• Published 24th Jan 2021
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Renegade - Silent Slender

Equestria welcomes a new stranger, though 'welcome' is a strong term. But it's not like they gave them much of a choice. That was fine, neither will she. The Mercenary W will prove them wrong.

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0-0 Fear

You... aren't coming? Why?

He'll just come after us

Why... dammit tell me!?

Do you trust me?

"Right in here, Princess." Voice and the soft clop of hooves rang in the dark hallway. There wasn't much to look for, one hallway led you through the whole dungeon's dark, cold depths, although it wasn't an unbearable living space it held a certain charm. Especially for one prisoner, in particular, sat at the very end, themselves unmoving.

The figure was locked up on the far wall, chained to the wall to embolize them if they attempted to make an escape, the Royal Guard had learned from their last mistake when apprehending the individual. When the several guards approached, it was clear a state of anxiety and wariness was present, even those locked away kept their silence if mentioning the prisoner, not a soul dared to invoke their wrath. Princess Celestia stood there, unwavered by this fear spread through-out her subjects, but she was not as fool-hardy to dismiss their woes, this wasn't a laughing matter.

One guard put his hoof out to stop her from reaching the bars. "Please, Ma'am, don't get too close, this thing's craft- Gah!" He jumped at the cup thrown at his hooves by another prisoner, a small-time thief wearing a hood over his whole head, merely a pair of blue eyes glared back from the dim flicker of the torch.

"Take my advice kid, don't call her that, you'll regret it later." He warned the Guards, sitting back against the wall with a chuckle. "I learned my mistake too."

Princess Celestia peered through the bars. The person was in merely rags, stripped of her original possessions and left chained by the wrists, only this was no Diamond Dog or Minotaur. No, whatever it was lacked those traits, but was far smarter than the two combined, as intelligent as herself. The figure was slumped, sagging their body with their short, wild silver-white mane hanging over their face. The Princess wasn't even sure they were awake at all. Dried flakes of blood dotted her arms and legs, cuts crusted off and bruises tainting her once clean skin, dirt clung to her rags and her hair like a half-beaten corpse.

One Guard tapped on the bars, grunting at the lack of response. "Hey, wake up Monster, the Princess of Equestria is here to see you, how lucky." No reply, just silence and a distant drip of water. He snorted, banging on the bars. "Wake up or el-" Everyone froze - no, their very blood froze like the guards, himself shaking on the spot at what he saw.

Between the silver locks, a single eye stared back. Burning with the ferocity of an ember, crackling and warm. "..." She finally sat up straight, flicking her hair from her eyes, two red antennae bobbing above her forehead, a black tail wriggling in its chains, attempting to stretch. "..." Whoever it was kept staring soullessly at the Royal Guard, primarily the white-coated monarch herself. Celestia had never felt such raw hatred in so many centuries, it could rival that of King Sombra.

"Ahem, Creature-" The Guard nervously began, "-You have been imprisoned here under the charges of assault of officers, arson, disturbance of peace, and threatening the governing law of Equestria" The guard continued. "You claim to have meant no ill-will yet continuous display acts of violence across the country and toward even the Elements of Harmony who have attempted many times to reason-"

A giggle, short, sweet, and spiteful. Then it erupted into a laughing fit, many cringing at the wide, fanged smile across the creature's face, but Celestia was unphased, she merely saw the pain and hatred burning on in those orbs. "'Reason' huh? Is that was they told you?" She sank her head, speaking up for the first time since being locked up. "Lying little runt, I knew that egghead was a follower but going as far as to manipulate the truth to please her teacher? Man didn't realize old Sparkle Butt was such a fanatic, hehehehe..."

"Watch your tongue, Monster!" One guard snapped, almost levitating his spear to threaten her, but that act didn't even register in her eyes. Instead, she stared directly back at the silent monarch.

"You had so much to say back on your little throne, what lost your nerve?" She challenged, wanting to see the Princesses true colors, if she was to rot away in here she may as well make her feelings known to the world. "Go on, say something, I'm willing to chat a little now if I think you're worth my time and energy."

"Pest!" A glow intensified in the dungeon, a magic bolt was ready to be cast yet the Princess raised her hoof, easing her subject. "B-but Princess, this Thing-"

"Is willing to speak to us, let's not waste this opportunity, Cliffheart." Slowly, the guard nodded, and Celestia stepped forward, eyes never once breaking contact with the demonic-looking prisoner. "Tell me, what is it you wish to share? But choose your words carefully."

The person rolled their eyes, tilting their head off to one side, finding the light of day peeking through a cell window. "...answer me this, Princess, if the world turned its back on you, what would you do?"

Celestia considered her query, only to receive another reply from the ragged prisoner. "I'll tell ya - you either accept your place and be written off..."

"'Or'?" She echoed, awaiting a continuation.

"...Or you fight."

"And you believe this was your only choice?" Celestia inquired, not quite getting where the individual was going. Instead, she received dull, tired eyes belonging not to the monster in the cage, but of something more pony-like than she could imagine.

"A side must always be taken, Princess, even if it's the wrong side."

///ACT I - Castle of Glass\\\

To Be Continued...

Author's Note:

The small prologue to a hit-or-miss story I randomly thought of, enjoy the first (Possibly only) chapter!

Time to live like a renegade.