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Hey everyone! Im Tyrone... me, my sister Sapphire, and my brother Noah are now in Equestria... i don't know how to feel about that now... let's start with this then, if you were to come up to me sixteen hundred and eighteen years ago, and told me that one day, both FATE and the MULTIVERSE were going to set their eyes on me while going to my first gaming convention, i would've laughed before asking if you were high, then continue laughing at the notion... now though, after so many years... i think my approach to that would be different, but now i'm in Equestria... now if only i didn't land a thousand years in the past, before Nightmare Moon... also, where in Iomedia's name are my siblings!?

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Love your story! They need a Craftsman soon!

You might wanna include a status on if or if not you'll be crossing over with other Displaced. By including said status, people won't bother you about it if you're not readdy or don't plan to cross-over.

Love this story man! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the heads up DisplacedWriter, ill think about it

Oh boi, next chapter could be the chapter that includes either noah or sapphire. I look forward to it :pinkiehappy:

youll just have to wait my little terror... youll just have to wait...😈

Cadence was a pegasus before her ascension, not a unicorn. Also, Cadence doesn't become Celestia and Luna's neice until after she ascends.

This chapter just makes the very beginning of the story all the more sad :fluttercry:

Celestia is doing a terrible job at gaining flare's trust

i don't know where it is

but i can tell you this, the element is in plain sight

These two contradict each other, how does Discord know it's in plain sight if he doesn't know where it is?

It's discord, he doesn't make sense.

I know, but i wanted to have something good for my first chapter, so i went with that instead.

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