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It wasn't supposed to be like this. I was just on my way home and, well, I fell into this magical world called Equestria! Now I'm a pony, and I need to get back. But my heart...well...my heart's telling me to stay with this rather pretty and friendly mare. I don't know what to do!

This is a first person story. Rated T for some mature themes. Read and enjoy!

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Okay, a few things.
1. You did a nice job of setting up the main character
2. You did a decent job of explaining how he got to Equestria
3. You made a huge mistake: WHAT THE HELL IS HIS NAME
Honestly, it was the picture and title that got me interested in this story, so I'll track

Interesting start so far. I'm curious where it would go, so I'll keep track of it. By the way, the way he fell into Equestria kind of reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. :pinkiehappy:

He's gonna get his name when he gets more in tune with Equestria. In short, he's gonna have a pony name for most of the story.

Oh, makes sense. I eagerly await the next chapter

Hum story is off on a good start, I'm always a sucker for Human turned pony stories, so you got my attention on that, the set up works fine with just being randomly sucked into a whole, and finds himself in a medical bed with new end appendages. I wonder how he will encounter the other the mane six in this one, I hope it will have it's own twist to it from other similar takes on it. I wonder if this story will have a strong pizza theme to it as a joke or something?

Also if you are looking to commission you own art for this story I am open and you can find the link to me DA gallery to have a glimpse of some of my work in the link bellow. I hope to hear from you on that front and I wish you good luck on your story.


I try to update my stories daily. Be on the lookout for a new chapter tomorrow! Glad you're enjoying it! :twilightsmile:

Daily? That seems like a lot to do, mind if I asked how you are able to pump out new chapters so frequently?

seems neat will keep an eye on this see where it goes :D


My work shifts are in the evenings, so that gives me a lot of time to write. Plus, writing is a passion of mine, and I believe that, if you're truly passionate about something, then it's never too far from your mind. That, and my internal alarm clock won't allow me to sleep past about 5:30 my time, no matter how late I stayed up the previous night. So yeah...I've got a lot of time to write, lol.

Hum, I think having a cutie mark of a pony on a pony rump feels a little redundant not to mention adding a extra layer of complexity that is really wouldn't be needing in conveying some of the meaning, just a pizza with a open box with some heat swirls coming out would be enough. For it it's meaning and special talent, it could have many meanings as much it could easily be multi faceted, from always making managing to do speedy delivers, to always knowing where it had to go, to being extra careful with packages, or catering small events, to just doing doing a good job, to even being skilled at making them or knowing what makes the pectic pizza for each customer when cooking them to just enjoying the activity of cooking in general; and that's not even going with periphery skills or affinities that it could relate to or that could take advantage, like athletic, running, or keen eye on pertain things he just needs to get in the right frame of mind to reach them. I am not the sort person who think that cutie marks limits ponies to one skill in particular, but it actually multi faceted and can jsut as easily branch out to other domains.

Nice chapter and I do like the idea of a good romance with Shy where, looking forward for more of this.


I was going for a joke there. Because he delivered pizzas in the human world, that would be his cutie mark. But I'm with you in the idea that ponies are multifaceted and they have lots of things they can do. I agree that they aren't limited by their cutie marks.

I know it is a joke but... pizza? Really? Even if it means more than what it shows I wouldn't want to have cutie mark like that. Sweet Jesus Christ. Somehow it really bothers me, but I will keep reading because story is interesting so far...

Fucking pizza...good Lord!:pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Mix-up deleted Sep 17th, 2019

Quick note: yes, this is taking place after Twilight takes over Equestria at the end of the show.

Well, that's no fun :fluttershysad:

So, this story takes place after the episode 'The Last Problem'.

No. It takes place in the months directly after Twilight becomes ruler. (I haven't seen anything beyond what has premiered so far. So, if you don't mind, please don't spoil it. I've seen enough thumbnails on YouTube and small plot summaries on the Wikia page to deduce the big picture. I just don't know the small details, and I'd prefer to keep it that way.)

