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"Starlight, if you misuse your magic one more time, I'll have to spank you." Firelight thought the threat was enough. He never thought he'd really have to do it.

(Yes, this story has spanking in it. If this bothers you, don't click on it. I'd like to see comments about the story's content, not about the morality of spanking children.)

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The ultimate case of "It hurts me more than it hurts you."


You'd be surprised by who's most upset by this.

Probably Starlight, who's being assaulted.

Comment posted by PeacefulKnightofChrist deleted Sep 6th, 2019

Firelight's trapped between a rock and a hard place. If he doesn't spank her, he'll feel like a bad father. But he feels disgusted by the very idea of spanking a filly. He genuinely loves her and wants to do right by her, but either decision will cause pain to both of them either sooner or later. Living in a pre-industrial culture, he's been taught that this is the best way and has no way of questioning this. Even Starlight grudgingly accepts this as that's their culturally ingrained narrative. Not to mention everything else going on that's making both of them more stressed out than this situation would usually warrant.

I honestly really loved this. As a parent I really related to Firelight's internal struggle, which totally shows your mark as an author. I may have cried when Firelight cried because dear lord it just brought back a lot of memories of me putting my little girl in time out. You really captured that beautifully, and I commend you for it. I'm not usually one for spanking fics, but this was tastefully and wonderfully done, because it exemplified the love that goes into that and not the act itself. It's the toughest job for any parent to have, and it is not an easy one. From me to you- thank you for giving this site such a lovely gift. I know the upvotes and downvotes can be a real struggle, but I assure you that I would give this an upvote were I able, and you have earned a spot in my favorites. Thank you very much for this.

Cuddle #6 · Sep 6th, 2019 · · 3 ·

It's all about the "spanking of a minor". I don't think you will get a lot of upvotes for this these days. Readers these days maybe associate spankings more with adult themes than with hurting minors. And no, it doesn't hurt the adult more than the child. It's an attack by someone who said that he loves you. After the spanking a child loses its save place, her parents. Now she will fear her parents anger, while her father will go on with further spankings because he thinks that it seems to work.

This story can only be rescued by a Adult Starlight spanking her father for all the pain she suffered

I'm not so sure. They can be afraid of them while remaining a source of comfort. As long as spankings won't be dealt out randomly or unjustly.
After all if they know they won't get a spanking if they haven't earned one they can still confide things and talk about things.

Bitch those were nothing REAL spanking is when they use the belt on ya and you can't sit down till the end of the NEXT day without bring in pain.
This girl had it easy, I'm telling you. XD

Not sure it came across, but Firelight disapproves of using implements for a spanking.

It did but just saying starlight had it GOOD in her childhood xD

I think that's the big reason why I liked this.
The gravity of the whole situation on both sides maintains spotlight over the spanking itself: a very noticeably deliberate effort.

I liked the emotions involved in the fic and the fact that those were the focus, not the punishment itself. Unfortunately i've spent a lot of time arond kids, and I still find Glimmy to act far too mature for a kindergartener. I know you tried to build her as more immature with her dialogue, but still it felt like she was a young schoolfilly about how she reacted to the spanking.

Starlight is probably a prodigy. However, thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked it.

Did you read the story? Firelight is doing it because her misbehavior has gotten to the extent he doesn't feel he has a choice-all other options have been exhausted. (Of course, Starlight is acting out due to her mother's death, but he's equally if not more so affected by it. However, we can have an objectivity Firelight lacks. He loves Starlight and hates having to punish her, but feels like he has to.

Comment posted by marinus18 deleted Sep 7th, 2019

Usually prodigies act more immaturely than those who are not. They usually spend far more time learning from books so spend less time about other things that mature them.

I would think ponies would always use implements. Horse hooves are hard and solid. Unlike human hands which which are flexible.

There are several psycho-social factors you should consider.

Starlight mom is dead. Firelight is struggling with grief and might be being more harsh than he would otherwise, even acknowledging a cultural taboo against stallions spanking fillies, but going through with it anyway as he feels he has to because his culture also tells him spanking is the best way to discipline children and while the mother should be there to do it...she isn't and she'll never be again.

As for Starlight, her whole world is crashing around her ears what with her dead mom and she's become a junior nihilist. (Why not act up, nothing matters.) The spanking at least instills a sense of moral order which she desperately needs in order to feel safe again. Is it the best way to go about it? Probably not. Is it the only option based on the situation, her behavior and the cultural norms? Yep.

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