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Take a look at the entire events of Season 1... through the eyes of a Princess.

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Oh wow, here we go!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh, wow. *Wow.* I remember this, from the depths of Google docs. When Equestria Daily was my only source of fimfiction. When Season 1 was fresh and new.

I remember... everything. :pinkiegasp:

For the time, this is some good worldbuilding.

~Skeeter The Lurker

The first few chapters after the letters ought to be combined due to their extreme shortness. I would encourage you to continue this series, now that so much has happened in the who you can chronicle Celestia's thoughts and her shifting opinions. Like how long was Luna in the dungeon before Tia decided she had enough? How and when did her opinions of the other element bearers change? Who was the Scourge, clearly who ever it was, was defeated and the books where given to Twilight after her coronation as "High Princess" and Celestia and Luna's retirement.

Oh, it's complete, don't worry. I mean, considering that I wrote it to completion 8 years ago. I'm just slowly having to upload it because it's like in a shitty format (pdf) and I need to do work on it, so this one will be updating regularly.

All the things you pointed out have already been addressed, so not to worry!

As for the shortness, each 'page' is designed to be one entry. It was like that in the original as well, so I'm using the chapter system to abuse that here just to keep it like... as close to the original as possible. There are some pages with longer entries though, so it's not always going to be like that. But I made a decision that the forced pacing helps with some of the humour that relies on the 'turning a page' sort of deal.

You now the more I read about this so called scourge the more I imagine some random background pony that has done absolutely nothing wrong

Yay, it's finally here! This was one of my favourite comedies from the early days of the fandom (and it ties to These City Walls, one of my favourite dark and serious stories from the early days of the fandom), so I'm happy to finally see it on FimFiction. So thank you, Rissie; now I will no longer need to pelt your house with mouldy fruit every week.

Is you saying that the scourge is Pinkie Pie?

I feel no apology is sufficient to alleviate what you must feel upon knowing of my dealings. I had never once intended to mislead you for nefarious purposes. Being the ruler of an entire world is something that comes with heavy burdens, and one of those is the need to guide one's closest pupil in a way that benefits both the pupil and the master.

YOU’VE doubtless seen this, but for those who haven’t

I myself have been attempting to recreate this spell, and I must say that it is quite effective, although it has never been able to reach the levels of totality in destruction that the Human orbs were capable of. I even had the spell implanted into your assistant, Spike, but all he is able to do is to disintegrate items that are engulfed in flame, which will then reform later because his powers are quite pathetic. I have, however, managed to re-appropriate (repurpose) this ability to allow him to send simple items to me directly, over long distances, and also receive things in return.

You really need to just combine these chapters.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback. This story is a very old one that used a lot of editing and intentional spacing to mimic the effects of flipping a page on a real diary. As it is just a preservation of this fact from the past, I actually do want each 'day' to be on its own page. I do realise that not everyone is going to like it, and I do appreciate your feedback on the matter.

However the alternative is that I wouldn't like everything combined into a single chapter myself. Whenever I do diary style fics, I always use this format. So I'm afraid that between the two, I'm just choosing one over the other. I apologize!

Needless to say from the moment I saw Spike's head break the ceiling of my Eastern Tower, I knew you were to be the one I would nurture from then on.

Yes, it’s Celestia’s ability to detect subtle hints like this, things that others would miss, that makes her what she is as a ruler. :pinkiehappy:

Seems to be implying it. It’s definitely ONE of the Mane 6 & she seems likeliest

To be frank I didn't even really need those elements anymore. It's all old redundant technology. I wasn't even sure it was going to work. It just so happened that it was a ripe, fresh opportunity for Twilight Sparkle to bond with, and inject herself into, the commune (community) at Ponyville, and I always make a good thing out of a juicy situation.

Fluttershy wishes to see all the beautiful critters and birds of my Royal Gardens. She already lives in....(a)….. sanctuary/farm sort of deal next to the Everfree Forest, where she runs a halfway home for animals. I do not see the reasoning behind her wishes. There are plenty more things in the Everfree Forest that I do not have in my Gardens, mainly because they would eat all the other animals and possibly start to inhabit my castle. I would think that she would be happy to remain in her house and stare at chickens all day, but I guess not.

