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This story is a sequel to Freeport Venture: Come And See

When Twilight Sparkle traveled through time to stop Starlight Glimmer, she had no idea of the wider consequences of their actions. By trying to restore her old world, she was also wiping away the new ones that Starlight's changes to the past had created. Now, the last remnants of those destroyed worlds have come for revenge.

Co-authored by Ponibius

Chapters (10)
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Oh this is gonna be -GOOD-!

Really looking forward to it ALL the facts coming out!

Wonder how Sunset is going to take the undead abomination version of her is back again and after Twilight?

Is this is happening in the Freeportverse, or is Sunset living in Canterlot High?

Freeportverse, I'd imagine, given that Rising Fire is already mentioned in the 3rd volume of that series.

So many questions, this a different timeline's survivors or did Sunset/Rising figure out how to make Rarity into a Vampony from the Revenant she was?

How would Fluttershy know Starlight's name in the Freeportverse? Starlight's been dealing with Sunset and was locked up. Unless she gets out of that after everything with Blackfire and then goes off to make her Cult?

Where does this fit with Blood and Iron?

Looking forward to seeing where you go with this one.


I know, but Rising could have been jumping several worlds before finding the Starlight and Twilight she was looking for. After all Prime Equestria (from which the Starlight-Twilight time travelling spat originated) is the one from the show, where Sunset lives beyond the mirror.

Also, the Starlight from this saga seemed to have learned her lessons after Blackfyre, not to mention she still was in hot water with the authorities from Freeport and Northmarch, not to mention both Argentum and Celestia. At the very least I can imagine having several magus orders breathing over her neck for years just in case she tried something funny. Like founding an anti-Cutie Mark commie style town cult.

This is theoretically some time after Sunset came to meet Twilight in Ponibus' Disastrously Daunting Delegates.

This will prove to be interesting. Wasn't Rising Fire destroyed in Blood and Iron?

I have no idea how your verse works for multiverses, but if there's an infinite amount of them, there's some universe out there in which Twilight & Starlight constantly encounters alternate universe characters out for vengeance pretty much every day, much to their annoyance.

The name of Ditzy's co-worker is missing from the list.

Fluttershy was the last perspective character I expected. This should be very interesting indeed. I do wonder how Rising and company got their new information, since it's clear they don't have the full picture. Depending on how much Fluttershy knows about the time battle, she might be able to talk them down, but I highly doubt it. Even if she has a perfect understanding of the mechanics involved, Rising can easily dismiss it as propaganda meant to make the chronoclasts sound less omnicidal.

And just imagine how Shy will react to Revenant Dash...

Eagerly looking forward to more.

Freeportverse. It was Sunset and her Freeport crew (Strumming, Puzzle, Kukri) who encountered Starlight and "Rising Fire" back in the past. So this takes place in the future (roughly the show's present) of that timeline.

Is it? I mean, traveling between alternate timelines is a major part of the story, so they could be in a different one.

Also if they're in the Freeportverse then they have the wrong Twilight and Starlight. Starlight in the Freeportverse knows that she's supposed to end up time traveling and destroying a world, so either she isn't going to do it and therefor Twilight won't follow her, or she is going to do it and she's honestly guilty of the crime Rising Fire is hunting her for.

Rising Fire stared at me for a long moment, then spoke two of the last names I’d ever expected to hear. Or at least, one name that really surprised, and one that still surprised me, but not quite as much as the first one. “Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer.”


There could even be multiple time traveling starlight's and Twiligh'ts if there are multiple universes but if I recall from Rising Fires last appearance she wouldn't really care if this set of Starlight and twilight were actually responsible only that that is who they are therefore they are guilty of it by virtue of their very existence.

If Rising Fire happened came across babies Twilight and Starlight I have little doubt she would murder them without question and call it justice.

Heck, I wouldn't be surprise of there was a string of dead Twilights and Starlights she's dealt for being guilty.

They're not. This is definitely the Freeportverse, though it could also just as easily be called the Winningverse. There's no question on that score. Aside from some clearly stated, specifically alternate-universe stories (like the "Tales from the Phoenix Empire" or "Road Not Taken") most of Chengar's stories that center on the My Little Pony side of the franchise (as opposed to his separate Equestria Girls and Harry Dresden crossover stuff) all takes place in the same continuity, the same reality.

This is the same universe where, 900 years ago, Equestria underwent a civil war after Luna was banished called the Lunar Rebellion and all that emerged from that (Shadow Kicker, Bright Charger, Sunbeam Sparkle, Midnight Sparkle). It's the same universe where Sunset Shimmer ran away to Freeport instead of Earth and eventually became an Archmagus (Puzzle, Strumming, Kukri), encountering a younger Starlight Glimmer before she founded her Equalist Town in Equestria. It's the same reality where Cloud Kicker decided not to join the guard and moved to Ponyville to get up her 'winning pony' antics with Fluttershy and Blossomforth. Where Cloud's cousin Storm Kicker is Twilight's bodyguard. And it's the same reality where the events from the actual series are all reflected sooner or later (albeit as refracted through whatever changes Chengar has made to the world). It's all the same reality.

