• Published 12th Sep 2019
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Solstice Blue: The Rejected Demon - Dracopony87

After being abandoned by his birth father who just so happens to be a king of hell, Solstice is adopted by a married couple. Now almost fifteen years later Solstice is now attending Canterlot High as a first second year transfer student.

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The Boy From Hell

Fourteen and a half years ago...

“Why hasn’t this brat shown any promise!” Lucifer growled at his son who was just playing with a doll that he was given.

“Y-your highness I’m sure he just n-needs some encouragement, after all he is your son” A servant stammered.

“Perhaps you’re right”- Lucifer replied -“bring him to me!”

“Yes your majesty” The servant replied as she picked up the six month old before bringing him to his father.

Lucifer took his son from the servant and looked him over while the son was giggling.

“W-well your h-highness?” The servant asked.

“He...has no potential!” Lucifer snarled before slapping his son, causing a cut to form from his right horn down to the nose and eliciting wails of pain and fear from the infant.

The servant quickly caught the infant after Lucifer threw the baby away.

“Y-your highness w-what should I d-do with him?” The servant hesitantly asked.

“Rid of it, how you do I do not care, just get it out of my sight!” Lucifer commanded, causing the servant to flinch.

“A-as you wish y-your majesty” The servant replied before caring the crying infant out of the room.

As the servant carried the baby out of the palace she managed to quiet down the infant before spreading her hiding her wings, horn and tail. She then walked through a portal with the infant cradled in her arms.

“It’s okay little one...I’ll make sure to find a proper home for you” The servant said as the two were sent to the human world before making sure their appearances were hidden and the wound was healed.

After walking around an area the servant overheard couple talking about wanting kids despite the husband being infertile. Reluctantly the servant knocked on the door, catching the couple’s attention.

“Who could that be at this hour?” The Wife asked.

“I don’t know but it might be something important” The husband replied as he stood up and walked to the front door with his wife right behind him.

The husband opened the door to see no one, he poked his head out of the door and looked around a bit before hearing a small sound coming from the top of the steps just before the door.

“W-what’s wrong?” The wife asked as she saw her husband bend over and pick something up.

“I-it’s a baby” The husband replied as he turned around with the infant in his arms.

“Where did it come form?” The wife asked as she took the baby.

“I don’t know but I’m gonna file a report” The husband replied after taking another look before shutting the door.

“A-alright” The wife responded as her husband called his boss to inform him what had happened.

A few minutes later some officers showed up along with an ambulance and a CPS official. After some explanations most of the people who showed up left with the remaining person being the CPS official.

“Hey this may be unconventional but I want to make sure this little one has a good home so would it be to much to ask if you’re willing to adopt him?” The CPS official asked.

The couple looked at each other before nodding in agreement.

“Yes, we’ll adopt him” The husband replied as the CPS official beamed.

“Excellent, I’ll return in the morning with him and some paperwork, but for now what would you like to name him?” The CPS official asked.

“Solstice Blue” The couple replied in unison with smiles on their faces.

Present day…

“Solstice it’s time to wake up” His mother said.

“Do I have to?” He asked as his mother named Cherry Pie flipped on the light switch, brightening the room and revealing Solstice laying on his chest with his leathery bat like charcoal colored wings splayed out over his bed along with his charcoal colored spiral-horns showing.

“Yes Solstice, you have to but first you need to hide your horns and wings” Cherry Pie replied after rolling her amber eyes as the morning light shone on her cherry red, green colored hair and caramel colored skin.

“Fine” Solstice grumbled as he hid his wings, horns while opening his cobalt eyes.

“Good, now make sure you get dressed and have everything in your backpack” His mother said before leaving his room.

Solstice’s vanilla skin wrinkled a bit as he stretched while the light from his lamp illuminated his winter-green hair. After a couple of more stretches Solstice got up from his bed before heading to his dresser to put on some clothes for the day, his silver cross rattled with each movement.

After a few minutes Solstice emerged from his room while wearing a black t-shirt under an amethyst colored coat, he was also now wearing denim jeans that covered his snow white socks but didn’t cover his black and cyan shoes.

“Morning dad” Solstice said as he spotted his adopted father named Law Enforcer who had sleek black hair, light vermilion skin and emerald eyes was reading the paper in his officer uniform.

“Good morning, so are you ready for your first day at Canterlot High?” Law Enforcer asked.

“Yea, and before you ask I do have do have my cross on” Solstice replied as he sat down to the left of the table as his mother walked out with pancakes.

Cherry Pie wore a lavender sleeveless shirt along with a light gray skirt, black heels that were half an inch tall and a baby blue apron with a picture of a slice of cherry pie on it.

“Good” Cherry Pie chuckled as she set down the plate of pancakes before sitting across from her husband.

“Mmhmph, well gotta get going, bye Mom, bye Dad” Solstice said after finishing his pancakes in one bite.

“Bye honey, have a good day at school” His mother called.

“Try not to get into any trouble” Law Enforcer added.

“Bye” Solstice replied as he grabbed his Ashe gray and magenta backpack before leaving.

Solstice quickly jogged to his suburban destination known as Canterlot High school.

Once he arrived a few minutes later, Solstice tried to hide a grin the was quickly growing on his face; however, Solstice wasn’t just excited but he was also nervous.

With a gulp Solstice walked across the street and then onto the campus.

“Watch...out, ow ow ow” A girl said after she tripped and fell onto her rear.

Solstice turned around and saw a lavender skinned girl with dark violet, purple and magenta hair in a ponytail sitting on her rear while rubbing her backside.

“Hey are you okay?” Solstice asked as he knelt down in front of the girl.

“Y-yea...uh do you see my glasses anywhere?” She asked before Solstice looked around and saw some black framed glasses.

“These” He asked as he held them up in front of the girl.

“Yep, thank you”- The girl said as she grabbed the glasses before placing them back on over her eyes -“I’m Twilight Sparkle” She said as Solstice helped her up.

“Solstice Blue” He replied.

“Nice to...meet you” Twilight started but stopped upon seeing the clearly visible scar over his eye.

“Yea I know it looks weird but I don’t exactly know where I got it” Solstice explained.

“Oh okay, well thanks for your help” Twilight replied with a smile.

“You’re welcome” Solstice responded before returning the smile and walking into the school.

“Oh darling who was that cute guy you were talking with?” A eggshell white girl with purple hair asked from behind Twilight, causing her to jump about an inch while her heart seemingly shot out of her chest.

“O-oh hi Rarity, you scared me”- Twilight chuckled as her heart calmed down.

“Hehe sorry Darling” Rarity giggled.

“It’s okay, and by the way his name is Solstice Blue” Twilight replied.

“What a marvelous name”- Rarity cooed causing Twilight to playfully punch her friend -“I’m just stating the truth”

“Come on, lets get to class” Twilight said as her and her friend walked to the entrance.

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