. Jogging to run flush with a tree she was surprised to find a small cottage built around a tree, it looked tribal too. The many odd glyphs and wooden signs would indicate to a witch's hut, especially the windchimes above the porch. But that was it, shelter until this storm passed. Shrugging, W smiled to herself. "Well, if they run I can just hunker down for a few minutes before more ponies come."

Quickly slipping between bushes and trees with the grace of a fox W tip-toed up and under the small overhang. She was cold but no longer in need of the large, bushy leaf for a while. Sighing, W ran her cold fingers through her hair, shaking off the excess water as her back ran down the wall, slumping once at the bottom. It was a tiring day, Twilight and her 'friends' sure weren't giving her an easy time scoping the town out for points of interest. Stealing those apples came at the cost of a nasty bruise on her side curtasy of Applejack, lucky shot.

It was hard to survive out here. Living in a rundown castle with basically nothing but the ability to make big explosions, it was really hard. Strangely enough, the bag she carried her equipment in was one of those 'perks' of that damned merchent, as if to mock her further, everyday it held a fresh load of explosives, M32 greandes, C4, you name it, W had it at the ready, but no food, medical supplies, not even a rag to cover her clothing in. "I really am stuck living on scraps... are you kidding me?" She wanted to scream, to bellow out all her anger and frustration to the stupid, colorful world, to feel her throat croak in agony.

"What is this I see? A new creature from the Everfree?" A questioning brow lifted under W's bangs.

"What in the what?" Twisting her head to the foreign accent and rythming tongue, her eyes shot wide at the startling figure before her. A zebra, it was a goddamn zebra dressed like a witch doctor. Slumping her arms over her knees the silverette offered a drained smile. "Well color me impressed, I met a talking zebra." Zecora was her name, W remembered that much. "Sorry, I'll get out of your mane before you go grab Sparkle Butt and her merry band of idiots."

Those wise eyes never blinked, instead, the mohawk bobbed in the sharp breeze, a small smile on the zebra's muzzle. "There is no need, I have heard of your startling deeds, a monster born from this evergreen." Again, W laughed softly, restraining her creeper smile.

"You really are only going to speak in rythmes, aren't ya?" One nod, and W cackled at the humorous geustre. Then she paused, losing her smile - she was laughing? How long had it been since it felt so... nice? Taking her eyes off the Zebra, her ember eyes hardened at the dark road that led back into the forest, feeling a presence approaching, several actually. "You know, talking with a 'horrid monster' isn't a good idea, they might start to turn on you too for no reason." W quickly pushed to her tired feet again, picking up her heavy launcher.

Yet Zecora put her hoof on W's hip, pushing her to hide under an open window, out of sight of those to come, but not without a proper spot to listen in. "We shall see, these ponies are not what they seem, and your appearance is nothing obscene." Taking the odd Zerbra's actions, W kept low and watched from the window, seeing the door swing open, Zecora ushering those caught in the storm inside. She suppressed a sneer, antenna twitching, it was Twilight, Rainbow, and Applejack.

"Thank you, Zecora, and sorry for barging in like this." Twilight apologised to her friend, the strange Zebra nodding along, keeping to her boiling cauldron once more.

"It is no trouble, for what brings you here Twilight Sparkle." W punched her gut to keep from snickering at the constant word-play, making sure to stay out of sight of the trio, Zecora seemed to be purposefully avoiding the window, drawing their eyes just to herself.

Rainbow butted in before Twilight got a word out. "It's about that stupid, dangerous monster that's been appearing in Ponyville!" Applejack yanked the mare back to the ground by the tail. "Hey, you know it's true! Didn't it steal apples from you?"

The cowpony snorted. "Ah course I know that, but gettin' up in Zecora's face won't help, right Twi?"

The unicorn nodded, silently thanking her friend. "Zecora, you've known the wildlife around the Everfree the most out of anyone in Ponyville, surely you know something about this thi-erm-Her?" That surprised W, she was finally referred under her sex, what a surprise. Then again she looked at her grey shirt, seeing that it had become see-through slightly.

"Tch, if anything I have the size over any of you walking surfboards." While comparing bust sizes between humans and ponies didn't make sense, W didn't care, she'd take pride in that feat any day.

"I have seen this creature with my very eyes, I too felt for my life, and yet I saw it's strife," Zecora stirred the mixture in her pot, grabbing an old, brown cloak from over a rack, it clearly had seen better days. "You wish to know more, but there is much to explore, and it will not be so kind to open such doors."

