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One must be willing to write about every aspect of pony life, be it physical, mental, emotional, social, political, or sexual.


The Princess of the Day has grown old since retiring. Her younger sister enjoys the comforts and wonder of family life, but she has never had that joy. She notices what is going on in Equestria and decides to comment on it, and reflect on her own life.

Read and enjoy!

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But maybe it is just an old pony getting even older. Perhaps these musings are those of an eccentric, senile old coot who doesn’t deserve to have friends. Maybe…I’ve never had a true friend. Maybe the ideals of friendship I always strove to instill in my beloved Twilight were just a hoax, a fantasy born out of some inner need to be loved! Perhaps I have been living in a fabricated reality, and I’ve always been crying…no…screaming to escape from it! Or, perhaps…I am truly disillusioned and deluded by the trappings of life that other ponies have and I do not.

Oh Celestia...:applecry:.

Of course…I say that with a great sadness in my soul because I do not believe I am worth anything. I’ve had statues built in my honor, roads paved just for me, celebrations revolve around me, and ponies begging for my opinion and judgment on everything. Yet, I still feel lonely! If I have the love and devotion of the entire populace, then why in Equestria do I feel like I do not matter?! AM I NOTHING?! AM I SOMETHING TO BE SHUNNED AND FORGOTTEN BY MY FELLOW PONY?!

Feelings like depression and self-loathing can do that to you...even somepony as powerful as our Solar Queen:fluttershysad:.

But then there are the voices who answer and tell me that I am somepony worth loving, and I am somepony worth being friends with. This voice always carries the air of my precious Twilight, gently urging me forward. I never told her, but she was always a strong boulder that I could lean on in times of great crisis. She was a never failing companion, and I loved her for it. It almost felt like I had a daughter of my own. Yes, she was my daughter…if only in my mind. I always sought the best for her, like any good mother would do. I only hope she continues on the path her hooves have been set on. She is a wonderful ruler…and I am very proud of her.

We all are:twilightsmile:.

She comes around every now and then, when she’s not too busy, and every time I am quick to embrace her. Whenever she visits, the light breaks through the clouds of my life and I seem to have something new to live for. My depressed state is replaced with one of joy and rapture, and she and I speak for hours on end. She tells me about everything new going on in the palace, and how her friends are doing. She commands Equestria with grace, humility, knowledge, and all the power of the Elements of Harmony. I know I made a good choice when I picked her to succeed my sister and I.

The Element of Magic is the shining light for the Goddess of the Sun:twilightsmile:.

Farewell Celestia....Goddess of the Sun and Alicorn of Light...may you find eternal rest in the kingdom of Lauren Faust herself...:ajsleepy:.

Ponies they may be, but this show has shown us that they're daily lives and problems aren't really that different from ours, except it has magic, gods, and villains involved:applejackunsure:. Nonetheless, this story is basically a ponified version of the things that some people, royal or civilian, go through sometimes:fluttershysad:.

Music to my ears.
Though would have been better if i had killed Celestia

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