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Featured January 26, 2020

Set between MLP Season 1 and season 2

Hank Hill is a traditional man, with traditional ideas on what guys and girls should enjoy.

To say he is mortified by Bobby playing with unicorn dolls is an understatement.

Taking Dale's advice, Hank drags Bobby to a survivalist camp to toughen him up. After a strange accident, he finds himself stuck in an equine world and stuck in an equine body, to his utter consternation.

Thankfully, he manages to find shelter and work among the Apple family. Who, to his joy, represent the values of hard work, self-reliance, and traditional roles.

Or do they? Hank may learn from Sweet Apple Acres' manager that there is more to being a man than just holding up a traditional idea. And that courage takes many forms.

The Apples on the Hill is a King of the Hill/MLP Crossover. All rights reserved to Hasbro, Fox News, and Mike Judge.

Warning: Rated Teen for excessive desires to kick asses.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 49 )


Alright I love this!
Question: Does this story take place in the beginning of the show, middle of the show, or after the show?

A crossover with one of my favorite TV shows...
Author of this is also the author of that Vanishing Act story that I'm also interested in...
Reading the first parts of the story and seeing you do a good and funny Cotton Hill, my favorite King of the Hill character

Hey redandready45, can I marry you please?

i am unironically invested in this.

Please don't give this up this is amazing. I too am unironically invested in this. You have my attention, I'm gonna share it around I tell you what

.....I'm gonna need popcorn for the future chapters. :pinkiehappy:

Same here, I remember watching King of the Hill back in the day. :twilightsmile:

Hank is really gonna be in for a lot of surprises, while he prays his sanity will not crumble.

Theres a mlp parody of the KOTH opening. Unfortunately, the comments section is infested with a bunch of anti-brony crybabies.

Thats it! Just be prepared for all the douchebags in the comments section.

Actually it’s one of the videos that was affected by COPPA.

I've never seen the original show, but I'm enjoying this story so far!

Plus it's hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

You have my attention! :twilightsmile:

Because little kids definitely know what KOTH is! Damn you youtube!

"I'm not trying to do that," Hank said somewhat defensively. "I just want to toughen him up a little." Peggy still didn't look convinced. Hank Hill put on his salesman's smile, the one that made him employee of the year at Strickland Propane 15 years running. "Imagine our son, senior year. He's the top quarterback at Arlen High School. He's got himself a scholarship, a girlfriend, and popularity. You could be the son of NFL player. All because we gave him a little bit of tough love." Peggy looked a little bit intrigued. Hank leaned his head in, eager to close the deal.

son should be mother I think
NFL acording to grammarly there's missing a word there "an"


I'm taking a break from Vanishing Act. I am working on both my degree and I want to work on other stories and expand my following.

And my name isn't Mary, chump.


Thank you.


I always felt that KOTH was best "realistic" animated show of all time.


If Hank wasn't losing it, there wouldn't be no story.


Thanks for the heads up.

This is the story I was looking for, I tell you h'wat

King of the Hill is one of the more underrated gems in my opinion.

Cotton is one of those inexplicably popular characters largely because everyone knows a Cotton

I know about your break. You deserve it.
I hope to see more of this story. I'm enjoying it so far...

Is that Pinkie Pie?

Uh oh... :twilightoops:

So... How many chapters until Hank meets Rainbow Dash?

It probably IS Pinkie Pie, I wonder how Hank will react to Pinkie?

I couldn't keep myself from laughing at the part when Hank think he's on drugs or having a uncontrollable laughter when Applejack asked Hank what propane was. LOL :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Equestria would do wonders for Bill.

It's gonna take more than banging your head and cold water to get out this dream Hank

Hank seriously loves his propane

So. How long before Hank finds himself in a situation where he can turn his infamous "BWAH!" into a war cry?

Oh Pinkie you may mean well but you're just going to piss him off.

With Hank it does seem rather disproportionate to send him to equestria on some magical journey because of some dolls. While unpleasant, that's just one small thing among a long history of being a caring father. Really, Hank is a very wholesome guy. Also turning him into a pony in a land with no propane is pretty damn cruel.