Rainbow blinked, looking lost between her friends. "Uh, anyone translate Zebra-talk?" Applejack slapped the back of her head. "Ah, hey-!"

Twilight sighed, shaking her head in her hoof, she looked restless, many late nights attempting to deciper the creature known as 'W' and her origins. "I knew this was too much of a shot in the dark, but thank you anyway Zecora," The witch doctor nodded, tossing the cloak out the open window, thereby landing on the slumped W, herself surprised to feel said hoof patting against her head from above the cover. "You said you saw it with your own eyes, where, does it have a nest or den maybe?"

"That might explain why it keeps runnin' back 'ere." Applejack reinforced. Unbeknownst to them, W was left speechless, tucking the rugged cloak close to her body, feeling warmer than without it or using that leaf. Why did the Zebra do that for her? And why was she lying for her too?

Zecora shook her head out the corner of W's eye, herself beginning to take the hint to leave while she had the ponies eyes and ears. "I do not know of where it calls home, perhaps that is why it yearns to be left alone, or why it comes searching your own."

W froze mid-step, looking back at the glow emmianting from the window. A home? Now her soft eyes were gone, replaced with a coldness to rival the storm as the wind tugged at her new cloak, the silverette vanishing back into the dark evergreen. The last thing she wanted was a home among those ponies, that idea was burned days ago.

That was just one of many things that made W grow to spite the Elements of Harmony, they were the embodiments of hypocrticy. Preaching of 'Friendship' yet the second W arrived into town, saved lives, and she was treated like a threatening villain due to her looks and weapons, racists. Much as she wanted to brood she had to go back and search for the plants Mir requested, and the idea of potion making did stir excitement in the mercenary, maybe she could get some tips from Zecora? The zebra wasn't afraid of W when she popped in for a small chat or two, more as a 'thank you for not turning me in to the grumpy ponies', that, and her tea was really good.


W froze with her fingers clenched to the thick surface, ears twitching at the distant bang that wasn't her for once, and she doubted anyone was seriously doing it that hard around midday. Smirking slightly, the Sarkaz girl knew exactly where that originated from, rather, it was directed just for her ears, how sweet. Pulling back, W lunged off the roof and onto the adjacent one to her right, just as something crashed through the rooftop behind her, coughing up straw and splinters.

"Ooh, that looked like it hurt," W sneered, grinning away like an idiot while ducking from another tackle, whipping her tail around to slap Rainbow back on all fours, leaving her open to a steel-capped boot to the right shoulder, throwing the pegasus into a tumble off the roof and through a stall below, thankfully, the one beside Mir. Even W paled at that notion. "I don't want to be fined again, he's mean." "You know, Crash, for the 'best flyer in Equestria', you sure as hell suck at the landing strategy."

"I'll make you eat those words in a cage!" She shot out from the ruined stand, as magenta and ember eyes locked, only for those purple orbs to widen in fright, hearing the 'click' of the grenade launcher pointed right at her face in one hand, the eyes peeking through the scope. "A-a-a... you wouldn't."

W's brow curved with a sweet, mocking smile. "Oh? Want to gamble? Since you're light on your wings-" She teased the trigger with her finger, seeing the sweat form on the cyan pony's brow. "This is a standard M320 Grenade Luancher Module, or M32 for short, with my reflexes I can fire around five to seven rounds per minute at a velocity of seventy-six meters-per-second. The effective range of this is around 150 meters," Despite the lengthy words it was clear on Rainbow's face that she was digesting the numbers, despite being thick-headed, if it involved flight she had a sharp mind.

"That's insane... how do you even know that stuff?" Rainbow muttered out, and W's brow twitched but chose to ignore her ignorance.

"So tell me, Rainbow Crash, can you dodge a point-blank shot and keep it from making contact with the town without blowing yourself into tiny little multicolored chunks?" Now that same color drained from her body like a tap, that was all W needed to sneer at the cocky pegasus. "Hahahahaha, I guess we know that answer huh?"

"S-Shut up!" She was losing her nerve, good. At the last moment, W's left hand flicked off the pin, chucking a grey canister at the pegasus, making her flail her hooves frantically as it released the thick, dark cloud of smoke in her eyes. With her opening made, W slung her launcher and made a mad dash across the oddly-shaped rooftops with the haste of a rabbit. "Hey, what the heck is this stuff!? *Cough-Cough* You cheating monster!!"

