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The Avalanche Post

Check out this TAP OC pic of Star Chaser on Derpibooru, and other TAP art+edits while you're there!

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Off to a pretty great start.

writing on request.

What do you mean by
writing on request.

Good glad you like it.

What I mean is that someone asked me to write this story with certain guidelines.

If this ends in an orgy, I will be so happy. :pinkiehappy: Can't wait to see what happens next.

Not a bad start. I'll see where this goes for now.

Look forward to the next chapter :)

If this doesn't have Dash dicking Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo the other 2 I will be sad.

Downvoted for the futa more than the foalcon.

That's cool, to each their own. Personally I find downvoting something because it has fetishes or topics I don't care for to be rude. I prefer to respect other peoples interests and fetishes and simply leave their work alone if it does not suit me.

I only down vote for bad grammar, lack of story, and things like that myself.

"I clicked on a story that contained elements I did not like despite being warned in the description that it would contain these things. I am INCREDIBLY displeased that the things I don't like are present."
I don't even know what you really want. Do you just go places you know will make you angry? This is like going to a restaurant that has a big sign out front warning that most of the things they serve contain nuts, and then getting upset and giving a bad review on Yelp because you're allergic to peanuts.

Definitely a fantastic teaser of what's to come

Loving this story so far. I hope there''s some ass worship soon.

Seeing as Scootaloo sees Rainbow Dash like a sister this popped into my head

🎼Catch the Lusty Charms, they're magically incestuous.

Pretty fantastic chapter.

Great chapter! :twilightsmile: Can't wait to see what the fillies are up to! I hope there''s some buttplay and mare on filly action later on! :pinkiehappy:

The farm filly loved plots

Same here.

wonder what hidden kinks the fancy Unicorn Sisters hold. All will be revealed in the chapters to come

Maybe they can find out by having fun with each other. Same with Apple Bloom and Applejack, and who's to say the mares can't have fun with each other's sisters? Seriously hoping there's some mare on filly/filly on mare incestuous and sister swapping action going on in the chapters to come! Would love to read about Applejack and Apple Bloom devouring each other's derrieres (Earth ponies like it dirty, so why not?),, as well as Apple Bloom doing the same with Rarity and maybe having Scootaloo try it out with Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity and Sweetie Belle with Rarity and Applejack.

I'm just waiting for the futa I'm a weird sort of guy who can't get off unless there is a dick involved

This chapter was well worth the wait.

Once again m\m isn't really my thing that was the part of the end did get me going a little and writing overall feels like an improvement

Sorry, my irl delay and stuff kinda made the story change a bit from what I was thinking originally. Chapter 7 will start the futa.

She had always suspected that Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy had a thing in their filly years though, and she admittedly had fantasized about them together as fillies.

Listen to your princess, AJ:

I know I promised two chapters in my blog this morning and I apologize for it being only one and much later than I had wanted. Work was a hassle and then other things came up. I only just got home a little bit ago.

Don't yworry about this. Real Live is more important. Always.

Rainbow Dash lay sandwiched between her friends with Rarity on the right and Applejack one the left, as the three of them made out. She had no idea what had gotten into her friends but she felt too good to care.

That's the spirit!

Rainbow Dash's firm round breasts and tight fit ass had been driving her crazy for years.

The fact she often saw them from below probably didn't help...
(Maybe it's preference-related, but I believe the word "teats" is more fitting than "breasts" in this situation (since they are ponies).)

Seeing that Rainbow Dash was getting into things, and Applejack was obviously not shy in the moment either, Rarity brushed aside her thoughts and feelings and acted on her odd and burning desires. She slid herself up and placed her marehood inches away from Rainbow Dash's mouth.

Bad Rarity!
Don't you realise it's about Rainbow feeling good, not you? Applejack understood this.

Deep down she had always hidden a secret attraction to them both, but she denied that part of herself trying to convince herself she liked stallions and colts like a normal young mare should.

She had never read the fanfictions, did she?

"This is crazy," Apple Bloom muttered.

Maybe, but the good kind of crazy.

"Ah, q-quite tease'n me!" moaned Apple Bloom.

:scootangel: + :unsuresweetie: + Audience: "Nope! Won't happen."

