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The Things that Celestia and Luna brother, Cosmos, did, were beyond destructive, the entire multiverse was changed, for better and for worse, but now, after a great fight in Cincinnati that completly wiped out the entire city, the group responsable for defeating him, now faces a new challenge, in the form of the Alliance, as well as the Mysteries related to Section 6 and Project: Carnosaur, will they succeed or fail as all others before them?

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It's not that your story is bad. It's definitely decent. BUT DARNNIT I WAS IMN THE PROCESS OF MAKING A STORY ABOUT COSMOS!!!!!!!

Hey, there's nothing wrong with that, especially since this isn't the same Cosmos, this one is male, i assume you want to use the original IDW version, right?

No... It's literally the same character.
The brother of Celestia and Luna.

I was going to make it about how after he found the powerful artefact called the Galaxoracle star their Parents (including their mother Gusty) banished Cosmos because he accidentally made a major incident.

Feeling betrayed by his parents Cosmos decides to attack Celestia and Luna and they have to fight and banish him to the stars in the Galaxy.

But he was on a Orbital path that causes him to return to Equestria every 300 years.

But the last time they beat him was just before Luna turned into Nightmare Moon

And he didn't return like he should so Celestia thought he was gone for good.

But Cosmos was secretly the one who assisted Nightmare Moon in escaping from her prison on the Moon.

And he returns when (spoilers for season 9) Twilight is the Supreme Princess of Equestria

But because of a prophecy that the Alicorn siblings parents had Twilight is the only one who can properly defeat and destroy Cosmos

I see, well, this Cosmos has a different backstory, but the main point is that, he was ahused and bullied, as well as seen as "the black sheep of the bloodline" which made him sad and in a dark path, until he had enough and ended up fighting his sisters, nearly killing them before Celestia seemingly killed him, it would be from there that Celesta got her rainbow hair and Luna would have ended up with the foundations of becoming Nightmare Moon
Also, he's the leader of the Three Supremes, a group made of him, Grogar (the real one), and a being called Zeikor, who's from a race called the Precursors, a race no one had really thought about since they were believed exctint and are one of the only races to have human like features
Not really the same thing, but different takes on the idea of the angry brother that wants vengeance

Hmmm you're version is very interesting and intriguing.

I would love to read it one day but.... I'll wait until you've finished it and it's all completed

But until then I will.....

Also, an vital thing here is that this fic takes place in between seasons 3 & 4, and Cosmos makes 'the call' which is basically calling every unatural creature in the Multiverse, either dead, out of comission or retired, in fact, it was him that made Tirek escape and pretty influences the events of later seasons, including King Storm knowing about Equestria in the first place thanks to it
So yeah, he's got on role on a lot of things that happen in future seasons, including season 9

Also, here he was already defeated and isn't planning on making an second strike, thanks to something Celestia told him back then, since Cosmos attack was two fics ago
in that fic, Goku basically beated the hell out of him, punching him with his sole arm (since Cosmos cut Goku left arm with a beam from his horn), and, after nearly being betrayed by Grogar and Zeikor, who wanted to escape on a plane, the climax pretty much ended the same way Die Hard 2 ended, with the Tunes destroying the plane and said plabe crashing into cosmos, who also tried to run with his sole wing, before getting into a beam war that made the three crash into an Space Shuttle (this happens on a space base in Los Angeles), and making it explode

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