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Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice.


This story is a sequel to Princess Celestia Side Swipes a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

After being assaulted by a minivan and then surviving a wild night at a bar with Thomas and his crew, Princess Celestia is ready to return home, peace treaties signed and fun had. As an aside, Celestia made a joke with the President of the United States about bringing a couple of these “minivans” home for herself and her sister.

Luna didn’t know what the massive shipping container that came along with Celestia was for, but upon opening it, realized they could have some fun with this…

Fiat-Chrysler would have been a bit more hesitant in sending off two brand new 2018 Chrysler minivans if they knew neither of them knew how to drive.


Box of Shame 9/7/2019

Unedited, and probably not pre-read, or if it was I didn't listen.

A silly gift for Admiral, a sequel to a commission from him, and inspired by his blog post.

Now translated into Chinese thanks to Nova Twinkle!
Now translated into Spanish thanks to SPANIARD KIWI!

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Georg #1 · Sep 6th, 2019 · · ·

Subtitled: The Princesses Invent Equestrian Demolition Derby

Next: Equestrian Monster Trucks. Now made with real monsters.

They're so cute! (The vans, not the princesses [although the princesses are also cute....])

I suspect that there are now more fics with one of my minivans as the cover art than anybody else's vehicle.

Why did I just picture the ponies competing on top of manticores and small-bred hydras by your comment?:rainbowlaugh:

I loved this one-shot, brought a smile and many a laugh out of me. :twilightsmile:

'tis amazing the number of problems you can brute-force with a bit (or a lot) of applied magic.

“Oh, how convenient, it’s not stuffed with papers or napkins so the book is easier to find,” Celestia noted with a smile.

I feel attacked.

Also, as resident Mopar stickler, the Town & Country was swapped for the Pacifica in 2017.

9820374 Don't forget the drag racing.


Also, as resident Mopar stickler, the Town & Country was swapped for the Pacifica in 2017

True minivan aficionados refuse to accept the name change.

Wherever did you scrounge up a picture of a white minivan and a blue minivan together?

I was actually advising someone about minivans earlier today. They started asking about crossovers and I realized I couldn't name a single one, though I knew pretty much every manufacturer makes them.


...Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anyway, I'm not much of a car fan since I never learned how to drive, but far be it from me to turn myself away from something amusing. >^_^<

And after the demolition derby, Elkann sends a few members of NASCAR to help in setting up a new track and racers.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Well, good thing I didn't make my original comment about it looking like thousands of other backwoods, junkyard driveways in North Idaho haha. Good thing, that.

Actually, it looks just like mine :trollestia:

No, it's fine. That's a reasonable comparison.

Admiral, what have you done?


Now that all the fluid was in a puddle of mudd

Nothing significant occurred, save for last night’s rain making the track slick and spraying mudd

Thinking about Star Trek were you?

Just wait until they portal them back for the standard complimentary 6 month 10,000 mile standard service. Generally it's a two hour turn-around, right?


They should have gone with Mazda. After all, they use "jinba ittai" as a slogan.
I still haven't forgiven them for cancelling the last standard transmission models, though.

Now this was a sequel worth the wait.


Is Pina Calada a real thing or was that an odd typo?

Dude if that's your driveway break out the goddamn hedge trimmers and cut back the jungle. My god and I though my yard looked like hell..

The only other contender I can think of would be Applejack's truck. Not sure how you'd figure that out, though.

temperature (both vehicle and outside, it was a pleasant 78 degrees)

I know it's in Fahrenheit and not celcius but even then , that sentence made me laught for the fact that 78 degres celcius is almost water's boiling temperature so it's the opposite of "pleasant" XD !

Damn Americans and their bad lenght and temperature units !


Those are both Dodge vehicles, aren't they.

<insert wild noises about the end of truth in storytelling and a world gone mad>

He inspired teh awesome?

No. I like the jungle.

It's also a band: perhaps Rob likes 'em :raritywink:

Part of me was expecting the magic of any of the alicorn drivers to interact with their vans and temporarily give one van the power of an Isekai truck.

This was hilarious! Though my stupid brain keeps yelling at me about all the poison there dumping on the ground.

Very cute read.

This was adorable and a fun read. Everything I look for in a MLP slice of life. Thank you!

Yeah, maybe, but I don’t think that one was ever popular cover art for fanfics. Mostly we pretended that toy didn’t exist.

Yes, they are. Never owned a Chrysler.

But, as one of my mentors once said, “Same whore, different dress.”

That's very true. It's why I had to squint for the one that isn't quite as clearly Dodge-labelled.



This is also literally why Luna comments about them being of "same blood, but different breed."

I'm fucking delighted. The unalloyed curious exploration of these presents becoming Gorkamorka-esque drive n' smash. Wonderful.

And Celestia in a summer hat.

Celestia in a summer hat is always a wonderful image, no?

It's carried me through the whole day.

Thanks for a fun sequel!

Great story buddy :) though it a shame having those minivans get mangled up since I do love American minivans, but judging from what you wrote the sisters will probably do everything they can to keep them running forever in spite the amounts of damage that even Phil Swift will find over-excessive.

I love this fucking Fandom so much.

Search for big power meet lidköping on YouTube I think your going enjoy it what’s popular hare in the area I live in is to go to USA buy a car from like the 1960s and restore it

My head hurts now. I need a drink after that

Awe, does the destruction of mini vans hurt that bad?

It's the whole damn concept. The whole damn thing. Ow.

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