"Pah, says the multicolored rainbow reject," W chuffed, leaping over a small pathway and back onto another roof, using the gap in the middle to sprint between two more, sliding down one of the sloped sides to hop across a lamppost and across the street in one step. Looking back, W's eyes widened slightly, forcing her to pull herself up onto a rooftop above to avoid the rampaging pegasus, herself looping back to try and kick W off the roof. "That was a strong smoke grenade too, Crash, not bad."

"Bite me!" Oh with pleasure, is what the siniser smile on W's face had to say, pivoting under she had her back against Rainbow's, snatching her tail to drag ger back while two hooves bucked her side, followed by the wind being knocked out of her sails, the two tumbling down another slanted rooftop, kicking and punching the other.

"If you insist, Crash," W smiled constantly, even as Rianbow drew her hoof into her peachy completion, the pair tumbling onto the road, startling many visible.

W grabbed Rainbow's left forehoof, yanking it off her cheek and immediately biting down on the furry appendage, the pegasus crying out in pain at drawn blood now dripping from W's fangs. "YOU'RE DEAD!!!" The prism pony roared, only for the wind to knocked from her own lungs this time, a solid elbow jammed against her ribs. The force was enough on its own to slam the pony into a far wall, dazing her momentarily.

Wiping her mouth, W spat out some blue hairs, irked at her own choice of defense. "Bleh, no wonder you have to skin animals before cooking, ugh, I got hairs stuck to my tongue!" She rubbed her tongue over her jacket's short sleeve, spitting the coppery substance out while spotting the rising pegasus. "Give up and leave me alone already, Crash."

"No way!" She snapped, glaring daggers at the silverette, even though she limped. "Ponyville's my home, got that? You wouldn't get that 'cause all you do is frighten ponies and steal from them, if I gotta get roughed up to lock a freak like you up for Princesses themselves then so be it!" If anything, W could credit her determined spirit, if only it wasn't so misplaced.

"You're an idiot," W huffed, rubbing her cheek. "I never asked for this, so don't go preaching shit like that when you don't know a thing about me!" This was it, a standoff the ponies around had to pleasure to spectate. Orangy-gold and amethyst bore into the other, itching to make the first move. This time, W wasn't going to let some half-baked plan blindside her, she could hear fast approaching hoofsteps. More of them were coming. She couldn't use her explosives, but that's not all she brought with her

If W was to be honest with herself, she really wanted to avoid conflict with the elements as much as possible. If she retaliated she'd be seen as the very thing they drilled into the ponies' minds, but if she didn't she'd be taken to Canterlot or something, locked up and prodded like a lab rat. And if there was one thing W and Aoi still had it was their freedom, that was all either persona could wish to hold onto. As a wise commander once said, 'Freedom is the right of all sentient beings'.

Rainbow flapped proudly, puffing out her chest. "I'm taking you down, freak!" While the stupid decleration worked against the mare, it more than pleased W who rushed the mare in turn, keeping her body low, hands taut and at the ready. One movement, that's all it would take. The world crawled and a strong right hook was closing in on her face once more. AA foot, then an inch, close to a few centimeters, then millimeters, feeling the wind pressure surround and brush against her wild locks.

The crowd gasped, Rainbow missed her mark, merely ghosting hair as two hands came up and locked above her shoulder, the foreleg pressed to her cheek while her own velocity was turned against her, bringing the pegasus down into the dirt, locked by the silverette who held her left arm around her back, fingers dug into the ruffled feathers. "I warned ya," Twisting, W pulled at the pegasus' wing, dislocating it with a spine-shivering 'pop', freaking the onlookers out while a hissed cry broke from Rainbow's throat. "Now get lost."

Shoving the flightless pegasus toward the crowd, W picked her newly acquired bag off the ground, stepping back from the downed mare when a bolt of purple magic skimmed her cloak, burning a hole through the fabric. Before her was a furious Twilight. Dully, W nodded her head up toward the mare. "She's not dead but she won't be flying for a day or two, sorry, not sorry."

"How dare you!" That was rich coming from her. W snorted a laugh, glaring back just as fiercely

"Oh don't you get high-and-mighty with me, Sparkle Butt," Pointing down at Rainbow she continued her point. "If that flying rat, and your stupid friends didn't start spreading rumors that I'm some heartless beast that likes to take a bite out of children in their sleep I wouldn't have to hide, run, and steal just to survive!" W was beyond furious. Almost three weeks and it was the same, nonsensical shit in a loop! Slapping her forehead she growled. "Since you clearly lack the very basic comprehension of 'intelligence' allow me to repeat what I said before-!"

