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The connection between Diana and Discord is their ability to magically corrupt others' minds. Both of them also pull heel face turns.

After playing the first Big Bad of the Jewelpet anime franchise, Diana finds out that Discord did something very similar to her mind-tainting Dark Dark Diamond Eyes Power. But there was a big difference: Diana's mind control took actual effort to cure and wasn't over in a nanosecond. After Discord takes away the Mane Six's wings and horns, Diana knocks the Six out and confronts Discord herself, both to see who played the better villain and to ensure that Jewelpet Season 8 gets made.

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Comments ( 9 )

Well It's time to stop lurking on here and fanfiction was great.

Are you going to do one about Dian.

who are you going to put him up agenst.

That will have to wait until I have seen Dian in the show.

Have you ever been in the vs battles wiki?
It's a verses community.

I haven't joined yet, but I have looked at some of its entries.

Comment posted by Aumonds deleted Sep 15th, 2019

Are any of them mlp?

Yes. Mega Man X and Zero are obviously a match for every villain in the MLP franchise combined.

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