Well, if Twilight's ruling Equestria by now, she's not the same knowledge-loving pony we all know and love. Well, I guess she is, technically, but she's just not the same. You may as well be shipping him with Celestia

this story is very interesting I really liked it

Oh, she's still the same pony we all know and love. Book Horse forever! (Trust me, just keep reading and you'll see)

I don't know. Like I said, I haven't seen anything beyond what has already premiered, so I wouldn't know how she looks in the months right after. Suffice it to say, in my story, she's somewhere between Luna and Celestia's size, but more towards Celestia. She's not quite as tall, but she's tall enough.

Well love at first sight, I wonder if the transformation is somehow influence his sudden interest in mares or maybe it his the pheromones that he is not sure to sense that are running his mind wild? Still, I wonder how he will manage to distinguish himself to her from all the other suitors who would normally have a better chance at getting Twilight's attention?


Some of the leaked stuff from ep26 (very searchable) has them all many years late with a Celestia sized and proportioned Twilight. A few months later, seems she'd still be more normal sized or barely Luna sized.

Yeah, I've see those pictures as thumbnails on YouTube (unfortunately), so I know that. But I like to think that a magical transformation takes place the moment Twilight becomes ruler, where she hits a rapid fire growth spurt and doesn't stop until she's Celestia's size. (Again, no spoilers please. I haven't seen anything beyond what's been shown here in the U.S.)

Mm...I wouldn't call it love. I'd say it's more a curiosity and fascination. To him, Twilight is a work of art that he doesn't understand yet, and he needs to study her and know more about her and her world. There's definitely seeds being planted, but I wouldn't say that he's quite in love with her yet. But keep reading! There's a lot of exciting stuff coming! :)

At this point his made up name of Stone Tail fits him well, seems stoned when talking to his subject of interest and weaves crazy made up tails. I was pretty sure that he was under something given by the doctor, probably sedative, and was in a state of euphoric when he saw Twilight. I felt having each and all the mane 6 somehow visiting him at the hospital a little far fetch, a little bad cliche the more bad HiE stories but I am willing to overlook it. I wonder why Twilight used her power to get him to join her to Canterlot, and not let him rest with Fluttershy, I could imagine that he is just a subject of curiosity, but I think she could have gotten what she needed from Fluttershy with her letters that she could have asked her to send as report, so there might be something more to it. I think he is lucky that he didn't get to stay At Shy's cottage, and avoided the close encounter with the Discord kind, which I don't think his feeble little human brain could have handle for long. I hope to see more of that guard in the future. Keep up the good work

i feel like twilight knows he's lying...

Ah...you'll have to keep reading and find out! :)

This is actually really sad, because that means that Luna never grew to the same size as Celestia because she really was in her bigger sisters shadow and wasn't entrusted with as much authority, responsibility, or political power as her sister, before or after her banishment. Did you notice that when she became Nightmare Moon that she was the same size as Celly? Not bigger, the EXACT same size, because perhaps she finally felt powerful enough to take the role of full Princesshood, even if it took dark magic to make her feel that way.

Is he gonna tell the truth sooner?.

Twilight seems to be on a hair trigger with Stone on the truth, I wonder if she will pull this one time too many. I wonder what are Twilight's new duties with ruling Equestries along with what ever duties she had inherited that no pony can know about. Is Stone a Earth pony or another tribe? Looking forward for more of this story.

I'm hoping that Stony Tail is a pegasus and just hasn't noticed his wings yet. Pegasai make great delivery ponies, which is what his destiny is, apparently.

Unless his talent is more in line with MAKING pizzas rather than delivering them. Then he would do best as an Earth pony.

Not sure about that, I find Earth Ponies have interesting quirks all on their own with their stronger sense of intuitions and the sheer unpracticalness for them for the job makes for hilarious imagery in my mind. As for his cutie mark, it could mean a whole host of things that relates to the concept of the idea pizzas in a delivery box, which I talked about it in my earlier comments, and he can use his 'special talent' in a whole host other things that could tangentially relate to it out side the realm of his job/passion/interests which reflect his character. In this case I wonder how it will relate to how he will chose reflect his special talent when it comes to romance and the imagery that I get is the delivery guy that you see in cheesy porn video premise, which could mean that his 'special talent' could actually be related in the idea of random cardinal love. Imagine this he can somehow the nack to mange to get in bed with any mare that he deliver pizza to on the most flimsily premises, now that to think about.

