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I love writing, ponies and anime, My favorite ships are Fluttercord, Rainbow Dash x Sorian. Best Pony is Dashie :)


Songfic based off of the Magnet vocaloid song. Fluttershy and Discord realize their feelings for one another but try to keep their relationship secret.
I know technically the song is about two girls but I thought a Draconequus and a Pony was "taboo" enough to write about and still get the same message across.

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This is an interesting concept, but I feel like it was too rushed.

It was the first one shot I ever did so the flow isn't the best. Still getting the hang of writing fanfics again, I strayed from it for 4 years so I'm a bit Rusty :twilightblush:

Well, If I had to give a recommendation.

I'd make this story longer, and give each of it's major plot points time to breath.

For instance, we already know what happens in "The Beginning of the End," so have the story begin afterward back in Fluttershy's cottage. This can be where they realize their feelings for each other. I would personally have this scene take up the entire chapter since it's the foundation for what the rest of the story builds on.

Thanks for the pointers! I may change it up a bit to make it flow better.

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