Bill going to Equestria would be an interesting story. But I don't think changing the scenery is the solution for Bill's depression and self-loathing. Those problems could dog him in Equestria as much as they do in Arlen.


Who said I'm punishing Hank?

I don't think Hank is a bad guy. He is a good, loyal, hardworking and diligent man. And what he wants for Bobby isn't necessarily wrong. Bobby should be more athletic.

But he does have a few glaring flaws: his idealism and stubbornness. He subscribes to old ideas about manhood and what Americans should be. And while his ideals aren't necessary a bad thing, they don't always work in real life. This does give him real blind spots: working for someone like Buck Strickland when Hank could easily get rich on his own, letting himself be exploited by a car dealer, etc.

Hank isn't in Equestria as punishment. He's here to learn what Twilight and others have learned: accepting others for their quirks, as long as those quirks aren't hurting anybody.

10056250 And he loves his lawn. He'll probably think Sweet Apple Acres grass fields is a paradise or something.


If Hank could have a second career, it would probably be farming. It represents all the things Hank loves: individualism, hard work, and the outdoors.

I could see Hank actually introducing Propane to Equestria.
While most people have only a passing idea of it, he strikes me as the kind of man who despite being only being a salesman for it would know a great deal about the industry. If he spoke to Twilight on the topic she might be able to help him overcome any gaps in his knowledge to create a viable Propane industry.
Just keep Flim and Flam away from him. Them and Propane is a recipe for disaster.

Well Hanks met more of the Mane Six, and he got off on a good start. I can't wait to see how he reacts to Twilight, Spike, even the princesses. And I look forward to seeing if he compares more ponies and such to more of his friends or family. Speaking of, I'd love to see him talk about his buddies to the Mane Six, good points, bad points, and crazy points.

Great Chapter.
When Fluttershy said bye to Hank you accidentally pronounced it "by" just so you know.

Good ol' Pinkie Pie! :rainbowlaugh:

Fluttershy's advice continued all the way to Apple Bloom's school, where she was dropped off, and all the way to the giant oak tree, where Applejack's friend lived. To Hank, the whole thing was disconcerting.

"She acts quiet as a mouse, but talk about animals, and she acts like that Pinkie character," Hank thought to himself.

The irony is that both Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie was voiced by the same voice actress. :scootangel:

Still, great chapter! Now it's just Twilight that Hank has to meet! :twilightsmile:

So, how's it going with the next chapter?

"Imagine our son, senior year. He's the top quarterback at Arlen High School. He's got himself a scholarship, a girlfriend, and popularity. You could be the mother of an NFL player. All because we gave him a little bit of tough love."


Well he got along good with Twilight, and could see a bit of Connie and Bobby in her

His lying is going to come back to bite him later I can tell, but I'm hoping he learns to trust the ponies enough to tell the truth before they find out on their own.

Also this could be a good lesson for Hank, seeing real magic and stuff he may take it easier on Bobby when he is just being a kid

Another thing I'm hoping his family get pulled to equestria maybe the whole main cast :pinkiecrazy:

Awesome. Hank really needs to reign it in when it comes to others lifestyles otherwise he just offends others. And it was an amusing daydream he had about the idea of introducing propane to Equestria. Imagine if he actually tried creating the gas himself

Why would he lie about all that? Did he give up and accept he's not going back?



I'm gonna explore the issue later, but right now, Hank still thinks on some level he might be hallucinating this whole adventure and that he is still on some strong drug in the hospital.

If that isn't the case, Hank would be stuck on an alien world with creatures he doesn't know in a body that isn't his. And that is a more terrifying prospect. Remember, the King of the Hill comes from a world where MLP doesn't exist.

Sure the ponies are friendly in a quirky way, but how would they react to Hank claiming to be some ape? Hank isn't taking chances, so he is keeping his secret to himself.

I'm not trying to sound impatient, I'm just wondering how everything is going?

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