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Hey you! Yeah you! Get a life! I don't have one, but you deserve one!


Sometimes time travel is possible. Sometimes it goes wrong. Sometimes a futuristic soldier goes on a killing spree to reach the time machine to get back home. It happens. What doesn't happen is time travel, into another dimension, with the futuristic soldier, with a couple-- oh what am I kidding he's being followed by an army of *Spartan-like Civil Security hell-bent on his destruction, heavily armored and geared bird-like Falkok, and HUNDREDS OF ALIENS WITH GREEN LASER ROCKETS AND BIG*** RAIL GUNS.

That doesn't pair well with friendship. Or Non-Violence. Or anything to do with harmony. Or maybe a certain filly can change his mind? Maybe convince him to try a different, nicer way? I dunno, read to find out!

Based on Plasma Burst 2 by Eric Gurt.
*Halo Spartans

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Wait what? There are more pone lovers who play this game than I thought.

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