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So this Megan was alive during the time of The Black Prince, as Edward III was known...


I never thought Id see a story about her here!

Oh man it's finally out! I hope you guys like the idea! Sure, Shin did all the heavy lifting but I really wanted to see this happen. I hope all you BV fans like this.

Hope everyone's ready for brutal action and lots of Shakespearean Englishe!

Indeed. Many have asked why the BV normally holds back in order to maintain the teen rating.

Well, this story doesnt have that restriction and can be as violent as necessary.

Yup. Instead of toeing the line, this time we decided we didn't need a line.

I literally saw this on the home page and was like "yeah, sure, why not, it looks interesting and I like the art"
I'll read it later today

This is certainly going to be interesting, especially since the relative limits are gone now. Both in terms of action and world building.

Fair warning, although this story stands on its own pretty well, it does make reference to a few things in the AU it’s a part of, most notably the ending of the Seven Days in Sunny June series. You should be able to follow this story just fine regardless, but if you care about spoilers for the other stories in the series be wary. Otherwise enjoy!

This looks very very interesting. I look forward to the continuation of this story.
Wonder what Megan would think of the current Earth if she ever gets a chance to go back even if just for a visit.

Funny that I was wondering that maiden human Pinkie met was Megan

Keep in mind that the world that Megan comes from may not be the same one that Sunny and the others come from. Remember this line from Downtempo:

She looked at my hair. “Prithee, tell me thus: Wherefore is thy hair the color of the first rays of dawn in the sky?”

That makes it clear that Megan is unfamiliar with humans with pink hair. Of course, given that this is the first time they meet (via Pinkie’s dreams) and the fact that Megan is speaking more modern English in Downtempo, it could very well be that Megan was faking it.

You know? It’s funny. Been on this site since 2013, and this is the first Megan story I read :rainbowlaugh:

I shudder to Imagine what the Smooze was like when Megan fought it.

And I wonder if other G1 stuff will show up.

According to the Nightmare Knights comics, the G1 Smooze exists as an actual and separate entity from the G4 Smooze.

So the fact that both exist in the G4 timeline is pretty interesting.

This story is going balls beyond what I'd initially envisioned. Wow.

The witch used plunder vines, My Oc Azure Briar has a bone to pick.

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