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هذا الحساب برعاية أساطير الظل الغارة

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This is a great start! Really like how simply but effectively it's established that Spike's in charge. Now to see him triumph over some new opposition, hopefully ^^

I like this. I do wonder if Ember or Thorax can be useful, in finding out about betrayers. It would be cool if they were more than just Harem members. Great idea.

Yeah, I wanted to portray that yes, he was now an evil lord and rules everything, but I also wanted to show small hints of his old personality underneath a harsh (and rather sexual) new persona.

The two of them will most definitely be useful to their master in the future, worry not XD

Oh? Sorry for putting this story out before you could make yours lol.

Will the crystal empire also play apart in this. Afterall he was Spike, great and Glorious. Do they still feel the same way, or do they see him as a tyrant? I guess that will be answered later.

No, it’s fine. My idea was different enough it wouldn’t have mattered.

well excuse me for enjoying clop....I still read the stories though....:ajbemused:

I know lol, my comments are just sarcastic and tongue and cheek lol.

Thank you!

What was the idea, if you don't mind me asking?

An AU in which Equestria never existed and instead Dragons became the dominant race. It was obviously more complicated than that, which is why I haven't managed to write anything yet, but that's the jist of it.

Nice chapter, Twilight better watch-out.

Good chapter, I'm confused whether I should root for Spike or Twilight.

I'm going with Emperor Spike. GO SPIKE. Great chapter. TO be honest I hope Spike's love for his slaves will allow Thorax to transform when the time is right. I guess we get to the actual plot now. Great job. I can't to see what happens. It would be cool if the two ponies tried to convince Ember and Spike uses this (As well as ember) to manipulate them.

As for the actual chapter, I like the set up, and how harmony spike is showing some disgruntlement. and how it is overlooked for various reasons. Then to the actual event, a screw got loose. With magic even the smallest things count. Then their arrive. Classic. Then some good love for a needy, but deserving Changing. (I love his new back story, and maybe it can be expanded as well as Ember's later.) And Spike's reaction to the unwanteds.... Is is alright to feel a little sorry for Garble. NAAAAH

Damn! I can't wait to see Twilight and Starlight's reaction to what Spike could be.

I want to say yes but I would choose spike

Yeah. Great chapter. Well, it was great to see how not even ponies are safe. This is going to be fun to see the confrontation. I can't wait for the next chapter. To be honest I'm not sad it was this story that update and not the other one.

Before you commit sewercide can you finish this story.

This was a good chapter, also nice profile pic.

This is going to be better than I thought

Awesome chapter:ajsmug: and i don't care if it's a cliche, alternate dimensions that have Villains as heroes and heroes as villains will always be my favorite kind of alternate dimension💚

It's always cool to see the sides of good and evil be flipped and to see just how the characters act in their new roles.

So the Scepter can turn people into stone now?... How is that an improvement from what it did before? It allows the owner to force other dragons to do its bidding without brainwashing them. Spike should have extend that to all creatures and not just dragons if he wanted to power up the scepter.

I was hoping a longer conversation that will make Twilight's treatment and relation to her own Spike.

Despite my complains, I'm loving this story. Keep it up.

Oh, well in this story The Bloodstone Scepter was more of a symbol for the Dragonlord, and the one who possessed it was the Dragonlord. I probably should have explained it better in the chapter, but Spike merged the Bloodstone Scepter with the Elements of Harmony allowing him, as Dragonlord, to use the elements to turn his enemies into stone.

The part about merging the scepter and the elements was easy to catch on. I just don't see turning person into stone an improvement over force someone to do whatever you want while they remain fully concious.
You may find other uses for the scepter yet, since the elemnts do other things in the show like vanishing someone to the moon for 1000 years or exsorcise them of their dark powers.

Well, shit. that escalated quickly!

Legend has it that Torch is still bound to that mountain to this day used for that dragoness pleasure.

Loving this story, Spike makes a perfect antagonist for the ponies

good story so far, love the work keep up the good job.

Great chapter. I think it was great to see Torch's fall. I wonder if we will see him again. And if so does he still view Spike negatively. Afterall he is trapped in shnu shnu now. Not the worst place to be. I hope we see the first time Spike and Ember did it soon. Afterall Ember may be more experienced than Spike in this area.

Poor Thorax. His brother attacked his lord then his lord attacks him. To be honest I hope Spike is sorry, and maybe Ember and him just help him feel better. But this may be a time to look into the dark tag if you want to show how much Spike's disapproval and hatred can affect his poor changling (And why they aren't kept as pets.)

Good chapter. Thanks for the update.

The moment Big Mac mentioned a prince i knew it was gonna be Blue Blood:facehoof:
Let's just hope this Blue Blood is less of an ass hole and more of a leader.

"That Celestia was actively ignoring threats, threats which actually put millions of lives at risk, to give her student challenges to overcome." Zecora explained in response.

This is why Celestia you don't have 6 untrained people to do the threats that pop up and use your guards for this shit.

Wow this is a good chapter and the last line was chilling.

Or put all trust in some magical artifact set, that is useless if even one part of it is out the game. Even magic can fail.

So that is the key difference. Anyway, great chapter. I loved how Blueblood's attitude is explained. I feel for Thorax. I hope that he can recover and maybe this will help Spike bond with the two.

its funny, the ponies can easily tell spike is influenced by dark magic but dragons are so naturally dicks that they think spike is just being a real dragon

nice chapter, Spike went down.

I hope that Pharynx will switch sides very hard after he find out what really happened to his brother

Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman.

It's fucking amazing how in a single paragraph you manage to give Blueblood more character than the actual show in 9 seasons.

I know I can't really make an opinion of it right now, cuz we still lack the whole story between Spike and his pets, but right now Ember is being very childlish about what happened.

Go Ember. I normally don't approve of Violence, but Spike is going to need a bit of a reality Check. Thanks for the update. I like the world building you are doing here. Best of luck.

So mad king Spike...okay Time to read more.

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