As to what that means regarding the actions they're accusing Starlight and Twilight of ... well, you'll have to wait for future chapters to see what that means.


I have the feeling Rising Fire and co. aren´t gonna take well the real reason GlimGlam ruined their world.


Is Fluttershy the POV character for the whole story? Cus it seems like she's not going to be near the action.

She’s just PoV for the prologue.

Interesting! Although all these skeleton ponies made me think "so when is the Squizzard showing up?" :pinkiehappy:

My personal headcanon is that the alternate versions of existing ponies don't so much cease to exist as merge with their prime timeline counterparts, but I was always bothered by the notion of what happened to the children born ATL that wouldn't have been born in the original timeline. Of course, you can always say Destiny prevented anyone extra from being born, but that's seriously cheating IHMO (I imagined at one time a scenario where Equestria is invaded either by all the "orphaned" children that would result or their spirits/ghosts, but I couldn't really imagine where it would go besides tragedy or "Discord somehow fixes everything." )

I hope it is at least. For one that'll mean Rising has been taking quite a while to recoup from that, and it'll make Sunset showing up to help even more likely. I do hope we get to see Sunset dealing with reformed!Starlight after all the horseapples Starlight's put her through! and I'm always down for more hints of SunLight

I never expected this to start with a Fluttershy POV. Or having Rarity as a vampire (sounds like its a recent development).

I do wonder about the sequence of events. The simplest version I can think of is that this is set after Blood and Iron, that after her defeat there Rising Fire spent years recovering for another attempt to "arrest" Starlight and Twilight (each powerful but fighting them together is not going to be easy). Unless this story takes place before Blood and Iron and Rising Fire and her friends just escaped from what was left of their timeline and they fight here, lose, and then travel back in time to fight Sunset in that other story. Hm, I'm probably overthinking things (though Rarity wasn't there with the group).

I hope to see Archon Sunset involved as she's one of the character tags, unless that refers to Rising Fire instead. At least sounds like they still have some standards, not wanting innocent ponies involved (compared to how they attacked that other village before) but considering what they've been through, yeah, Rising Fire and her group are pretty unstable by now. Looking forward to the fic, especially as its a sequel to multiple other Freeport fics.


Freeportverse (and possibly Winningverse) Sunset destroyed a version of Rising fire in one iteration, but Come and See made it all but certain that Rising Fire is a version of Sunset that did not survive Starlight Glimmer and Princess Twilight Sparkle gallivanting through time and space during certain variations of The Cutie Re-Mark. And by "not survive," I mean by becoming Rising Fire, she became a lich, obviously. Sombra from Come and See made it apparent that there was a multiverse, and that there were infinite outcomes to the actions every Sunset Shimmer would take, so... no surprise seeing another Rising Fire has managed to find the Freeportverse.

Of course, if the Winningverse and Freeportverse are two different AUs, then... I don't think Winning Pony is ready for what's about to go down.

I haven't read any of your story since I gave up on Winning Pony, although I've seen plenty of stories from the Winningverse and the apparent "Freeportverse" in the Feature Box. The premise of this new one really caught my attention, and since it's about two universes meeting, I figured there would be exposition that would be perfect for people who want to jump on and haven't read about Free Port before. But I was really impressed with how easily I slid into this prose. Keeping up with this story will be fun and of no inconvenience.


I won't lie, a part of me was hoping this outcome. Stalight getting away with ruining entire timelines, her only "punishment" being placed as the personal student of a Princess of Equestria. It always rubbed me the wrong way.

On the other hand, I'm worried about the number of lines Rising Fire and co. will be willing to cross in order to get their "justice".

Considering all the confusion over whether this is taking place in Freeportverse or the canon universe of the show, I'm going to say that it's Freeportverse (considering how Archon Sunset's visit with Twilight was the one that happened in New Life), and Rising Fire just came to the wrong universe (since unless this is jumping way into the future, Starlight should still be arrested in Freeport).

This is the one I've been looking forward to. This is the missing link that connects Freeport Venture's Starlight and the show's, since it's clear from previous stories that the Winningverse contains both, and now Starlight will have some very pertinent questions to answer. As far as I'm concerned, there is no excuse for enacting her time travel revenge plan after a lich from the future already tried to kill her once before while ranting about how she destroyed the world with time travel, yet we know she did, so I am very curious to see how Starlight rationalises that particular decision. Whatever reason or response she gives, it's sure to be very telling. And I doubt Twilight will take any of this well, either.

do I have to read the one before to understand this or can it stand on its own?

one of Derpy’s co-workers from the post office named, and Flitter and Cloudchaser,

Looks like you're missing a word there. I'm curious to know which of Derpy's coworkers got Got.