Well now things are getting interesting, looks like Twilight is going to go all Princess Celestia teacher on him. I do feel that she is exaggerating but it could just be a front or there is more to it then it first seems.

I've started to not like Twilight's characterization. Granted, everything we've seen about Twilight has been expressed through the lens of Stony's perception of her, and he sees her as perfect and all-powerful, but everything about her seems so exaggerated that it doesn't seem real.

Reading about her accusing Stony and everything in this chapter make her feel like she's an unstable filly going through moodswings, even to the point where she is furious and calling him unworthy of friendship for lying despite the fact that any reasonable pony would understand his reluctance to admitting he is an alien, then immediately smiling and offering to tutor him in friendship.

She just doesn't feel like Twilight anymore. I wanted to read a story about High Princess Twilight Sparkle, and I feel like I'm getting a story about some incomprehensible elder god wearing her skin.

I understand where you're coming from. But I promise I'm going somewhere with this. I'm trying to write Twilight as somepony who, at this point in the story, like you said, is awe inspiring and it shocks Stony when she does react so harshly to his dishonesty. But as the story goes on, he's going to come to an understanding of just why she reacted the way she did. I'm also trying to retain some of her tendency to freak out and overreact to small things, because I just love that about her. Like I said, I promise I'm going somewhere! :)

Alrighty, then. I was going to stick around for a while anyway even if things stayed the same.

Honestly, this is possibly how she could be portrayed in the show after fully coming into power. I didn't like it when they suddenly turned her into an Alicorn Princess at the end of season three, I didn't like it when fate forced her into living in that ugly crustal castle at the end of season four, and I don't like that she has to take the entire responsibility of ruling the whole country alone, now.

Twilight's destiny was magic, and she liked magic. She never asked for any of this princess stuff, never desired it, and has shown to actively DISLIKE a lot of it, and even has to leave the Friendship School that she actually DID like. Now she doesn't even have the same body that she was born with and was comfortable with.

After all of this shitty stuff the writer's of the show put Twilight through, I just want to see her still being herself and happy with her lot in life, still practicing friendship and not forced into a position of authority and fanaticism, merely interacting with ponies who don't understand her anymore.

"There's something you should know before we go on," Twilight said suddenly, "we've done our own studies on humans ... and I must say ..."
this story is getting more and more interesting
congratulations on creativity

Thanks so much! Glad you're enjoying it!

“There is something you must know before we continue,” Twilight suddenly said, “we have done our own studies on human beings…and I must say…”

Uh oh... why am I getting big 'Uh oh' vibes?


I want you to remain here as a worker in my castle, and as my student.

Um, isn't that basically treating him as a prisoner or even slave (forced work) all for telling a lie on his origins when he is obviously scared and in a new situation. Not to mention also telling him just moments before he can not return? Especially, when it is obvious the information she is protecting is already so widely known and speculated about in his world a random person on the street knows about it.

And he is supposed to fall in love with her after this? That sounds like Stockholm syndrome more than anything else.

Well, Twilight in on a good step at making Stone feel more shameful of humans, I wonder his he will be brainwashed into becoming an advocate to ponyfication later one? So far Twilight comes off as more then a little high and mighty and despite being a little OOC I could grow to like it. I wonder what got her to have this attitude so soon after the season finally, has the role started to get to her? I can't wait to see how this tutelage will go from there as it seems that the ponyville greeting is ditched and stuck in the castle for the time being.

Nice chapter, looks like he really is head over hooves in love with Twilight, but I am not so sure that the feeling is mutual at this point, as she has express more curiosity for him then anything else, which with her it could be that but her teacher mode make it hard to tell. So, What will he be doing from this point on is he going to stick close to Twilight and stay in castle or will Twilight sent him on his way to get a job, or making a life for himself, or trying to discover what his cutie mark means to him, I would imagine that she would like him to regularly send him Friendship reports to check up on him regularly. I wonder if she could give him a job like royal pager, or train him up to be proficient with his pony body's abilities. Come to think of it I wonder if he will have something to do do at Twilight's School of Friendship? From the sound of it he is really infatuated with her.

each chapter always surprises me I'm curious to know what will happen

You'll just have to keep reading! Glad you're enjoying it! :twilightsmile:

Wait, Starlight Glimmer is the princess?!.

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