Rarity and Sweetie Belle both watched their friends as they came; both feeling a swell of excitement knowing they had helped bring such pleasure to another Pony. In an almost psychic manner, both Unicorn Ponies looked up at one another with satisfaction in their accomplishment.
Rarity and Sweetie Belle had a secret fetish known only to a select few Ponies. They liked to team up on Ponies and bring them to climax

This surely will come in handy later.

Don't worry about it. We have time, so don't stress yourself.

Now things are REALLY getting good.

Rarity and Sweetie Belle walked close to Scootaloo exchanging lustful looks with each other. Apple Bloom followed behind Rainbow Dash and Applejack admiring the view of their fit plots.

I look forwards for what they are planning...

"Then let's just go with it. There is nothing wrong with mares having a little fun in the woods," replied Rainbow Dash.

It's true!

Applejack mindlessly stepped forward and sniffed Rainbow Dash's member. When it twitched she grinned and leaned in to rub her nose on it.
"Don't tease it if you're going to play with it then get to it," demanded Rainbow Dash with a smirk.

Listen to Rainbow, AJ!

Good chapter!
I look forwards for the next part, now that things got really started..
(But seriously, don't stress yourself. Take as much time as youu need.)

I was expecting a partner swap. I wasn't clear which ponies were going to switch partners based on the chapter content, but I was expecting something.

Rarity giggled and leaned closer to her sister. Sweetie Belle smiled and moved closer to her older sister until their lips met. Both Unicorn Ponies closed their eyes and pressed deeply into the kiss. A thinning stream of saliva trailed between them until it became to thin and broke when they separated.

Oh, yeah . . .

This chapter was great! :pinkiehappy:

When they finished climaxing Applejack sat up and looked around with a mouthful of warm cum. Now came her chance to indulge her fetish. She liked it sloppy, sticky, and wet. Sweetie Bell's eyes met her's and she knew instantly what she wanted to do.

Applejack grabbed Sweetie Belle and quickly embraced the filly in a kiss. Sweetie Belle's eyes grew wide with surprise as the older mare made out with her while transferring Rainbow Dash's cum into her mouth. Applejack held her tightly and her mind focused on the fact that she was tasting Rainbow Dash's cum. Sweetie Belle relaxed and swallowed while kissing Applejack eagerly.

Apple Bloom sat up still swirling cum in her mouth and watched her sister's dirty and sexy actions. She felt like she couldn't hold down all the cum in her stomach and so she decided to follow her big sister lead once more.

Apple Bloom approached Rarity who knew full well what the farm filly was thinking, and in her current state of mind, she was excited to indulge her. Apple Bloom embraced Rarity in a cum filled kiss right as she felt she could no longer hold back. Rarity sucked and swallowed while she kissed Apple Bloom savoring the taste of Scootaloo's cum.

God, I love this! :pinkiehappy:

Another amazing chapter.

This is what I have been waiting for you're a pretty amazing writer as far as the action goes

Rarity felt Apple Bloom's marehood grow warm and wetter; she felt her muscles tense and quiver. She knew the filly had started to climax along with Scootaloo and she felt great satisfaction having brought two Ponies to orgasm at the same time.

A very deserved satisfaction.

"This is amazing," said Scootaloo.
"You just wait. Things are about to get at least twenty percent cooler," Rainbow Dash teased.

I look forward for it.
Good work!

This was well worth the wait

Good to see this is still going

"You two should kiss," suggested Scootaloo shyly.
Applejack and Apple Bloom looked at one another and smiled. Under normal circumstances, such a thing would never have gone over well with them, but right now it seemed like the best idea they had ever heard.

Well, it is a good idea...

Right in front of her was the fit, firm, wet marehood of an older Pony. Applejacks marehood was dripping wet with clear strings of marecum streaming down on Apple Bloom's clitoris which was winking with every drip; then rolling along her supple young marehood -It was driving Scootaloo wild. She never thought her first real sexual experience would turn out this way.

And I don't hear anyone complaining.

The six Ponies were fully lost in their lust. They had no cares for the world around them; they had their own little world now, and it was a swirl with pleasurable tastes, sights, feelings, and smells.

Better hope no one is watching and/or ste spell suddenly fails...

:twilightsmile:nice work on all chapters out so far i look forward to more

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