Other than that, solid prologue. Wonder how our proverbial purple ponies will escape this predicament

Thanks for catching that, fixed.


Oh, it's quite easy. We've seen repeatedly Freeportverse Starlight is utterly deranged and can't learn from her mistakes. She either forgot or didn't think it mattered.

Which makes me wonder how she went from that to how she's apparently still Twilight's apprentice considering the numerous horrible, awful crimes she's guilty of.


That's what I'm wondering about too, and I'm eager to see this story answer that. Personally, I think Twilight isn't aware of the full extent of her crimes, and that this is going to be a wake-up call to that. Like maybe she's aware that she served time before Ourtown, and Starlight may have vaguely alluded to stealing things and getting caught up with bad people in her youth, but she's never actually come out and said that she's got a body count (not to Twilight, at least).

Ri2 #35 · Sep 8th, 2019 · · 1 · Prologue ·

Or maybe Twilight knows but doesn't care because she's got a colossal blindspot when it comes to her friends or ponies she thinks are her friends.


Possible! Either way, Rising Fire has some major truth bombs to drop, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Twilight takes them.

This is gonna get ugly. REALLY ugly.

well, theoretically twilight can say that it was all starlight's fault as if she didn't go back in time twilight would not have gone back to stop her


Twilight isn´t the kind of pony to throw others under the bus.

I also dropped Winning Pony (I'm not interested in reading about a mostly OC's sexual adventures in MLP) but I highly recommend the Freeport series if you're at all interested in action/adventure stories. They remind me of the Dresden Files more than anything, and one of the recent ones, Northern Venture, was absolutely incredible.

I've been reading them without reading the Winning Pony stuff and never felt left out. Plus if you're interested in this one, Rising Fire also showed up in one of the Freeport stories.

Especially not for something that Twilight herself had done. Starlight's meddling is technically what created the divergent universe, and Twilight and her restoring the timeline is what 'killed' it. Starlight was both the creator and destroyer of a universe.

Now, the last remnants of those destroyed worlds have come for revenge.

That's a plural there, that raises some fascinating possibilities. If Rising Fire and her associates followed the trail of shattered worlds back to the living Equestria, they could have built a vast cohort. For that matter, there is the fact that Rainbow and Rarity were long dead before Sunset ever raised them, time-of-death is apparently not a factor in raising the living dead. If I were her, I might have investigated the graveyards and mausoleums, who knows who else might be sleeping, ready to be woken.

This might be much more than a trio of revenants and a few score skeletons, this might be leading edge of a multi-dimensional thanatocracy.


"Multi-dimensional thanatocracy invasion" is the kind of thing which would undoubtedly attract Freeport attention, given its History. A good reason for a certain Archon to get involved.

As interesting as this story seems to be (FINALLY! Someone’s using the alternate timelines!), I do have some concerns as to how it’ll play out. I’ll keep an eye on this though, since the Prologue is good.


And when it comes out that the liches are absolutely in the right of it?

All the questions about which reality this plays out in reminds me of “The Gatherers Saga” that played out in the Avengers comic back in the 90’s. It had an alternate universe version of the Black Knight (soon to be seen on screen in “The Eternals”) dimension hopping to take revenge on his supremely powerful teammate Sersi (also soon to be in “The Eternals”)... every version of her that existed in the multiverse.

Considering that Rising Fire has already used time travel to strike well before Starlight did anything, it seems like she might not be too picky about the direct guilt of the version of Starlight that she targets in regards to what happened to her own world. And let’s face it... does she really have a happily ever after to get to should her mission ever successfully end? Or is spending eternity punishing Starlights and Twilights the closest she’ll ever know?

On a tangent, I’m prepared for the headaches of trying to figure out how time travel and alternate universes could work in this scenario, but also willing to shrug and just go with it.

I think that it remains to be seen if Rising Fire is right or not. Are the alternate universe ponies independent beings that got snuffed out, or are all versions of ponies just one, and the ones that seemed to disappear in Rising Fire’s world just returned to their happier true existence, and Fire is the last hold-out fighting from becoming Sunset again?


Considering the widespread prevalence of rotting corpses, I'd suspect that they were indeed independent of some greater conceptual waveform. Relativistic paradigm shifts tend to be rather underwhelming to observe, more of a "blip" than anything else.

Rising Fire will have to keep a very tight lid on her operation to keep Celestia and Luna from getting involved.

Actually I'm not sure if Rising meeting the local Celestia would help, or make things even worse ....

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