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With the Rainbow Festival a resounding success, the Mane Six relish in a job well done. They have helped bring joy and smiles back to Hope Hollow, and they look forward to hearing about many more successful Rainbow Festivals to come.

However, one of the townsponies interests them. The designer pony Kerfuffle is missing the lower half of her left hind leg.

Why is that, they wonder?

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Featured on EQD 05/07/2020

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I think the real reason is that Hasbro wanted it to be a way of saying that while Equestria is great, there are somethings magic cannot fix or help with.

I think they did great in showing that with Kerfuffle. Even though it didn't impact her.

Lovely little story, and I do like all of the conflicting stories. Anyone of them or none could be the truth. But it doesn't seem to be bothering Kerfuffle much.

Meanwhile outside of town

Changeling 1:"Okay... I'm back from... OH FOR SISTER'S STAKE STEVE!"

Steve: Don't get mad at me, I told you I didn't want to go with that wall eyed dope unless you played her daughter!

Changeling 3: Seriously guys. I know I sent that memo damn it!

Well, that's quite the kerfuffle she's managed to make ther-

Waaaaait a second.

a commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views.

This was fun.

How'd AJ not sense it was a lie? AJ's Harmony powers are fading!

Soon EVIL shall be able to take over! (and by evil, I naturally mean me) :trixieshiftright:

Helix Splice gallops in, with Tommy Lee Jones Pony hot on his heels, "THAT'S THE 3-LEGGED CHANGELING THAT MURDERED MY WIFE AND FRAMNED ME FOR IT!!"

Kerfluffle rut-rows and exits stage right!

Scooby-Doo chase scene ensues.

She's then arrested and revealed to be Queen Chrysalis' (more) evil half-sister, who wanted to get Helix off his land for the oil.

"And I woulda gotten away with it, if not fer you meddlin' bronies!"


Delightful reverse-Rashomon. I do love how Kerfuffle tailored each story to her audience. Creativity's a must for both fashion and fiction, after all. Thank you for a delightful read.

That secrecy, even hiding it from the Princess of Friendship...


While not as interesting as missing a leg, I do tell a some-what fictional story about how I got a scar on the back of my hand. I tell people who ask I got impaled by an Icicle that nearly went through my hand when I was younger. I do love all of her different stories.

Well, the whole 'Harmony Powers' thing was just a fan concept that gained a bit of traction in the community. I don't think Applejack has ever been shown as a living lie detector, and the elements of harmony don't bestow any additional powers except for when they are being used for friendship lasers. Or unstoning.

Don't forget about Stellar Eclipse - sure, he was an OC that got in because of Make-A-Wish, but it's still a pony in the show that had a physical impairment.

:moustache: Broke her hoof off in a dragons butt?. . . Not buying it.


That was delightful. I went into it expecting a simple story about what happened to her, and I'll admit that her story to Twilight got me thinking, "Hey, this seems a bit out of place." Then when I read the next one and saw what was going on, I was smiling the rest of the time.

She hasn't technically been shown to be a lie detector, but she's been shown to be scary accurate when it comes to sussing out whether or not she's being lied to. Like she can tell, or notices the subtle tics people have when they lie more easily. Everyone has a tell and it takes a LOT of practice to not let it show.

Which, given that she's given an entire town a different story, I can imagine she has that practice.

That's fair. It's better to view it that Applejack is generally better than the average pony at realizing somepony's lying to her, but it's not a magic harmony-given ability that's imperfect. She can miss things sometimes. And BW also has a good point, Kerfuffle clearly has a lot of practice in writing many different stories about her leg.

"Head Researcher Kerfuffle, you're about to mix an acid and a base!" She gulped. "Y-you know what happens when you do that, right?"

You... neutralize any harmfulness of either two and get water? :rainbowhuh:

Ah, I see Twilight addresses that.

If I ever lost a limb, my answer to that question would be one word, that word being “Leopard”.

I pretty much guessed from the tags and the formatting what was going to happen.


If I was missing a limb or an eye or something like that, this is exactly what I would do.


Sure, it'll produce water and a salt. A whole lot of heat too so you could well end up with a steam (or horrible acid vapour) explosion sending some very nasty reagents everywhere.

Hell, you can cause an explosion by adding water to concentrated acid. It's really not something you want to mess around with.
Back in my lab days I had a terrifyingly close call with glacial nitric acid that could've killed me if it wasn't contained in a hood and very nearly started a fire.

I haven't seen Rainbow Roadtrip at all, my first time seeing her was in the Gameloft game, and when I first noticed her leg, I was like, "...Is that a prosthetic, or...?". There's just something oddly appealing about a gal with a prosthesis... And a Pegasus on top of that, what a score!

If someone telling a story believes it is true, it will sound true.
It is only when multiple versions of a story are compared that you realize that either one is true or that all were lies.

Glacial-molarity acids are fucking terrifying.

I'm a little sad there was no groaner of a "just pulling your leg" feghoot ending here.

She'd think about that later, though. For now, she needed to get some pie before the stand ran out.

This Dash is a changeling spy!

"Oh, by the way, I never properly thanked you for these!" Twilight said, flapping her wings to show off the wing covers that Kerfuffle had made for her. "They're absolutely beautiful, and really comfortable, too!"

I believe she called it "wing bling".

Methinks she's making it all up for fun, a changeling, or hiding the pain.

Speak to us, Kerfuffle. We're here for ya.



We need to rescue Evil Pie-Hater Dash to restore the spacetime continuum!

9831917 Or if you're me and you know everything, so it's obvious the pony is lying from the start. (Dark secret: Alondro does NOT actually know everything... he's just a P12 telepath in the Psycore)


That one I know was based entirely on the condition his creator has. Kerfuffle had more impact in her time I feel.

An interesting take on things, but I can't help but feel that if she is uncomfortable with the truth, then she should just say so most ponies would respect that (sure I'd still be curious, but I would do my utmost not to let it impact my interactions around her). Here's hoping that Kerfuffle is brought back in the future, and perhaps the show staff might tweet or facebook some input on her.

Kerfuffle placed the beaker down on the table and fired up the Bunson burner. She patted her mane to make sure that it was still in its tight bun before adjusting her safely goggles.

Should be Bunsen here. Sorry if anyone's already pointed it out.

im assuming each one of these stories is gonna be her telling a different story?

it would have been funny if the bunnies were ate

that is true,Kerfuffle is just telling a story, not scamming or anything

i was wondering what Pinkie's version of the story will be lol

Let me guess. She also cut it off and killed someone with it.

Does she even know what really happened to the leg?

Author Interviewer

She's kerfucking with them. :D Yes!

Author Interviewer

"crevasses" are large, "crevices" are very small. Or perhaps Kerfuffle is being extra funny...

This story is hilarious! One more minor typo: "allowing her so creep in" should be "to creep in".

Actually, the fact that it's treated as something that doesn't warrant any kind of special mention is interesting in itself. It makes her a fashion designer who's inherently asymmetrical and even that part somehow never comes up in conversation.

So now that the jig is up and everypony knows she's been (Pulling thier legs :rainbowlaugh:) will she tell them the real truth?

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