No, it was specified as being with Twilight to fight NMM :pinkiehappy:

AJ’s wishes for the Gala (get Granny a new hip) imply that there is no government health care

It seems the one known as Pinkamina Pie has been inflecting (inflicting) her devious and misappropriated 'pranks' upon various members of Ponyville. It certainly seems to be consistent with what I know of her. She has dragged Rainbow Dash in as well, and they are now incessantly bothering the daily goings-about of the populace.

Unfortunately, spelling out exactly what I wanted Twilight to do didn't seem to work. I couldn't have made it clearer if I told her directly, "I want you to go fight an Ursa", but I think everypony was distracted by my pure extravagance, which exhumes (exudes) from my every pore like fetor from a skunk.

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for pointing out the typos. This wasn't edited very well 8 years ago. I'll be making the corrections when I get a proper opportunity to.

11 minutes? She's going to get a hernia one of these days.

You assume that she was going potty & NOT something else

I giggled the entire time, simply due to the fact that I permanently had Celestias song "..I've watched you from that very first day..." in my head. This fits simply perfectly... epic foreshadowing :D

You used Mutually Exclusive in the wrong way. When things are mutually exclusive it means if one happens the other can not. If they aren't if one happens it has no effect on the other happening. The existence of the world effects the existence of Equestria and vice versa, since they are one in the same, so they are Mutually Inclusive.


I see you enjoy (of enjoyed) the better spelling of certain words :rainbowlaugh:

There is no doubt, indeed :rainbowlaugh:

This is rather hilarious and an interesting window in the fanfiction of nearly a decade back. Shipper Celestia with RariJack was hilarious though :rainbowlaugh:

... the land of Equestria, all of which shall now lie in your possession - my dear protégé.

You would not have any idea how tormenting it is to have to sprout a few new body parts,

Isn't it fascinating how one can be so right and so wrong at the same time?

This is definitely a 2011 fic, but I mean that in the sense of appreciating a classic. Onward!

I suppose the biggest question was if the Elements had succumbed to the ravages of time, where'd the necklaces and big crown thingy come from? Unless that was another bit of legerdemain on Celestia's part.

Spare vultures? How many vultures does this process consume? Can't she just use the three seashells?

Ah, that answers that question. Goodness only knows how much costume jewelry Celestia's accrued over the centuries.

I guess threatening her friends seemed to work better. The only thing I regret is that Pinkamina Pie didn't offer herself up to me. I would have loved to have turned her head inside out and replace it with a cake.

The question, of course, is whether that would have even slowed her down.

Also, imagining all of Trixie's later exploits when she's Celestia in disguise is wonderfully hilarious.

This is a great deal of fun this far. Looking forward to more of this piece of horseword history.

Hey, fertilizer's fertilizer.

After midnight .

Nice Gremlins reference

Read it all right now.
Can't wait to know who Tia hates so much.

I bet Pinkie. Anypony else doesn't make sense, imo.

Awesome. I bet the Scourge is Flutterthing.

What did Luna do to the painter?

More importantly, I'm beginning to think Celestia actually had the right idea in keeping her imprisoned :twilightoops:

She doesn't get fed, apart from the occasional ice cream. what do you think? Thank you fro the chapter!

Is she imprisoned because she's dangerous, or is she dangerous because she's imprisoned?

Oh hey, I remember this bit. Though I may have only read about it on TV Tropes. Still, neat to find something familiar.

Thank you for the chapters! How is Scootaloo's name weird?

IIRC, it’s in Call Of The Cutie (S1, E12). Definitely one of the S1 episodes

I swear that MUST be some sort of nickname. Even in California,
(Hey, one of my favorite musicians named his kids “Dweezil” & “Moon Unit”)
people don’t name their kids things like that.

I meant the part about Cheerilee being forced to smile and eat nothing but flowers. Pretty sure that wasn't in the episode.

Robin Hood Pony or Green Arrow pony.. or both?

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