One solid stomp and before the unicorn could muster another one of her spells W hooked her ring finger around another pin on an a real grenade. "Follow me, and I'll have you running in circles. Hurt me, and I'll hurt you back,"Her finger pulled at the pin, scaring a number of civilians away, knowing transparently what would come next, "Get in my way, and I'll raze this town!" She had bigger problems, she needed to leave before Twilight brought in the Royal Guard or something. "Now, I'm going back to the Everfree, if I so much as catch one blip of you or your friends and I will not hesitate to be... proactive next time."

Twilight, who had her head low the whole time, a frown fixed to her muzzle, finally spoke up. "...Mir was wrong," It was breathelss and hollow, enough to keep W's thinning attention as pain and hatred were saturating the mare's eyes. "A creature like you... is incapable of anything good!"





...Hurt her...

A dark, festering aura surrounded W. No one could see her eyes, darkened by her bangs, but her hands were shaking, and the sky became darker due to the pegasi moving the clouds, all conveniently tilted the tension toward W. The ponies dared not to blink or even speak. First her lips were in a state of passive frowning, then it twisted, the lips shaking, then out came the fangs, teeth beared with unsatified rage that could rival Nightmare Moon's.

"Pull it... pull it... make them shut up... make them all go away..." The voice burned in her mind, forcing her finger to tease the pin further. "...Kill them... burn their town... do it... do it...!!"

The Sarkaz woman let out a throaty sigh, shoving the grenade back onto her jacket, instead, throwing another smoke bomb to blot out her escape, hearing cries of anger and the stamped of hooves galloping across the streets. Her anger was visible on her face, every ounce of her wanted to lash out but then nothing would change. If she was to make things right for herself she needed to know why the Originium Slugs appeared here alongside her, maybe then she could even make others see she's trying to help. She had to try, otherwise there was no point in holding back anymore.

Stopping just at the edge of an alleyway her cloak cowl hid her face well enough, but her fist split the wall beside her, drawing blood that broke under her nails. It hurt so much to just be treated like some rabid animal, but she couldn't let them win. "When it's over, Sparkle, I'll make sure you get what's coming to you, that I can promise you."

"I'm home~" Her voice never really echoed in the castle, rather, with the lack of ceiling it made it hard for anything to echo at all, especially in keeping the heat indoors. Dropping her smile to a disagreeable frown she tossed aside the dead Timberwolf dragged behind her like a sack of potatoes. One thing she found was much as their names were an awful reference their bark was primarily made up of a similar material as birch, making it excellent for fires, and for hot baths. Sniffing her armpit, W's nose crinkled at the stench, wishing she had more than just herbs to cure the awful smell. "I should use that to knock people out, heh, I'm a living, sexy weapon in many different ways."


Pulling out her launcher, W's heart raced slightly. Someone had followed her and she never realized it, a foolish mistake on her part but nothing a little fright can't remedy. "Alright, smartass, you really want to..." Gone was her confident glare, now merging into confusion. "...go."

Standing there at the foot of the large, withered doors was a pony, but not some hunter or even Sparkle Butt herself. Hell, W half-expected the Royal Guard to be ready to wage war on her decrepid home. No, just a filly, a child. She had a soft-charcoal coat, her 'cutie mark' was that of a red diamond-shaped crystal, a few fragments splintered from the core. Her mane reached just below her shoulders, scruffy and coated in dirt, under the grime was a soft-white pitch, the bangs hiding away her right eye, leaving only her gentle, silver eye. Like stardust.

W nor the filly knew how long they stopped and stared at one another, could have been a minute or an hour, but eventually, W's voice spoke up in a slow, mystified by the girl's sudden appearance among the ruins, "Who... are you?"

To Be Continued...

Author's Note:

You all really like this, that's honestly surprising, my first words were, 'damn, I need to work on the next chapter!' XD. Compared to my typical schedule Renegade will be spontaneous, I will do my best to keep it going, knowing a number of you want to see it grow also is a welcoming thought ^_^

This was more just building on more of the past two weeks, I don't want to beat around the bush. W is forced to hide, fight, and steal. Twilight wants to capture her, Rainbow's her worst enemy, and W has to balance getting information with finding out if more of the Arknights world has begun to spread. I hope you enjoyed, appreciate the support as always, seeya, hopefully, in the next chapter!

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W is met with a strange filly at the foot of her home away from home. She's now faced with a choice, both aren't easy for her to make.